Jul 242013

James Silva, one of the biggest names that has come out of the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, went toe to toe with sensationalist and media bully, Ben Kuchera.

The situation started by Silva stating that the Xbox One indie policy rumor isn’t a backtrack but more of a clarification. Soon after, Ben Kuchera responded to Silva to notify him that he was incorrect. As Silva stood his ground and added examples of how Microsoft’s publishing rules work, Kuchera wanted none of it and continued to try to hammer the point of Microsoft’s perceived backtrack.

Kuchera gleefully pointed out that self published games will require an approval from Microsoft, which Silva explained was to prevent Gamer Score fraud. Silva informed Kuchera that learning the facts before jumping to conclusions absolutely helps when writing about how something works. Unfortunately, Kuchera decided to point out that fraud wouldn’t hurt Sony’s trophy system. James Silva’s partner in crime responded that Microsoft’s system is more popular and an Silva finally pointed out that Sony has an approval policy as well.

Kuchera at this point wasn’t getting it. He became frustrated at the fact that devs were pointing out the flaws in a full-feature self published environment and announced that he wasn’t going to continue the conversation. This is Ben Kuchera though, he came back to try to argue that indies on Vita and PS3 were better and finally that the Xbox Live Indie Games weren’t even relevant to the discussion.

Take a look at the conversation below and tell us who you think came out on top: