Jan 142014
I WANT IT NOW! Much needed Games of 2014

Everyone is looking forward to something this year. Here are my most anticipated games of 2014.    Mirrors Edge 2   By far in my opinion the prettiest game of the last gen and a true cult game. this follow up (prequel) is very much on my to watch list. However I do not think [...]

Dec 012013
Thanksgiving Give Away: GTA V Poster

Not too long ago, a little gem of a game titled Grand Theft Auto V hit stores around the world. So, the question is, wouldn’t a sweet GTA V poster look great next to your TV? Well you’re in luck because we here at GamingIrresponsibly are giving away a double sided GTA V poster! *Rules* [...]

Oct 272013
Will the Wii U become a Cult System?

    Just like many of Nintendo’s IPs who have been left behind since the 80’s and 90’s in favour of more important (profitable) IPs, Nintendo is without doubt not the “House of Mario” but rather “House of Nostalgia” for those who’s lifespan covers more than 2, 3 decades. As many of you will be [...]

Aug 262013
Why am I Attached to These Games?

With the tide finally turning in the console sea, we as gamers begin to look back at the games we loved. We look back at what kept us up until four in the morning, or what had us throwing our controllers in frustration, we look back at our game of the generation. For me, I [...]

Aug 052013
Indie Games Are Taking Over... Slowly But Surely!

The indie game scene has blown up to massive proportions lately. Everyday we’re seeing small companies, of one or two workers, working super hard to get their game out to the public. I really feel like the indie games are slowly but surely taking over the triple A titles that the bigger companies are blowing [...]

Jun 102013
E3 Conferences: Best and Worst of Microsoft

They weren’t joking about focusing on the games. I honestly couldn’t believe how many titles they were throwing at us, or the amount of in-game footage we saw. Until of course I remembered how horribly disappointing the Xbox One reveal was, and that Microsoft needed to show us ‘how much they care’. And we got [...]

Jun 072013
What Started the 'Realistic' Shooter?

It won’t be long before a first person shooter franchise takes over the world. The FPS clubhouse is certainly filling up swiftly, with a multitude of titles trying to squeeze in the door and show their mettle. There are certainly some high-quality titles, BioShock having produced a particularly compelling latest entry, but really I think [...]

Apr 152013
What We Learned About Watch Dogs at PAX East

While at PAX East, we had an opportunity to get an in depth look at the game Watch Dogs. Yes, the hype train is correct, this game looks to be every bit of awesome that you have seen in previews, sneak peeks and trailers all over. What we saw at PAX, however, was an exclusive [...]

Apr 092013
Top 10 Tuesday: Best of PAX East 2013

This year’s PAX East was a bit of a different affair for me than last year’s show. Last year there were a bunch of high profile games I was really excited to see in action, but there were far fewer games being shown this year that really had me interested. Of course there were a [...]

Mar 292013
Free Game Friday Returns With a Blitzkrieg Collection Giveaway!

Did you know that the RTS game series, Blitzkrieg, just had it’s 10 year anniversary? No? Well fortunately for you GOG.com is celebrating Blitzkrieg’s ten year anniversary by discounting Blitzkrieg Anthology and Blitzkrieg 2: Anthology 60% on GOG.com until March, 31st. But what is this? You are broke? You aren’t sure if you like this classic RTS series? [...]

Mar 192013
Top 10 Tuesday: Best Console Start-up Sequences

There is nothing more exciting than coming home from the store with your brand new video game console. That anticipation as you set it up, just waiting to see what kinds of experiences this new system can provide. For many systems, the first thing you see when finally boot it up is the start-up animation. [...]

Mar 122013
Top 10 Tuesday: This Year in Gaming - 1998

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday is the fourth installment of “This Year in Gaming”. This time I am taking a look at a year many people consider to be the best year in the history of gaming from a game release perspective; 1998. I’ve always heard people say this about 1998, and on the surface [...]

Mar 052013
Top 10 Tuesday: The Future of Mass Effect

This week marks the one year anniversary of the release of Mass Effect 3, and Bioware has chosen today to release the final piece of single player content for the game. Oddly enough, I also recently played through the game again for the first time in over 11 months, so I’ve got Mass Effect on [...]

Mar 012013
Coming Soon: Console Games to Expect in March

Tomb Raider Developer: Crystal Dynamics Inc. Release Date: March 5th   After the four hundredth Tomb Raider release, Crystal Dynamics has finally decided to reboot the series and start anew. I’ve always had a love for Tomb Raider in my heart, like most people I’m sure, but the recent games never hit the spot for [...]

Feb 262013
Top 10 Tuesday: Best and Worst of Sony's PS4 Event

This past week, as everyone that follows games was expecting, Sony announced their next generation console; the Playstation 4. I am personally very excited about the PS4, and I can’t wait for the next generation to finally begin and to put the longest console generation in the industry’s history to bed at long last. I’ve [...]

Feb 262013
Dysfunctional Love: Wascot

February is the month of love and while the time for chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners has passed, our coverage of certain colorful characters continues.  This week we take a look at Wascot from Super Monday Night combat.  Whether or not you had a good Valentines weekend, you’ll be thankful you didn’t run into someone [...]

Feb 122013
Top 10 Tuesday: Assassin's Creed III Postmortem

Assassin’s Creed III released this past November to mostly positive critical reception and a bit of a mixed response from fans. Last July I did a top 10 list of the things about Assassin’s Creed III that had me excited to play, which you can read here. Coincidentally, just days after I finished Assassin’s Creed [...]