Aug 222013
Developer Interview: Damian Sommer on The Yawhg

Being an indie developer isn’t always an easy task, for Damian Sommer, being an Indie game developer is life. So when he and some Indie community friends came together to talk about a game idea, they were all in. They labored countless hours working o The Yawhg, splitting the work up between his tiny indie [...]

Dec 052012
Interview with Olli Mäntylä from Ludocraft

Today I had a chance to interview Olli Mäntylä, one of those fine folks at Ludocraft, a Finnish game development studio who just released the 1.0 version of their multiplayer online vehicle based team deathmatch game known as Airbuccaneers, available for purchase on Steam, Gamersgate and IndieCity. It’s currently only available for Windows computers, but Linux [...]

Sep 242012
Interview with Anodyne Creators, Sean and Jon

If you’re looking for a new and interesting adventure game, Anodyne is for you. It takes inspiration from the dungeon design of The Legend of Zelda and the aesthetic design of Yume Nikki. It’s up on Steam Greenlight right now, and is aimed for a release sometime in Fall of 2012 for Windows and MAC, and [...]

Sep 042012
After the Fact: Nick Chester talks Future of Harmonix, Rock Band Blitz Business, and John Drake's Singing Voice

Below is an After the Fact interview with Nick Chester, publicist at Harmonix Music Systems. What goes into assembling the perfect setlist? On a side note, who was the one that proposed Jungle Boogie to be in the game? I imagine John Drake just broke into a meeting yelling Jungle Boogie, playing the song through a ginormous [...]

Jul 262012
After the Fact: Wreckateer

Review: Wreckateer Below is an interview with Chelsea Blasko, the Senior Producer on Wreckateer. Really have to commend Iron Galaxy for their coorporation with us, there are some great people making great games at that company. 1. What was the pitch behind Wreckateer when you guys were proposing the idea to one another? Basically, we [...]

Jul 242012
After the Fact: Jeremy McGrath's Offroad

Welcome to After the Fact! This is a feature where we will interview a main designer for a game we have reviewed recently. We found this to be a good way for our readers to get in the head of the designer and find out what the overall development company had in mind when setting [...]

Jun 032012
Interview: Robin Jubber from FuturLab - Programmer for Velocity, Supreme Technical Overlord

Velocity, the phenomenal PlayStation Mini, has been impressing both gamers and critics. After my glowing review, and countless more hours exploring every nook and cranny of the game, I sat down for a casual chat with Robin Jubber, the programmer behind the miniature juggernaut. Combining our powers of science, humor and humour, we merge his [...]

Jan 142012
Our Interview With Chris Hunt, Designer of Kenshi

 We’ve been fortunate to have great opportunities to talk with different indie developers lately. This week, we were able to talk with Chris Hunt, the designer of the indie game Kenshi. Chris took some time to tell us a bit about Kenshi. The game is still in an unfinished state but has the potential of [...]

Jan 082012
Interview With Phr00t, Developer of 3079

Looking for a brand new indie game to sink your teeth into? 3079 may just be the game for you! We actually spent some time playing the game before we did the interview and I have to say that there was quite a bit to do in the game! We were able to catch Phr00t [...]

Dec 312011
Interview With Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of Origin PC

Origin PCs is gaming computer company with a very familiar name. While most gaming PC companies like to try to add a few pounds of “flair” to their systems, Origin seems to be playing it low key and focusing on the performance itself. We had an opportunity to ask Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of Origin, a [...]

Dec 102011
Our Interview With Alex Poysky, Lead Designer of Towns

As you all know by know, we are huge fans of indie games. We recently discovered a new game in development called Towns. The game seems to build on many concepts that have become popular within the indie community lately and after playing it, we were instantly hooked. We tracked down Alex Poysky, Lead Designer of the game, and got an opportunity to pick his brain about this awesome game.

Nov 262011
Our Interview With Ian Stocker, Creator of XBLIG Hits Soulcaster I & II and Escape Goat

This week we are joined by Ian Stocker, also known as Magicaltimebean, creator of the hit Soulcaster series and also the recently released Escape Goat on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. Ian’s games have become quite popular on the marketplace, and he is quickly becoming one of the most preferred developers there. Ian took a moment to chat with us about the recent success of his new game and…

Nov 192011
Our Interview With Jenny Haniver of

If you have taken a fair amount of time to play any multiplayer game online, you have likely seen the best and the worst that the gaming community has to offer. Unfortunately, there are groups of people out there that find it acceptable to harass their fellow gamers. Jenny Haniver of decided to take a stand against this and documents her interactions with these mouthbreathers on her website. She created…

Nov 122011
Saturday Morning Interviews: Mike Oeming @ Valve Studios

Valve has made the news for all sorts of different things lately, we took the opportunity to focus on something special that they have recently released. Valve Presents: The sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories is a collection of the Valve webcomics that we have come to love in a perfect hardcover collection.

We had an opportunity to speak with Valve artist Mike Oeming …

Nov 052011
Saturday Morning Interviews: Drinkbox Studios and Mutant Blobs Attack

Earlier this year, Drinkbox released Tales From Space: About A Blob on the PSN, the game met with positive reviews and it came to our attention that Drinkbox has a planned sequel (of sorts) that will be launching on the Vita. We had a chance to pick chrisM’s brain a bit about the upcoming title and also see what we could expect with one of the first Vita titles…

Sep 202011
Interview with John Mamais @ CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED has impressed me time and again as one of the upstart and considerate development teams the game industry has to offer this year. I got to interview John Mamais, head of Production over at RED, regarding all the latest press releases that they had shown us since Gamescom. One thing I do [...]

Sep 122011
Interview with Olly Ginger @ Interwave Games (Nuclear Dawn)

Dutch game developer Interwave Studios was kind enough to let us get to know a little bit more about their contribution to class-based FPS games, Nuclear Dawn, and how they’re hoping to change it into an entirely different beast. Here I speak with Olly Ginger, the senior programmer, and why adding RTS elements to the FPS [...]

Aug 262011
Jonathan Cacherat @ Streum On Studios (E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy)

In the wake of Gamescom, I managed to squeak some questions out of Jonathan, the project leader, lead programmer, and artistic director of E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy. He shared with us his vision for the future of their game development. 1) Now that E.Y.E. has released on Steam, what’s the public reaction been like? Was it [...]

Aug 152011
Interview with Nathan Fouts @ Mommy's Best Games

I had the honor and the pleasure of sitting down with Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games recently to discuss his new title, Serious Sam: Double D. Officially licensed by Croteam, the title is shaping up to be a beautiful combination of violence and absurdism. Here Nathan shares his knowledge about why Double D is the [...]

Aug 092011
Interview with Joe Olson @ Fuelcell Games

As everyone should know, the developer and artist behind the amazing game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, were Michel Gagne and Joe Olson. I had a chance to ask Joe a few questions about the meaningfulness of the project overall, and what it takes to create such a quality indie work in a modern gaming market. [...]

Aug 022011
Interview- Bill Stiernberg @ Zeboyd Games

I got the chance to sit down with Bill Stiernberg of Zeboyd and discuss what it means to utilize Cthulhu in a creative work. Through his terrible power, we both arrived at a place of inner solace and self-reflection… and how Cthulhu Saves the World has impacted the world today.     1) So let’s [...]

Aug 022011
Interview - Ed McMillen @ Team Meat

Recently we sat down with Team Meat’s Ed McMillen to discuss his new project, The Binding of Isaac. McMillen is an honest and unique individual–his work clearly demonstrates this. For The Binding of Isaac, we got exactly what we hoped for: honest, but raw answers that reveal the creative genius behind the man.  The Binding [...]