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Dec 192012

Gog.com logo

Your Last Chance to Game Before the End?


GOG.com, the digital distributor of games for PC and Mac, has just announced it’s preparing for the inevitable End of The World, in true gamer fashion. Whether the Mayans were right and tomorrow spells the end of everything is anyone’s guess, however GOG.com urges the gamers worldwide to remain calm and play games like there’s no tomorrow. Just in case. The End of the World Sale has just started and will last for 24 hours, that is until Thursday December 20 at 14:59 GMT, which should give gamers some time to enjoy their games before the 21st arrives and a wave of fiery pudding engulfs the world.

More than 125 games are offered right now in 17 bundles. Titles in each bundle will be up to 75% off when you buy all games (or if you own some of them and complete the bundle), or up to 50% off individual games if you buy them separately. The incredible deals available on GOG.com include all Might and Magic Madness–all 16 games for $25.89, less than $12 for a colllection of Bullfrog Favorites (Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate and more), $9 for the complete Ultima Series. Telltale Adventures are actually being sold seperately from a bundle abd are offered 80% off for each title, which is as little as $3.99 for Wallace and Gromit’s Great Adventure or $6.99 for Tales of Monkey Island.


GOG.com has also added two new games to its catalog: A New Beginning and Capsized. A New Beginning – Final Cut is an adventure masterpiece from the makers of The Whispered World and Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. More than 100 detailed, hand-painted backgrounds, 40 minutes of animated cutscenes, 52 voiced characters, and over 20 hours of gaming will be a real treat for all adventure fans. The game price is set to $9.99, however, the game is available at GOG.com right now 75% off when bought in the Daedalic Adventures Bundle along with the aforementioned games, Deponia, and The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav.


Capsized is a retro-inspired 2D platformer developed by Alientrap, in which you control an astronaut trying to get away from an alien planet. The game teems with alien life, and wonderful atmospheric design. The campaign mode, and four ‘Arcade’ modes offer enough entertainment for $9.99 value, but it’s a real bargain when purchased 75% off in the Jumpin’ Indie Action Bundle along with La Mulana, Mutant Mudds, Snapshot, and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, together for only $14.95.



About GOG.com
GOG.com is the ultimate destination for downloadable DRM-free PC games. The site offers gamers some of the greatest PC games of all time for a low price and free from copy protection. GOG.com is much more than just another digital distribution site, featuring an extensive community component that allows players to rate, review and discuss their favorite PC games, as well as insightful articles from respected game journalists. Visit www.gog.com and start your exploration of the best that gaming has to offer.

Source: GOG.com

Dec 152012

Eclectic Delights

Eclectic Delights Bundle: Pay What You Want for 9 Great Indie Games

Having obsessively researched the wild and wonderful world of indie gaming, Bundle In A Box returns and is proud to present the Eclectic Delights bundle. It’s a fine assortment of 9 delightful, truly indie offerings everyone can enjoy for the most reasonable price of “pay-what-you-want” over at http://www.bundle-in-a-box.com/.


The bundle, a Kyttaro Games (http://www.kyttarogames.com/) effort to promote indie developers and quality games, launched on Tuesday the 4th of December 2012, has so far lasted for 11 days, and will last for 3 more: and offer all games as DRM-free downloads (but not exclusively so; most games are also available on Desura and/or Steam ).


The Eclectic Delights bundle is all about …

Stay Dead

… selecting the best and most intriguing games across all genres 

Gamers will get to enjoy a rich compilation of both successful and less known games, that have all made it through the painful, slightly silly, but always thorough Bundle In A Box selection process.


…  fantastic indie games.

Adventures of Shuggy

Paying anything above $0.99 will get you:


-elegant RTS War of the Human Tanks (Windows/Desura)

-Lovecraftian yet cute platformer Eversion (Windows/Mac/Steam)

-gloriously pixelated adventure/strategy Delve Deeper (Windows/Steam)

-Russian horror offering Fibrillation (Windows /Desura)

-point-and-click mystery Shadows of the Vatican, Act: I (Windows/Desura)


War of the Human Tanks

…  even more games.

Beating the average price will allow gamers to enjoy four more excellent games:


-award winning platformer Adventures of Shuggy (Windows/Steam/Desura)

-surreal horror game The 4th Wall (Windows)

-FMV rhythm-action-fighter Stay Dead (Windows/Mac/Desura)

-retro-tastique, hilarious maze-‘em-up Flibble (Windows)

…  directly supporting upcoming game developers.

For every 100 bundles sold $10 will be added to our Indie Dev Grant and the whole sum will be awarded to a developer selected by vote; no strings will be attached as to how the grant will be used.


… charity

5% of all revenues will be shared with the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family.


… all sorts of extras.

What’s more, for every 1000 bundles sold new extras will be unlocked for everyone who grabbed the Eclectic Delights offer. Unlockable extras include:


-The complete and formerly unreleased soundtrack of forthcoming mobile game Droidscape: Basilica

-The Adventures of Shuggy soundtrack

-Sound of the Human Tanks: the War of the Human Tanks OST

-The Adventures of Shuggy digital comic-book

-The Shadows of the Cathedral soundtrack


As an added bonus, all who purchase the bundle will get access to exclusive content for Droidcape: Basilica (http://www.kyttarogames.com/?page_id=384); KyttaroGames’ own upcoming game for iOS and Android.


STOP READING THIS AND GET OVER TO THE BUNDLE IN A BOX WEBSITE NOW, To take advantage of this insane offer!


Dec 052012

Today I had a chance to interview Olli Mäntylä, one of those fine folks at Ludocraft, a Finnish game development studio who just released the 1.0 version of their multiplayer online vehicle based team deathmatch game known as Airbuccaneers, available for purchase on Steam, Gamersgate and IndieCity. It’s currently only available for Windows computers, but Linux and MAC support will be added in the future.

Airbuccaneers website: http://www.ludocraft.com/games/airbuccaneers/

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/223630/

Gamersgate: http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-ABHD/airbuccaneers

IndieCity: http://underground.indiecity.com/game/AirBuccaneers

IndieDB page: http://www.indiedb.com/games/airbuccaneers-hd



Q: As AirBuccaneers 1.0 came today, I have to ask: will this be the end of the updates?

A: Definitely no. There’s still some early adopter extras we need to provide and there’s also a good chance
of DLC. We are also looking to bring out the Mac and Linux versions very soon, and we’ll of course keep
updating the game.

Q: How are you feeling with the way that AirBuccaneers has turned out?

A: Overall we are all very happy with the way it turned out. After all we basically made it in just one year
with very limited resources. We believe that the finished game meets the fans’ expectations too.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about AirBuccaneers?

A: That feeling when two airships with full crews are pummelling each other with cannon balls and the air is
filled with blocker shots and fire and your ship is just barely hanging in the sky and you know that the
enemy ship is close to going down too. And then your team pulls through and stands victorious. That
feeling of working together and beating your enemies in a very tight spot is the best feeling I’ve ever had in
a multiplayer game.

Q: Have you ever been in one of the famed AirBuccaneers developers vs. fans battles?

A: I’ve been in all of them. You can probably find me in all upcoming Devs vs. Fans Battles too. I’m usually in
there with nick Nobah.

Q: Do you have any crazy stories to do with AirBuccaneers development to share with us?

A: AirBuccaneers was listed on number one spot on Eurogamer Expo website’s What’s On list and at the
same time Polish internet video personality Suchy Kanał made video of AirBuccaneers. The Eurogamer Expo
linking and “Polish Invasion” together crashed our webhost’s servers and also took down their other
servers with them. After this happened we just received a text message from the webhost saying that we
have too much traffic and they are dropping us from their service. Something told us that this was a good
time to change the webhost.

Q: Other than AirBuccaneers, do you have any other projects that you’re working on or going to be starting?


A: We have some serious game projects we are working on at the moment but on the entertainment side
we are still focusing on AirBuccaneers. Of course we have thrown around ideas for future game projects
but haven’t really decided what we’d like to do.

Q: I’ve heard unconfirmed reports that you folks at LudoCraft speak Finglish, is this true?

A: Somewhat yes. There are lots of technical terms that don’t really translate well to Finnish or nobody just
knows or wants to use the Finnish term. So our speaking is often a weird mix of Finnish words, English
words and English words bent and pronounced in Finnish fashion.

Q: What other games do you like to play?

A: Personally I’m a big fan of Assassin’s Creed series so the third installment has been in heavy play
recently. But I was literally blown away by how awesome Dishonored is. I also dabble in to the new Counter-
Strike: Global Offensive every now and then. Studio wide people play all kinds of games. I do know for a
fact that we have some very old school XCOM fans among us who enjoyed the reincarnation of the series.
And Guns of Icarus has been in play on our offices every now and then too.

Oct 032012

DLC Quest is a 2D Platformer and satire game which was developed by Going Loud Studios, designed to mock the state that the gaming industry is in with regards to downloadable content for video games, particularly in the AAA sector. DLC Quest is available for Windows, MAC and on the XBLA, as well as on Desura. (They’ve also currently got a Steam Greenlight campaign running)
DLC Quest - Bad Guy that Way

DLC Quest is a fairly short game, at approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour of gameplay included. That’s alright though, as the game itself is only $2 and is absolutely hilarious (of course it is, it’s a satire) so don’t discount it just because it’s short. After all, how long are Call of Duty campaigns in reality? Three to six hours? Exactly, not much better and look how much more it costs.

Although you may not think so at first look, DLC Quest does indeed have a very basic story to it, which basically goes as follows. You are standing in front of the princess, a “bad guy” comes and kidnaps the princess, you are then enticed to go and rescue the unnamed princess.

The art style in the game is alright. The funny thing about it is that if you were basing the graphics on first impressions, then the game would suffer significantly from that as to start, your character just slides along the ground, and can only move right, not left. You actually have to buy the animations for moving, which also incidentally allow you to move back to the left and to jump.

As for the soundtrack, well it’s definitely not bad, it has around six different songs throughout the entire game which is pretty decent. Again, there’s no sound or music until you purchase it as an in game DLC for 5 coins, which is also quite amusing.

DLC Quest - StoreThe gameplay in this game is quite simple, but is also very amusing, for the most part anyway. The basic concept is that you are adventuring around the world in order to try and save the princess and collecting coins along the way, but you are constantly running into issues that require you to purchase an additional DLC that will solve the issue, such as when you run into an area where you require the double jump, you must collect enough coins to be able to purchase this DLC before you may progress any further.

Some of the various DLCs that you can purchase throughout the game are the “Horse Armour Pack” which is a purely cosmetic upgrade to your horse (It’s quite expensive by the way, at 250 coins or so. *Cough*Blizzard*Cough*), the gun upgrade to the sword (It claims it’s just a cosmetic upgrade), and the pet pack, which gives you a goldfish in a mini fish tank. To avoid spoiling them all I’m not going to list any more, but you get the point.

DLC Quest - GrindstoneAnd that’s not all, there’s plenty of other hilarious aspects to DLC Quest as well, such as when you find those small blue boxes hanging around and you touch them to unlock what’s inside; you always need to buy the DLC that it unlocks. Or that when you talk to certain characters, they blatantly tell you that they’re useless and just a filler NPC, with no idea how they actually got there, which is quite funny.

It’s also rather hilarious that there’s multiple endings for the game. What I mean by this is that when you’re just entering the “bad guy hideout”, the credits start rolling and you unlock the end of the game DLC, which you need to buy if you actually want to save the princess. Otherwise, you’re just stuck with the terrible and completely random ending that it gives you. Oh yeah, and you get an achievement the first time, which is named something funny like “You did it! Kinda…”.

Needless to say, DLC Quest is a title that’s worth picking up, even if it only has half an hour to an hour of gameplay, as overall it is a decent game, only costs $2 on Desura and is absolutely hilarious; it does a fantastic job at being a DLC satire.

PC Game















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Useful Links:

- DLC Quest Greenlight Campaign

DLC Quest on Desura

- DLC Quest on the MAC App Store

- DLC Quest on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Oct 022012

It’s that time again, the time that comes around once every fortnight! It’s time for yet another Indie Royale Bundle Review! This time around I’m trying out a bit of a different format to see if I can improve my formula for bundle reviews, so bear with me.

Adventures of Shuggy Level SelectionAdventures of Shuggy is a 2D platformer game that was developed by Smudged Cat Games and is available for Windows only, via a DRM free download or through the use of the Steam or Desura keys provided with your bundle purchase.

There’s over 100 levels to choose from throughout the course of the game, it also supports Steam achievements, if you care about that sort of thing. The way they’ve got the game structured, you are told the basics of the story via a comic at the beginning of your experience. Basically, you are Shuggy, a cartoon vampire who is on his way to inherit a castle that he was left in the will of a family member that was recently deceased. Of course, it also says that it’s haunted, but that’s not stopping Shuggy. Upon entering, you encounter a ton of steam (it’s quite hot inside) and Shuggy guesses that it’s the boiler room causing the issue. You then have to complete eight levels successfully to acquire eight keys, which will then get you into the boiler room. You’re given another comic to read about what happens, and then taken to another level selection area, with a fresh set of levels.

The art style of the game is very nice and quite unique, it’s quite a joy to look at while you’re playing. Each set of levels has its own style, which is quite interesting. The game doesn’t offer any sort of resolution options which is disappointing, but to be fair it mostly fit my screen, it must’ve been running in a resolution around 1280×720, which isn’t bad but isn’t the best either. To be fair it does offer windowed and fullscreen modes, but that doesn’t really cut it as some people would like to be able to adjust the resolution the game runs in for better performance, so it’d fit their screen, etc.

The soundtrack is decent, not the best thing I’ve ever heard but certainly not the worst either. For the most part it wasn’t really noticeable, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It may have been just a bit quiet, but I think that the reason I didn’t notice it much was because it wasn’t anything absolutely amazing, unlike some other soundtracks I’ve heard.

Shuggy Key CollectingAs for gameplay, well, the game has a lot of variety to it. Each level (so far at least) has been reasonably unique, and they’ve been able to do quite a lot with such a simple set of controls. You basically just move around with the WASD keys, use the spacebar to jump and use the “action button” by pressing the enter key, which does something different in every level. In some levels, you have to just collect all of the gems while avoiding the enemies. In others, you’ll have to herd Shmus to a specific spot, and in yet others still the action button will rotate the level meaning that you can get to places you wouldn’t have been able to before, which is pretty neat. In fact, there was even a level where I had to stand on a switch holding a door open, so that the future version of me would be able to get through, which was absolutely fantastic to see.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for variety, then this is the game for you. There’s a different way to play in just about every level, or at least some extension or modification to how you use a technique that you already know. For example, the first level I did where I rotated it, I was rotating it so I could move around and access things I couldn’t before. However, another level that was an extension on that feature needed me to rotate the map so I could bring the gems to me, which was pretty neat to do.

Before I go any further though, I’d like to mention the issues that I have with this game, one at a time so that you’re aware of the flaws that this adventure carries with it. First of all, the controls feel loose. And when I say loose, I mean it. When I run and jump, It’s almost as if I slide, which can be really infuriating on those levels when you’re required to be more precise with your movements. The game would’ve been nicer to play if the controls were tighter, as that way you’d have more control and be able to complete the levels more easily.

Shuggy The ShmuThe second of two problems that I have with the game is that there is (on my setup anyway) a terrible crashing problem that occurs whenever the game is in fullscreen mode, is minimized and then is maximized again. The game crashes right after I do that, which is, again, infuriating as all I was doing was taking a screenshot then saving it and maximizing the game again, but it crashed every time which sucked.

Other than that though, the game was great. And guess what! When you buy the Adventures of Shuggy through the Indie Royale, you also get the soundtrack in .mp3 format and the comic, which are some awesome extras. And at the low, low fluctuating price of $5.22, why wouldn’t you at least give this game a shot? It costs less than it does to eat at a fast food restaurant, so what do you really have to lose?

PC Game















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Oct 012012

Faster than Light is a 2D space strategy/simulation/roguelike game which was developed by Subset Games and Is available for Windows, MAC and Linux. You can buy it directly on the developer’s website, on Steam or GOG.

Faster than Light - Incoming Missile!
Faster than Light is a bit of a unique space strategy experience, you play the role of a captain of a ship which is running away from the rebel fleet, your ship contains the weakness to the rebel fleet that is vital if there is any hope of saving the Federation. In order to deliver this information, you must travel through the various sectors of the universe, each of which are under the control of one of the various alien species.

Your adventure is randomized each time, with different quests, enemies, and sectors that make sure no two adventures are exactly alike, which is quite nice. There’s also a fair bit of dialogue choices that you are presented with throughout each game, things like choosing to ignore civilians that are being attacked by pirates can have a negative impact on your adventure later, but sometimes even can be necessary depending on how beat up your ship is.

Faster than Light - Ship Destruction
If you’re going by graphical fidelity then this game isn’t the greatest as it’s fairly pixelated, but if you instead choose to see the game for what it is and look more at the art style then the game is great. It has a charming feel to it, definitely what is expected of an indie game. They didn’t have the budget of an AAA title to spend on graphical fidelity, but what they have done is great, and definitely creates a nice atmosphere for the game. (When I say nice, I don’t mean happy, but I do mean good).

Faster Than Light - Dialogue Choices
As for audio quality, the game is also quite nice in this area, it has an absolutely AWESOME soundtrack that creates a very space adventure-like feel to the game itself, which is a great thing indeed. If you buy the game on Steam or on the developer’s website you also get a download of the soundtrack, and my goodness would it be worth it to download the soundtrack, it makes quite the immersive experience and is just a joy to listen to.

Back to the gameplay side of things, the game simply dominates here as well. You won’t get tired of piloting the same old ship time and time again, as there’s 9 ships you can use, and each ship has an alternate mode that completely changes the way you use the ship, so there’s plenty of variety in how you can play. If you want to play as the stealth ship and use the cloak to turn invisible during battles, you can do that. If you want to play as the Zoltan ship and have the super shield which can buy you some time while you charge your weapons, you can do that. If you’d prefer to play as a ship which focuses on teleporting your boarding party aboard, you can do that as well. The ship you’re using along with the systems and weapons you have installed on the ship even alters the dialogue, in many cases there is a blue option which is available if you have the necessary equipment; using your cloaking system to sneak away instead of simply trying to remain concealed or taking on a rebel ship in a fight, or sending in one of your rock crew (invulnerable to fire) to go put out a fire on a civilian space station are some examples of those options. They’re better than the normal ones you have available to you, so there are advantages in coming across certain situations in certain ships or ship configurations.

Faster Than Light - Map System
The only disadvantage to how you can use ships is that In the beginning you can only play as the first one, and you must acquire new ones either by unlocking them via quests or events on your playthrough, or unlocking the alternate form of a ship that you already have by completing 2/3 achievements that you can do while playing as each ship. Some of the quests are dependent on how your game’s map was generated that time, which sucks as sometimes you may not be able to complete an event to unlock a ship if your galaxy didn’t generate the correct way.

Other than some small issues like that though, Faster than Light is a complete joy to play, the neat story combined with the awesome gameplay, charming visuals and neat soundtrack make for an awesome space simulation/roguelike experience. And when it’ll only run you ten dollars, how can you possibly afford not to buy this game?

PC Game















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Sep 292012

Indie Royale (http://www.indieroyale.com/) debuts its Oktoberfest Bundle filled with six great indie games, which includes point and click title Hector: Badge of Carnage (all 3 episodes) and puzzle platformer Adventures of Shuggy.

The first game in the bundle is about a beer loving and delightfully crass British detective in the Hector: Badge of Carnage Trilogy from The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games and co-creator Straandlooper, available for Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-Free (includes all 3 episodes). This adult-themed point and click adventure offers brain-teasing puzzles with a twist: the solution often requires getting inside Hector’s warped mind.

A grungier version of The Curse of Monkey IslandHector offers stylized art and a twisted sense of humor. Adventure Gamers says of Hector, it’s “just what the doctor ordered, even if that doctor is almost certainly facing a malpractice suit for sending us into such a germ-ridden locale.”

Also included is musical puzzle game Chime published by Doublesix Digital Publishing and developed by Zoe Mode, available for Windows on Steam.Chime offers an experience about more than just scoring points – it’s about creating something musically beautiful while placing shapes on a geometric grid. This hypnotic game is polished in its presentation and includes fantastic yet mellow songs from luminaries like Philip Glass, Moby, and Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), as well as a special PC exclusive, ‘Still Alive’ from Valve’s Portal. Destructoid calls Chime an “utterly compelling, aesthetically minimalistic puzzle game that rides the cusp of being entirely fantastic.”

Another highlight of this bundle is a game that celebrates puzzle platformers with a googly-eyed vampire, Smudged Cat Games’ Adventures of Shuggy, available for Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-Free. A critically acclaimed XBLA title now available on PC, Adventures of Shuggy offers a clever rotation/time-shift mechanic, 36 co-op levels, and over 150 single-player levels. Gamezebo applauds Adventures of Shuggy for its ” top-notch presentation and a real attention to detail with things like great music and comic-book-style.”

Also included is a critically acclaimed puzzle-adventure game with a twist from Mousechief, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble, available for Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-Free. Set in, Brigiton, a fictional small town in the U.S. during the 1920s, one plays a high-school girl who has set out to investigate mysterious crimes by navigating through a game board-like world and engaging in mini battles of social warfare. Offering irreverent dialogue, multiple endings, unique game style, an enthralling story, and at least 15 hours of gameplay, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble is worth checking out. GamesRadar recognizes this game for being “clever, original and genuinely pleasing to play.”

The second title from Mousechief is bonus game/visual novel The Witch’s Yarn available for Windows and Mac on Desura and DRM-Free. The Witch’s Yarn exists in a genre of its own; it’s best described as a story-driven interactive drama. GameBoomers calls the genre “Graphical Interactive Fiction,” as the player assumes a role similar to that of a director of a play and decides how the scenes will unfold. The game offers a fully interactive story with colorful and playful graphics about a modern-day, middle-aged widow who also happens to be a witch, as she opens a yarn shop and navigates familial challenges.

Last is conceptual retro style shooter from AquaFox The Network, available for Windows on Desura and DRM-Free. It offers classic arena top-down shooting with a twist; the player never directly fires a bullet. Offering immersive play, 20+ levels, a unique art style, and an engrossing story line, DualShockers raves that The Network ”succeeds as a complement to surreal films like The Matrix that make you second-guess trusting your computer.”

And for those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during the Oktoberfest Bundle will get two music albums from SAVESTATES (Matt Wilson), who is known for creating standout chiptune music. The first album, Calm Your Nerves (http://savestates.bandcamp.com/album/calm-your-nerves), offers 10 tracks that the artist created “for stress; the manufacture, the prevention, and the acceleration thereof.” Also included is Chip unDeath(http://savestates.bandcamp.com/album/chip-undeath) based on SAVESTATES’ first acclaimed album ‘Chip Death’ but with 7 reworked tracks and a brand new track.

More information on the Oktoberfest Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, can be found on its official website (http://www.indieroyale.com/) or its Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/IndieRoyale) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/indieroyale) pages.


There will be a bundle review of the Indie Royale Oktoberfest Bundle posted over on RegretZero’s website, so stay tuned over there in the coming days.

Sep 242012

If you’re looking for a new and interesting adventure game, Anodyne is for you. It takes inspiration from the dungeon design of The Legend of Zelda and the aesthetic design of Yume Nikki. It’s up on Steam Greenlight right now, and is aimed for a release sometime in Fall of 2012 for Windows and MAC, and perhaps Linux.

IndieDB Page: www.indiedb.com/games/anodyne

Steam Greenlight Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92921739

Anodyne Website:  http://www.anodynegame.com


1. If Anodyne is successful enough, would you consider porting it to other platforms such as for the Xbox 360, PS3 or for the Nintendo 3DS?

Sean: Probably not those consoles. Creativity-wise, I might be a bit burnt out by working on Anodyne by then. Technical-wise, porting to one of those systems would be a non-trivial affair because I’d have to port over the codebase, unless there was some miraculous way for those platforms to support Adobe AIR or SWFs. Financially, it would cost a bit to get a devkit, and then we’d have to market, etc – it might not even end up paying off. Anyways, I think the majority of people that would like Anodyne are going to have PC/Mac/Linux.

If anything, I’d port it to an iThing or Android, because they have support for Adobe AIR, so I would just have to write a little bit of wrapper code for the touch inputs and I think that’d be it. Maybe a Kickstarter to help with the marketing.

2. What PC digital distribution platforms would you like Anodyne to be available on? Although you do have a Steam Greenlight campaign, can we expect to see this on other platforms such as GamersGate and IndieCity?

Sean: All of them! Our goal is Desura, but we’re going to leave the Greenlight page up for the hell of it. Maybe one day after release, Valve will pick it up. We have access to distribution on a couple of other platforms already, but of course we will be looking for more once the game is closer to release.

3. Would you consider setting up a pre-order system for the game on your website so we can throw money at you before release?

Sean: This is something I’d have to look into. I think it should be pretty easy to set something up via Desura to automate this, I just have to figure it out. So maybe!

4. Do you plan to continue releasing updates/patches for the game after release, with additional areas and features?

Sean: Besides inevitable bugfixes, no. We want the game to stand as a complete thing when finished. Depending on my motivation at that point, I might add something fun in like a boss rush. But those would only come after the initial game is totally finished.

Anodyne Preview Image 1

5. You said that the game’s aesthetics were inspired by the Gameboy Colour Legend of Zelda games, does this mean that you guys play (or played) The Legend of Zelda? If so, what’s your favourite LoZ game?

Jon: One of the earliest video games my brother and I had was Link’s Awakening, and that remains one of my favorite games.  I also played and greatly enjoyed Oracle of Ages and Minish Cap.  I bought an N64 and some games from a classmate in high school and one of those games was Ocarina of Time, but that one was sort of harder to get into for me, especially that late in my life; I think a lot of people’s favorite Zelda ends up being their first.  I could see how people could really love it, but I found that the general mechanics and big size of areas to be sort of tedious/slow.  Don’t really have newer systems, so haven’t played any DS/Wii Zeldas.

Sean: Yep. I’m split between Link’s Awakening and Zelda I. I didn’t try playing Zelda I seriously until after high school, but I really like the sense of wonder that its technical limitations bring. You really feel like an explorer, although the game gets a bit too extreme at times.. . As for Link’s Awakening, I played it a couple of times throughout life, and there’s something mystical to its premise – the Wind Fish always sitting off to the north, occasional disturbing cut-ins from the bosses…I have a few issues with its design, but that’s part from how old it is, and despite that, I still find it one of my favorites. After those two, I like the Oracles, and then I mildly enjoyed the 3-D ones, progressively less as time went on.

6. Do you guys play any other games? If so, have you taken any inspiration from any of them?

Jon: Yeah, I play lots of other games!  Some of my favorites that come to mind when I think about Anodyne’s aesthetic influences are Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy 9, Chrono Trigger, Psychonauts, and the Binding of Isaac.

Sean: Yeah, recently I’ve played The Real Texas, Dustforce, The Sea Will Claim Everything, Braid, They Will Bleed Pixels… For influences, despite the obvious influences from Zeldas, Yume Nikki has been a big one for thinking of the various areas and some of the musical feel. Zelda + Yume Nikki, strangely enough, ended up being a pretty effective way to convey the ideas I had for Anodyne. Others – An Untitled Story, Terranigma, Dustforce, probably a number of others…

7. What kind of story do you have in mind for the overall game? I’ve been hearing mixed information, your Greenlight page says that the story will potentially be disturbing in some places, but the comments seem to suggest that there’s a bit of humor involved as well. Care to explain?

Jon: Well the story is not all written yet; Sean and I have certain goals, but to a certain extent I just have to write whatever comes out of me.  So we won’t really fully know the atmosphere until we’re finished.  That said, I think the demo only begins to touch on some of the darker themes in the game.  It’s important to me to approach disturbing things with care and intent, and in a way that’s true to myself as a person.  It’ll be more honest that way, and less cliche.  In terms of humor, the beginning of the story especially makes some intentional use of overdone genre tropes and I tried to insert humor in there to keep it from being boring.  I also just like working with humor and wordplay in general, and so it will be probably be a big part of the game.  But like I said, the other themes will take more shape later in the game.

8. Is this the first game that you two have made? Do you have any plans to start up an Indie Development Studio and perhaps release more after this one is complete?

Sean: I’ve made a few smaller projects, the biggest being My First Platformer, “Inspiration Dave”. It’s really just a silly platformer. It’s pretty average (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/595009) . For starting a studio, there’s a lot of variables in the future that affect something like that happening – it depends on how Anodyne does, among other things. However, working with Jon has been a really pleasant experience so far, and I’d definitely enjoy making another game!
Jon: Yeah, same here… there are a lot of unknowns in the near future, but I think it would be great to work together again at some point.  This is the first game we’ve worked together, although I’ve been (mostly unsuccessfully) making games for as long as I can remember, using tools like the OHRRPGCE, ZZT, Gamemaker, and Mead composition notebooks.  I’m not an especially good programmer, so it’s been great to work with Sean and not have to deal simultaneously with all aspects of development.  One of my most finished recent projects (basically just a tech/graphics demo) is a game called burd, available for Windows on yoyogames http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/198304-burd

Anodyne Preview Image 2

9. Will there be boss monsters in the dungeons? That’d be really cool :)

Jon: Yes!  Sean designed the boss battles and provided me with general ideas about the themes of the bosses, and I worked on giving them some specificity and personality through the graphics and text.  The boss battles are some of the highlights of the game in terms of both graphics and gameplay.

10. What sorts of items will we see in Anodyne dungeons? Will the player be able to acquire new weapons or weapon upgrades?

Sean: Just a few. The broom, a few mods to that…and then one other item. It’s a secret! Having few items is intentional, I really disliked how some items felt pointless after a while in Zelda games. Also, the few items also fits in with the themes of the story, and perhaps also lets me be a lazy programmer. Who knows. I try to introduce one or two new ways to use the items in each dungeon, although whether or not that is well received is left to the future…

11. Do you have any funny stories about the development of Anodyne that you’d like to share with the readers?

Sean: A month or so ago, I had told my grandma about Anodyne, and she mentioned she knew a Kittaka from where she taught kindergarten or daycare. Turns out she had Jon’s uncle in her class, and she was also friends with his paternal grandparent’s family. Kind of a strange coincidence!

12. Are you guys working on this as a full time job, or do you plan to do so in the future?

Jon: Nope, I’m currently a student at Carleton College, although I’ll be graduating at the end of the school year.  If there’s any point where I can just do creative stuff for a living, that would be incredible.  Although I don’t think I would want to only make games.  I’m also interested in comics and animation.

Sean: I try to treat it as a full (or more) time job. For the first months of development. I layered it on top of an internship, but the past few months have just been work on the game. I’ll be doing the same thing during the school year, I’m also graduating this year. I’d like to do games for a living (as programmer/designer/musician), but I would need to be financially stable in some way, so we’ll see.

Anodyne Preview Image 3

13. What is the stance you’re taking in regards to mods for your game?

Sean: Oh, I’m fine with it. If I add mod support, then that would be after release, but only with a lot of interest.  If someone cracked the game and did it themselves, power to them.

14. Is there anything else you’d like for our readers to know, or perhaps any shoutouts?

Jon:  Edmund McMillen has been a huge inspiration for me ever since I started playing the Binding of Isaac.  Anyone who hasn’t might like to check out his work (as well as his tips on making games – link).

Sean: Mm…ask your eye doctor how much examinations cost before you get fitted for contacts. Seriously. Do it.


Remember to vote for Anodyne on its Steam Greenlight page and check out the Anodyne website for a demo!

Sep 152012

Indie Royale – http://www.indieroyale.com – returns with the Back to School Bundle featuring seven indie games, including an exclusive debut for Bunny Must Die! from Rockin’ Android.

First up is Ronimo Games’ side-scrolling real-time strategy game, Swords & Soldiers and its Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC, available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, Desura and DRM-free. [NOTE: Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC is not available for Linux users.] This beautifully crafted game offers wit and solid gameplay while controlling the Vikings, the Aztecs or the Chinese in their global quest to win the favor of the Gods. The Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC offers ten new campaigns, an improved challenge mode, and plenty of new spells and units. GameSpot praises Swords & Soldiers: “its simple controls and abounding good humour are likely to engage even those who have never dipped their controllers into the strategy pool.”

Next up is a space simulation game from Shovsoft, Lunar Flight, available for Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free. This full 3D game is a re-imagining of the classic Atari game Lunar Lander and offers mission types involving transporting cargo, acquiring data at survey locations and locating lost cargo. DIYGamer raves about Lunar Flight, stating that it “sets the bar for Lunar Lander-likes (…) Shovsoft have created a fresh-faced and wonderfully playable space simulator that I urge everyone to try.”

The bundle also features an exclusive debut of exploration-based platformer Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils, available for Windows on Desura and DRM-free. This Japanese Metroidvania-esque game from Platine Dispositif and Rockin’ Android features Bunny as she explores the Devil’s Labyrinth, using magical items like a Sylph Shooter and Hyper Heels to manipulate the fabric of time, solve puzzles and survive. Bunny Must Die! also offers a comical style, hand-drawn 2D graphics, a charming storyline and an unlockable character.

Also included is rhythm-action and RPG game Sequence from Iridium Studios, available for Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free. Players assume the role of Ky, after he awakens imprisoned in a tower and has to ascend 7 levels of the tower guided with the help of a mysterious girl named Naia. Along with a standout in-game soundtrack to fight along in time to, TruePCGaming praises Sequence for its dialogue, calling it “one of the funniest, well-written scripts that has ever graced a computer game.”

This bundle includes two more games from Rockin’ Android never before available in a bundle – Japanese shmups Flying Red Barrel – Diary of a Little Aviator and Qlione, available for Windows on Desura and DRM-free. Orange_Juice’s Flying Red Barrel offers colorful graphics, innovative scoring mechanics, and violent bullet hell shooting. Shindenken’s Qlione is a unique and equally challenging 2D shooter game that’s based on a lone amoeba and offers psychedelic vector backgrounds and splashy explosions.

Last up is the violent yet goofy Cute Things Dying Violently by ApathyWorks, along with its OST, available for Windows on Desura and DRM-free. Previously a critical hit on Xbox Live Indie Games, it offers 60 challenging levels, six unlockable special levels, and, according to Joystiq, is a “delightful puzzle game.”

Those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during the Back to School Bundle will get the 18-track chiptune album BIAS – http://minusbaby.bandcamp.com/album/bias. The album is $5 if purchased elsewhere and features the work of minusbaby, best known for “exploring the diversity of a lo-fi, compositional aesthetic.” It’s been praised by fellow chiptune notable 4Mat as “the first chip album for me where there’s no gimmick – it’s a serious piece of work that’s not ruled by the hardware it’s made on.”

More information on the Back to School Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, is available on its official website (http://www.indieroyale.com), its Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/IndieRoyale), and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/indieroyale) pages.

Source: Indie Royale Press Release.


Sep 142012

If you’ve never heard of the Bundle in a Box before, here’s a brief explanation: The Bundle in a Box is a digital “box” of indie games that all fit a specific theme. For example, the first bundle was the “adventure” bundle, and all of the games contained within fell into the adventure category. The second bundle (The Deep Space one, this one) contains only games that fit into the space category of indie games. $10 out of every one hundred sales goes towards the Indie Game Fund, which will go to a developer that gets the most votes in the IGF competition which is on right now. Also 5% of all revenues generated from this bundle will go to the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family charity. The bundle, like many others, has multiple payment tiers. These are described as follows:

The Pay What You Want Ticket - You get completely DRM free versions of Death Ray Manta, Space Giraffe, The Wreckless, Dark Scavenger and Armalyte, for the low low price of whatever you want!

The Above Average Ticket - You get everything included in the ticket above, PLUS DRM free versions of Sol: Exodus, Miner Wars Arena and RobotRiot, as well as some intereactive Armalyte extras.

All versions of the bundle include some exclusive content for Droidcape: Basilica, which is Kyttaro Games’ own upcoming game for iOS and Android. For every 1000 bundles sold there will be upgrades unlocked for all purchasers, including some sweet bonuses like the first issue of PlaySF sci-fi gaming magazine, soundtracks for some of the games and even books, artwork, storyboards, and more! As if that wasn’t enough, the top 10 Golden Contributors (The top 10 who paid the most for the bundle) at the end will receive a free copy of Droidcape: Basilica (When the game is released of course). The bundle only lasts 14 days, so head on over to the Bundle in a Box website as soon as possible to pick up a bundle.

Here’s a bit more info on each game.


Death Ray Manta

Death Ray Manta

Death Ray Manta is an arena shooter with a unique and unexplored art style. It has been said that  ”Death Ray Manta is an attempt at finding the videogame equivalent of the perfect 2 1/2 minute pop song”. The game is quite neat looking and definitely seems like it’d be a timesink for most, a they do their very best to try and obtain the perfect score. There’s over 32 stages to play through, and the developer has even said that they plan for there to be some updates coming out over the next couple of months, which means there’s no way you’ll lose interest.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista or better

Processor: Anything you bought within the past 3 or 4 years.

DirectX: DirectX 9.0 something.


Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe is an abstract action arcade shooter game, with environments created by advanced graphics synthesizers. There’s over 200 levels, awesome looking environments that change due to audio input, and very engaging gameplay that will keep you coming back for more and more. It’s all quite rewarding.


System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows  XP SP2, Windows Vista or better

Processor: 1.9 Ghz or higher

Memory: 256MB

Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256MB RAM ( Shader Model 2.0 )

DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Hard Drive: 80MB of free space

Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card

Controller Support: Generic HID controller DirectX compatible, XBOX 360 for Windows Controller, keyboard


Dark Scavenger

Dark Scavenger

Dark Scavenger is an RPG/adventure/point and click hybrid filled with quirky characters and plenty of dark humor. The art style for the game is… rather interesting and it looks like a unique title, it successfully differentiates itself from other games of its genre which is definitely a good thing. You play through the story of a space traveler, one who is stranded on a planet with three eccentric aliens.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista,7; Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Processor: 2.0 GHz

Memory: 2GB (XP/OS X), 3GB (Vista/7)


The Wreckless

The Wreckless

The Wreckless is a 3D Space shooter simulator where you will find yourself playing through a sixteen level, completely voice acted campaign along with a simulator that allows the player to create their own space matches. The player can even use different fighter crafts for each level, to fit their play style.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or later; Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Recommended specs: at least 2Gb of RAM and a 512Mb Graphics card.



Armalyte is a shoot-em-up game that was originally for the Commodore 64. This version of the original game creates exactly replicated gameplay due to the involvement of the developers of the original Armalyte. The graphics have been enhanced for the PC release, and there is a totally new soundtrack.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or later

Processor: Anything equal to (or better than) the Intel Pentium 4


Miner Wars Arena

Miner Wars Arena

This fast paced arcade game (Miner Wars Arena) takes place in the year of 2081. The solar system we live in is in the “aftermath of a total political breakdown”. All of humanity is fighting over rare resources, on asteroids. You’ll get to take control of a mining spaceship and crush your enemies, taking advantage of the fully destructible environment.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7; Mac OSX 10.5.8 or later

Processor: 1.6 GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Hard Drive: 200 MB free hard drive space

Video Card: DirectX 9.0c Compliant


Sol: Exodus

SOL: Exodus

SOL: Exodus is a 3D First Person space shooter in which you take the role of the lieutenant commander and ace pilot whose job is to help the search for a new home and rescue humanity. By the year 2500, the Earth had become too toxic for human life. Overpopulation and pollution had practically destroyed the planet, and to make matters worse you have just found out that your sun is dying.

System Requirements :

OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2) or Windows 7

Processor: 1.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2, or equivalent

Memory: 2.0GB

Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 256 MB of VRAM

DirectX: 9.0c

Hard Drive: 4 GB available

Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 16-bit



OS: Windows 7

Processor: 2.0Ghz Quad Core

Memory: 4.0GB

Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 512MB of VRAM


Robot Riot

Robot Riot

Robot Riot is a retro-esque platformer with over 21 levels, lots of bosses and gun turret types, and tons of unique enemies to fight. It also comes complete with awesome 16-bit art textures and chiptunes, to really give it that retro vibe. In Robot Riot, your job is to raid space vessels on behalf of your debt collecting master, as vanguard robot “SLUG”.


System Requirements:

OS:  Windows XP (SP2), Vista or 7; Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Processor: Core2 Duo 2.0 Ghz or better

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Hard disk space: 100 MB

Video: Any OpenGL 2.0 graphics card with 256MB+ video RAM and shaders 2.0 or later.


Overall, this bundle is definitely worth a look as it combines awesome space themed indie games of many genres into one fantastic, completely DRM free package with awesome bonuses. If you want everything this bundle has to offer, you must purchase it for more than the average price (Currently only $4.92). For 8 games, $5 is nothing at all, especially when the games are this fantastic.

If you wish to buy the Bundle in a Box: Deep Space bundle, just head over to the Bundle In a Box Website.

What do you think, will you be buying the Deep Space Bundle?

Sep 142012


Just a few hours ago, Nintendo unveiled its complete launch lineup that it had in store for the new and exciting WiiU console. They’ve got lots of games of many genres, and overall the lineup is looking great. They’ve got a lot of AAA titles from big companies on the list, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition.  The entire list of games available either on launch day or during the launch window (Nov. 18, 2012 to March 31, 2013) is available for your viewing pleasure in an orderly table below. To skip to a particular game, just click the title of the game.


Publisher Title
505 Games Funky Barn
2K Sports NBA 2K13
Activision Publishing, Inc. 007 Legends
Call of Duty®: Black Ops I
Wipeout 3
Skylanders Giants
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
Capcom Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
D3Publisher Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
Ben 10: Omniverse
Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade
Disney Interactive Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Electronic Arts Mass Effect 3
Madden NFL 13
Frozenbyte Trine 2: Director’s Cut
Gaijin Games Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
Majesco Entertainment Zumba® Fitness Core
Maximum Games Jett Tailfin
Nintendo Nintendo Land
New Super Mario Bros. U
NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge
LEGO® City: Undercover
Wii Fit U
Game & Wario
Pikmin 3
The Wonderful 101
SEGA Aliens: Colonial Marines
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Shin’en Nano Assault Neo
Tecmo Koei America Corporation WARRIORS OROCHI® 3 Hyper
THQ Darksiders® II
Wheel of Fortune®
Two Tribes Toki Tori 2
Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed® III
Just Dance® 4
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
Rabbids® Land
Sports Connection
Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2013
  Rayman Legends®
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Scribblenauts Unlimited
  Game Party Champions
  Batman: Arkham CityArmored Edition



Funky Barn

Funky Barn WiiU

Funky Barn is a cute cartoony farm simulation game that was previously published on the 3DS. As you can tell from the screenshot, the game is not some ordinary farming game. Shear your sheep by dropping them into the shearing machine and it will cannonball out; apparently, animals can be beamed up to a UFO.  It’s a bit goofy, but still seems like it’d be decent fun, especially for the more casual and younger demographic.


NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13

Striving to improve upon the things that made NBA 2K12 great, NBA 2K13 will have an enhanced my player  mode and completely new gameplay features; You will be able to “pit the best players in NBA history against the new dynasty of talent.”


007 Legends

Apparently in 007 Legends you start in the watery depths, you are James Bond- unconscious, unsure how you arrived where you are, just that you’re fighting with everything you’ve got to stay alive. You will then recall the epic moments from the past 50 years. The missions you play are reimagined from the most iconic film scenes from the movies up to half a century ago.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II

A hugely anticipated title by many Call of Duty fans, Black Ops 2 brings the proven COD shooter style of doing things to the table, except with some tweaks like updated graphics, new game modes, an updated perk system and some other interesting new stuff like weapons and an all new campaign.



Transformers Prime will be released exclusively for the WiiU, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS systems. It takes place alongside the events of the second season of the Transformers Prime cartoon series, involving the two sides battling over a meteor made of “Dark Energon”.


Wipeout 3

Wipeout 3

If you’re a fan of the Wipeout TV or video game series, you’ll be pleased to hear that Wipeout 3 is on the list of launch titles for the WiiU. It’ll be the Wipeout series of games with a few tweaks, along with updated graphics.


Skylanders Giants

The story behind Skylanders Giants is “Thousands of years ago, the Giants fought epic battles in Skylands but were banished to Earth. With a new threat looming, it’s time to bring them back to join forces with the Skylanders.” It sounds pretty awesome, and if it’s coming to the WiiU that probably means it’ll have updated graphics as well, and maybe even a few gameplay adjustments.


Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013

In this first person shooter game, the player will go on hunting trips. There’s several modes, including “Quick Hunt”, “Action Zone” and “Career Mode”. There’s penalties for shooting non game animals, such as failing. There’s twelve exotic locations with twenty six animals to hunt, not bad.


Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

This is a pro fishing tournament game, in which the player (obviously) participates in fishing tournaments. Just like the older Wii versions, this game will have full motion control as if there’s an actual fishing rod in your hands. There’s plenty of contests and game modes to choose from, as well as plenty of rods, boats, lures, etc so you can totally customize your experience.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Wanted to try Monster Hunter, but didn’t want to have to buy a PSVita? Well now you can! Coming exclusively to 3DS and WiiU systems, we will all finally be able to play the game that we’ve been craving for so long, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. A cool feature in this game is that the WiiU version can share save data with the Nintendo 3DS, meaning you can play it at home on the big screen and even play it while on the move using your handheld console. It’s even be fully Nintendo Network capable so you can play with friends if you wish.


 Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game

The Rise of the Guardians Video Game is based on the film. It will allow the player to “lead the Guardians in their battle against Pitch.”


Ben 10: Omniverse

Based on the Ben 10: Omniverse cartoon series:

“Ben: 10 Omniverse, players will be immersed in exciting action-brawler gameplay featuring the new art style inspired from the show. Gamers will have the power to switch forms and battle as one of 13 playable alien heroes, including never-before-seen aliens like Bloxx and Gravattack, as they work with either Ben or Rook to defeat the evil plans of a fierce villain, intent on destroying the world.”


 Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade

Family Party Obstacle Arcade

A game that’s more for the casual gaming demographic such as families, Family Party includes over 30 “unique party games” that will take advantage of the powerful WiiU hardware and new controller. They’ve even gotten a bit creative and included what they’re describing as 1 on 3 multiplayer challenges. This game targets the whole family, with its combination of card, arcade, and sports games.


Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Epic Mickey 2

This is the sequel to the hit Disney game, Epic Mickey. It’s set some time after the original, the Mad Doctor has somehow returned! The Mad Doctor came back to Wasteland, claiming that he’s changed and that he wants to repair the damage he caused them. They agree to let him help, but then Wasteland starts being damaged even more than it was before. Suspicious that the Doctor isn’t holding up his end of the bargain, Mickey Mouse is contacted again, in Wasteland’s second time of need.


Mass Effect 3

Need I even do an introduction for this one? Yes? Fine. Mass Effect 3 is an Action RPG developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. It was originally developed for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but now it’s headed straight for the catalyst of modern console gaming, the WiiU. There’s three campaign modes: Action, Story, and RPG mode.  There’s loads of gun customization and skill point spending, making for quite the interesting combination of genres.


Madden NFL 13

Madden fans will be incredibly pleased to hear that Madden NFL 13 will be coming to Nintendo’s WiiU console. It’s an NFL football game based on the National Football League.  Apparently, they’ve switched it up a bit this time, with updated graphics and changed gameplay mechanics and controls.



As you can see, if you’re looking to play some sports games you’re in luck, the WiiU has plenty in its launch lineup, oh lucky you. There’s been a lot of tweaks to the FIFA series since FIFA Soccer 12, such as their all new 1st touch control system, or the heavily enhanced artificial intelligence system they’ve created. You can earn, buy, sell and trade players in order to create the ultimate team. You can even compete with friends, due to the live challenges based on real soccer games system.


Trine 2: Director’s Cut

Enjoyed Trine 2? Then you’ll love Trine 2: Director’s Cut. It’s quite the extension onto the original version of Trine 2, with WiiU exclusive content. It’s even going to make use of the WiiU’s special controller, adding a touch element to the puzzles and platforming you’ll find here. There’s also a new multiplayer game mode, called “Magic Mayhem”, which sounds quite interesting indeed. Whether or not you’ve played Trine 2 yet, the director’s cut will be worth picking up due to the new singleplayer and multiplayer content, as according to the developer Frozenbyte: ”

“The Director’s Cut edition will be the biggest, most fully realized version of the game yet”


Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

A sequel to Bit.Trip Runner, Bit.Trip Runner 2 is an all new game in the series. With completely changed graphics and an all new art style, as well as various gameplay improvements, the second installment in this series appears to be a vast improvement over the first from what we’ve seen. The levels shown were designed in a more interesting way than in the first, with different, more exciting obstacles.


Zumba® Fitness Core


The Zumba Fitness core video game is a dancing workout game, with over 40 songs to choose from and over 20 dance styles that you can use to play, you won’t be bored and you’ll be getting some great exercise, at the same time!


Jett Tailfin


Jett Tailfin is a racing game, but instead of racing cars you race fish! It’s fairly simple, there’s a boost, powerups, etc, just like most racing games. Except, you’re underwater. Jett Tailfin was originally for Tegra 3 devices but is now coming to the WiiU and Nintendo 3DS.



Fan of fighting games? Well then, you’ll love what Namco-Bandai has in store for you! Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Not only is it coming to WiiU, but it’ll be on the system with some… interesting additions. Some of these additions include Nintendo character costumes and special game modes (ex Player and enemies getting bigger and smaller due to mushrooms). The WiiU pumps out nice looking textures with a great, smooth framerate which is the perfect sort of thing that you want in a fighting game, a smooth 60fps framerate. Good job, Namco-Bandai.



Yes, TANK! TANK! TANK! is every bit as insane of a game as it sounds, judging by the video I found. The tank you control is insane, the weapons you have are insane, the cartoony graphics style is insane, and the boss monster shown there is also insane. Since they’re clearly demonstrating a multiplayer aspect in the video, we can safely say that multiplayer will be a part of the game, which is fantastic. It looks like it’d be a ton of crazy fun to play with some friends, especially with those ridiculous weapons.


Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land looks like what you’d get if you mixed Animal Crossing with a theme park, a sort of laid back, more casual game as is typical of Nintendo, but still quite fun if you’re willing to look past the childish art style that makes the game look more appealing to the average family. It’ll have a bunch of areas, all modeled off of different Nintendo games, which sounds really neat in and of itself.


New Super Mario Bros. U

The latest installment in the New Super Mario Bros series, this version is coming to the WiiU. What makes it special? Well for one, the fact that you can play through it with four people co-op seems pretty awesome, plus the tweaked enemies and the totally new levels as shown in the trailer seem absolutely fantastic.


NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge

It’s great to see Nintendo finally catering to the more hardcore section of the gaming audience, or shall we call this demographic the “less casual”? Anyway, as I was saying, it’s always good to see that Nintendo is finally acknowledging that a lot of gamers like this sort of thing, so they put this into the launch lineup. This sort of 3D beat-em-up type thing reminds me a bit of the combat system from Batman: Arkham Asylum, in a good way. The combat looks fun and smooth, the graphics look pretty decent and the dialogue is good enough to get a pass. What’s not to like?



Like Karaoke? Well then, is this the game for you. SiNG PARTY is quite interesting as a karaoke title, because it actually goes ahead and makes use of the WiiU controller’s screen, the game uses it to display lyrics, which is a stroke of genius. It’ll make it a lot easier for the person singing while also freeing up lots and lots of screen real estate on the bigscreen. They’ve also made it so you compete with your friends/family, not with some AI which is rather nice as well.


LEGO City: Undercover

As the lego video games are, LEGO City: Undercover is a bit more of a casual game than some of the rest in the lineup, but the gameplay actually looks really, really fun. Flying helicopters, being a in police chases, backflipping through the air from point A to point B, it just looks pretty awesome. Oh yeah, and did I mention that they actually created a special UI just for the WiiU controller?


Wii Fit U

Now, I’m usually not one who’s into these exercise type games, but I can tell that Wii Fit U does seem to do a great job at making this sort of exercise fun, with their awesome calorie burning minigames. One that looked especially useful was the sledding one, as it would be fun while burning A LOT of calories. And since you can still use the game even on the WiiU controller’s screen without the bigscreen, you can play the game while others are using your television. It’s quite convenient really.


Game & Wario

Game and Wario is one of those WarioWare games with tons of minigames packed inside. Not much is really known about this title yet, so your best bet is to watch the video and discern what you can from there. However, one thing that is for sure: This is definitely a spiritual successor to the WarioWare games.


Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is a crazy looking adventure/strategy game where you lead the Pikmin on some sort of adventure (they haven’t told us what sort just yet). Apparently Pikmin 3 will contain ALL OF the previous Pikmin types, as well as some new types. This game looks absolutely incredible. The beautiful looking world and creatures, coupled with the immense variety with gameplay is quite interesting. If I were you I’d keep my eye on this one, as it may very well be the most interesting game in the launch lineup.


The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 is a really, really odd looking action game. I’m not really sure what genre you’d call it, other than action. Although it looks like it has some neat gameplay elements to it, some parts of it are also so ridiculous I hardly even believe that they’re in the trailer. Maybe I’m just not into this sort of game…. whatever sort it is?


Aliens: Colonial Marines

A hectic space shooter based on the Alien series of movies? I’ll take it. So far it’s looking pretty good, no glaring flaws from what I’ve seen, other than the fact that it may be a tad too dark in some areas, but I’m sure that’ll be ironed out before release.


 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

This game looks sort of like Mario Kart, but with Sega characters instead of Nintendo ones. However, it actually seems to fill the role better than Mario Kart does, as its powerups look cooler, its graphics are at that of the WiiU, and there’s a lot more vehicle variations than there are in Mario Kart.


Nano Assault Neo

Nano Assault Neo is quite the stunning shooter, and now it’s coming to the WiiU. The graphics in it are pretty high quality, and the score shooter seems like it’d be a lot of fun to play as well. They’ve also gone and used the controller’s screen, which is fantastic to see.


This game looks really, really neat and is definitely taking advantage of the WiiU’s upgraded hardware, the amount of enemies on the screen in a 3D world is virtually unheard of, and yet here they are, doing it on a NINTENDO console, of all places. Getting more and more skillful with the techniques to take down that many enemies would definitely be useful to you, as it appears that there’s quite a lot of them around you at all times.


Darksiders II

Darksiders 2 is definitely my most anticipated game in this WiiU launch lineup, as their execution of how well they’ve ported the game from the weaker consoles to the more powerful wiiU is something that could make or break their port. For example, if all they’ve done is a barebones port, it’s probably not worthwhile picking up here, unless you haven’t played it yet. However, if they do something like update the textures or add a special UI for the screen on the controller, it’ll definitely be worth a try.


Wheel of Fortune

Just some shovelware, it’s the game Wheel of Fortune, based off of the TV series.



Just some more shovelware, it’s the game Jeopardy, based off of the TV series.


Toki Tori 2

If you like platformers, then this is the game for you. It’s more of a casual platformer, but that’s also a good thing because kids will be able to play it without too much trouble and unnecessary obscenities. This game’s art style and gameplay are both pretty cute, and I think if you have children this would be a good game to add to the collection.


Assassin’s Creed III

Another one of those highly anticipated AAA titles that are in this freakin’ awesome launch lineup, Assassin’s Creed 3 is one of the few that are actually original, and not just ports of games from other systems. This game looks pretty sweet, I especially like how they’ve switched it up to the time period around the American Revolution, as I personally find that to be a pretty neat time in history, and the gameplay behind this game just looks sweet. Oh yeah, and the graphics aren’t half bad either.


Just Dance 4

Like dancing games? Well then, you’ll probably want to take a look at this video, as Just Dance 4 is definitely a game that you’ll want to play if you’re a fan of dancing. It also has standalone mode, so even if the TV is occupied you can still dance to your heart’s content.


Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

Marvel Avengers is a superhero brawler. It features 2o different characters, ones such as Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. Players can use motion gameplay to execute some “explosive” attacks, and play with either friends or AI in many game modes.


Rabbids Land

Hm, as soon as I see a Rabbid it makes me nervous, they tend to be just slightly insane…. This installment looks even more hilarious and insane than the last, so definitely keep an eye out for this gem in the collection.


Sports Connection

Once again, if you like sports games, you’re in luck: Nintendo’s got a cornucopia of them that’ll be coming out during the WiiU launch period, so you will not be disappointed. This title in general seems to be fairly promising.


Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is leading edge, it’ll help you set and achieve your weight loss goals in an engaging manner. Connect online with friends to compete, which will also provide some motivation to do well.



ZombiU is a WiiU exclusive Zombie shooter, as shown in this trailer. Other than that, fairly little information is available about the game so you’ll just have to take what you get from this trailer for now.


Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends looks like a pretty awesome platformer. I’m not really sure exactly what it’ll be like just yet, but from what we’ve seen in the trailer it’s looking pretty darn good. Especially some of the more unique gameplay when we’re getting closer to the end of the video, like where it temporarily switches from 2D platforming to a 3D view then when you’re done falling back to a 2D view again, it’s pretty neat and helps the immersion of the game.


Scribblenauts Unlimited

Another game that I’m really anticipating for the launch of the WiiU, Scribblenauts Unlimited. I’ve never actually played a Scribblenauts game before, but even just the idea of being able to create just about anything you can imagine, in order to solve the problems that are posed to you is just so awesome. I really hope that this game is as good as I think it’s going to be, because that would be quite a timesink I believe.


Game Party Champions


Game Party Champions is, as you can see, a relaxing “party” game that’s full of various minigames that you can play which hopefully will amuse you for a little while. It’s nothing incredible, the graphics are just alright and the gameplay is fine.


Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

Liked Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum? I sure did. Well, what could be better than the games coming to WiiU, with additional content? This release is set to contain all of the content from other releases, a Battle Armoured tech mode and more. I believe it also has some updated graphics, which should make playing it on the WiiU a bit nicer than it is on other consoles.


In conclusion, the WiiU has a freakin’ awesome launch lineup, and I do sincerely hope that the games will do the console justice. Most of the games listed here are just great, and some of them are simply alright. I think that it will definitely be worthwhile to preorder a WiiU if that’s what you’re considering, because that way you’re not going to have to deal with shortages, brick and mortar stores being sold out, etc. Oh yeah, and because of the fact that the launch lineup is so massive and full of great games, you’ll have plenty of great stuff to play while you’re waiting for more to come out.

Sep 112012

If you like indie bundles, then you’re in luck because I have an one that’s so huge and full of awesome indie games, you’ll simply have no choice but to buy it. This is the largest indie bundle ever, with a whopping 24 games included. This bundle is different from the rest because it offers a fairly unique purchase style; Instead of simply paying for every game in the bundle, you have some options.

Also, in the spirit of this bundle, you get 2 writers instead of 1. How freaking cool is that!?

Purchase Options:

IndieFort Bundle Choices | RegretZero

Don’t worry though, if you’re one of those avid bundle buyers such as myself, have no fear. There are rumored plans in the works to add a fourth purchase option, one where you pay for all of the games in the bundle. That option is not available just yet, but it is supposedly coming soon, so if you’d rather just wait and pay for them all at once, you can probably do that.

Want to learn more about the games within the bundle? Read on for a blurb about each game!

Dark Scavenger: This is a Sci-fi RPG much akin to old school RPGs like Ultima. The game is driven heavily by the loot you find, the characters you have and the gear they create (thus the “scavenger” in the title). Normally, this game is $4.99 on GamersGate.

Survivor of Ragnaroks: What do you get when you cross Terraria, a RTS and demon chickens? You get Survivors of Ragnarok, a lovable 2D side-scrolling RTS game. SoR would normally be available for $9.99

Star Prospector: Call it a RTS, call it a Tower Defense game(it’s actually both!), just please don’t compare it to StarCraft. You can expect to spend lots of time perfecting your own niche of outer space with Star Prospector, normally $9.99!

Shepherd Slaughter: What is this? I don’t even… This roguelike game that has your splitting duties attending to your flock and being an adventurer. There is also an interesting survival mode that has you attempting to protect your sheep while staving off waves of various enemies as well. You would normally be going for the highscore for $3.00

AirBuccaneers:  Remember how awesome airship combat is? No? Join the crew with the MMO-Airship Combat Game (whoa) AirBuccaneers HD. Get your crew together and shoot down the other team with this innovative game, normally $19.

3079: One part Minecraft, one part FPS and a final part RPG… Get your jetpack on and get ready to start getting involved in other planet’s business in this futuristic first person action RPG. It would be at least $12.49 to adventure across this war-torn planet.

Black Market: Fly around in a spaceship, collect loot and crush your opposition in Black Market. One part space trading sim, one part combat sim and something reminiscent of SPAZ, this game is absolutely with checking out! This bad boy was usually running $9.95.

Cardinal Quest: Another fan favorite, Cardinal Quest is another well known roguelike game that has you take control of one of 3 different characters. Of course, the main goal is to get that awesome loot deep in those dungeons (just like any dungeon crawler). This would have been $5.

I’ll let the new guy, Taylor, take over from here! -Josh

Blue Libra: In Blue Libra (It’s a Real Time Strategy), you’re avenging the fall of your home planet by purchasing and building spacecraft, conquering planets+space stations, and just generally travelling across the universe of course. Outside of the IndieFort bundle, Blue Libra goes for about $6.

Girl with a Heart of: During your time with this 2D adventure game, you will take the role of an eleven year old girl named Raven in a beautiful fantasy world, who finds out that she will play a key role in stopping the destruction of her town. The game promises interaction with many interesting characters, the ability to learn dark magic, and even infinite power. The game usually sells for $6.

A Sirius Game: In this RPG Adventure, you are Sirius, an arrogant brat who is thrown out of his father’s house after a squabble. You then set out to take revenge of this disgrace, taking your battleship and setting sail. You must do jobs like escorting merchant ships and fighting off magical monsters, as well as trading. You’d have to pay $13 to buy this game outside of the bundle.

Orbitron: Revolution: This game is a classic style shoot-em-up with modern 3D graphics. You are pitted against a horde of robots whose goal is to destroy an orbital power station. It has three game modes and two space fighters to choose from. On its own, this game costs $3.

Three Dead Zed: This is an Action RPG Platformer which was drawn entirely by hand. You play as an experimental zombie that is breaking out of a test facility. This zombie can transform into three unique forms. If you’re interested in playing as the zombie for once, this game would usually run for about $5.

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers: In Tiny and Big, you are take control of a technofile guy (Tiny) with a strange grappling/gripping device, in a world where common physics apply but everything else is different. You had a great attitude towards the way things were with the world before Big shows up and steals the only thing your Grandfather left you, a pair of white underpants. Surely he’s up to no good, so you adventure after him. Normally to chase down Big with your homemade raygun it’d cost you $10.

Influence: You are an idea. Your goal is to spread your idea to everyone. You must grow your flock of ids, and lead them to victory. You influence other ids by outnumbering them and flocking with them. Each id adds its voice to the song. For you to take on the role of an idea it’d usually run you up about $10.

Project Black Sun: This is an old school 2D sidescrolling game in which you play as an average joe who through an accident ends up in the abandoned mines. Fight your way through the mines while annihilating bosses on your way out, normally for $2.

Will Fight for Food: In Will Fight for Food, you play the role of Jared, a wrestler who’s been down on his luck since his loss at a WFF tournament. Use options ranging from violence to good citizenship on this quest for closure. Usually you’d have to pay $5 for this adventure.

Zombie Football Carnage: Fight through endless waves of enemies in this action/arena shooter, with power ups, a skill system and awesome graphics+art. Usually for this you’d be coughing up $4.

Telepath RPG: Servants of God: Is a hybrid western rpg/strategy rpg that takes place in a middle eastern steampunk fantasy setting. The government has been overthrown and your family has been put in prison. You must create a coalition to restore democracy to your home. Outside of the bundle you’d be digging through your pockets for $25 to play this game.

Hacker Evolution Duality: In Hacker Evolution Duality you are Brian Spencer, a brilliant programmer. After fast forwarding to the future, you must stop the artificial intelligence that you created as well as take back control of a huge company he once owned. You utilize tools ranging from a basic firewall cracker to state of the art voice print identification systems. You must steal money to pay for upgrades to your computer and hardware. Ordinarily this hacking adventure costs $20.

With three ways to buy and 24 fantastic indie games to choose from, the IndieFort Championship bundle is a steal, regardless of which games you choose to buy. And hey, if you wait a while longer you might just be able to snag the whole thing for a very reasonable price. To buy the bundle, head over to indiefort.com.