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As a dry summer is nearing its ending, there’s another fall filled with potentially good games approaching. While not as anticipated as some falls in the past few years, fall 2012 will still manage to bring us games such as Assassins Creed 3, Borderlands 2 (technically not in fall but who’s counting?), Far Cry 3, and like always, a new Call of Duty. The following list is comprised not of completely unknown games, but games that I feel are not receiving the amount of hype they deserve.

Developer: Arkane Studios
Release Date: October 9th

Dishonored may be my most anticipated game for the rest of 2012. It features a Deus-Ex style of decision making, never letting you know what the “good” decision is, while also providing a wide variety of gameplay options. The gameplay options stem mostly from your characters profession as he’s an assassin who can either be a stealth assassin, or if you want, a brutal assassin that likes to go in guns blazing.

Another huge part of the gameplay mechanics that seem intriguing is the ability to use different powers. The powers seem to be quite varied, with bending time and possessing things being your main two, and using them while attempting to complete an assassination is an intriguing thought as it opens up a wide spectrum of ways to complete your mission. The moral choice aspects aren’t the only exciting things about the story as the premise sounds rather enjoyable as well. You’re Corvo, you were the guard of the famous Empress of Dunwall, one of the last remaining cities on Earth. You’re then falsely accused of murder but bailed out by an underground resistance movement who needs Corvo’s help as much he needs theirs.


Developer: Adhesive Games
Release Date: December 12th

Hawken is without a doubt the most unknown game on this list, most never even hearing the name up until the latest E3. But that will not last long as, since E3 and Comic-Con, Hawken has rose in popularity tremendously, attaining around 300,000 users that have signed up to their closed beta in the fall. The idea of Hawken is quite a simple one, it’s a futuristic mech shooter set after the apocalypse. I told you it was simple.

One of the most exciting things about Hawken is that the game is two things that usually don’t connect together: Beautiful and Free-to-Play.  It’s clear that the Free-to-Play format is something that isn’t going away and only expanding further and Hawken is planning on jumping on the ship while it’s hot. While its official release is in December, you will be able to play Hawken in short bursts up until then by participating in numerous different organized events that Adhesive Games has planned. You can find more information about those events and sign up for their eventual closed beta at the following link.
Torchlight 2
Developer: Runic Games
Release Date: Fall 2012

I’m not a PC gamer, not because I don’t want to be, but because I don’t have a good system to run games on. To be honest, I found it to be a rather magnificent achievement that I could run The Political Machine 2012. But that was not an issue when the original Torchlight released as although my computer can barely run Microsoft Word, developers Runic Games managed to knock down the specs enough for the game to run on pretty much any computer. This was just one of the many reasons that this Diablo style game blew up in popularity.

Torchlight was a top down dungeon crawler, filled to the absolute brim with loot, loot, and more loot. And the sequel to Torchlight is bringing exactly what we want, even more loot. That isn’t the only thing, however, as Runic has promised co-op play, something that many people were clamoring for in the original Torchlight. More additions include: character customization, moddability, and an open-world to roam about in. No release date has been set just yet but Torchlight is scheduled to release sometime this fall.


XCom Enemy Unknown
Developer: Firaxis Games
Release Date: October 12th

Call me crazy or call me stupid but I’ve never played an X-Com game. That being said, I’m still interested in XCom: Enemy Unknown due partly to the interesting history behind the series and also because Enemy Unknown just looks damn good. It doesn’t hurt that strategy game masters Firaxis Games (Civilization series) are developing it either.

The turn based action on its own doesn’t sound extremely new, but knowing Firaxis is developing gives assurance that even if it isn’t the best around, it will make you addicted for hours upon end. The more interesting aspects of XCom revolve around the returning aspects of the previous games, such as the customization of your squad you use to exterminate the alien invasion and the Geoscape segment. From the Geoscape you will be able to control multiple things such as responses to UFO sightings, commission development for certain weapons, and interact with other nations in the world. The amount of depth within XCom: Enemy Unknown is, well, unknown. From the outside looking in, XCom seems like it could end up taking over everyone’s weekends until Christmas, but can it achieve this goal that Firaxis is so well known for?


Hitman: Absolution
Developer: IO Interactive
Release Date: November 20th

I was never a big Hitman guy up until the release of Hitman: Blood Money but once I popped that into my Xbox, I was hooked. The methodical approach the player was forced to achieve in every level was something truly unique and really refreshing as it opposed the normal brute force method many games want you to take. The saddest thing about the new Hitman is that it is being developed simultaneously with the newest Hitman movie. But not even I will let that negate some of the very promising additions IO is bringing to its Hitman franchise.

That sad news aside, though, IO has promised that Hitman: Absolution would be more of a personal journey. That personal journey is due to the fact that in Blood Money, everyone’s favorite bald assassin Agent 47, was betrayed by those he trusted and is now all on his own. That then turns the Hitman story into a revenge tale like no other as Agent 47 proves he’s not someone to mess with. One interesting fact about Hitman: Absolution is that not only does it run on a new engine, Glacier 2.0 Engine, but it is also using LA Noire’s capture performance tech that shined so bright in making LA Noire feel like a real experience with actual actors. Only time will tell if the technology does the same for Hitman: Absolution.

So what is your most anticipated game? Mine is by far Dishonored but there’s no doubt the other games on this list have potential to be in everyone’s mind once Game of the Year talk comes around.

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