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Like most other January’s, this upcoming month is going to be quite the bore in the video game department. We luckily have Devil May Cry but no one is really sure on how that will turn out but at least that’s one game to be excited about. Also possibly coming at the end of the month is The Cave which could easily be the best game to release this January if it does appear on our virtual markets. But don’t forget, Sniper: Ghost Warrior… Could be a sleeper hit, folks. Right?

Anarchy Reigns
Release Date: January 8th
Developer: Platinum Games

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the name Anarchy Reigns but never really dug deep enough to figure exactly what the game is about. After some digging, I have discovered that Anarchy Reigns is in fact a third person action beat ‘em up that features a vast multiplayer mode. The game is developed by the chaotic geniuses known as Platinum Games. You know, the mad men behind games such as Bayonetta and Vanquish? Another game they had a hand in creating was the Wii exclusive Mad World, released a few years back, and Anarchy Reigns is supposed to be a spiritual successor to that as characters such as Jack, Blacker Baron, and Mathlida return.

I’ve never been a beat ‘em up kind of guy but once you attach the Platinum tag to a title, you at least have my attention. But what gets more than my attention is the aforementioned multiplayer the game is heralding so high. Throughout a match, random events such as a black hole appearing and a tsunami rolling in will happen regularly. Most impressively, the game will feature six modes, ranging from a free for all fight to a simple one on one cage match. Sounds like the sort of insanity that Platinum Games is so well known for.

Devil May Cry
Release Date: January 15th
Developer: Ninja Theory

Since the original announcement of the new, revamped Devil May Cry, people have been up in arms about many things, specifically the new design for the beloved main character, Dante. On the more technical side, the new Devil May Cry was revealed to be running on the Unreal Engine, an engine that restricts games to a 30 FPS limit. This was obviously a huge worry as the gameplay in previous Devil May Cry’s has been heavily reliant on a smooth, quick combat system. Thankfully, Capcom has stated that they chipped in during the development to ensure the fluidity within the combat.

But once that early chatter died down, it became rather clear that the new Devil May Cry was going to be, unsurprisingly, very similar to the previous game in the series. The game will focus on the combo heavy combat and will encourage varying up your fighting styles by giving you higher style ranks based on your effectiveness and unpredictability. I’ve never been a huge Devil May Cry fan but I did play through the third one and rather enjoyed it. Because of that I’ll definitely be checking out Ninja Theory’s reimagining of the franchise.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
Release Date: January 15th
Developer: CITY Interactive

I don’t know, man. There isn’t anything coming out so why not talk about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 for a second. Similar to Anarchy Reigns, I knew nothing of this game, so I went to work. I scoured the web and went in every crevice and corner to try my best to bring you the hard hitting Sniper information you all desire. I ultimately fell to the GiantBomb page for Sniper, where I found near all I needed to know: “Other than it will run on CryEngine 3, nothing else is known about the game.”

But ultimately, I was not satisfied. So I then headed to the last place any one would look, some website entitled “Wikipedia.” (Going to be a PR nightmare for people who want to market that website) There I found out that Sniper was indeed about being an elite sniper and would feature realistic bullet physics, something we’ve all craved. Multiplayer will feature hotly contested sniper duels as well. Hell, I don’t know, it could be alright.

The Cave
Release Date: January
Developer: Double Fine Productions

I shall preface this by saying January is not a confirmed release date but from what I’ve read, it seems likely that The Cave will release either late January or early February. We shall see but either way, I think I speak for many in saying I hope The Cave comes out this month. Not only because this month is incredibly dry in terms of video games but also because The Cave just seems like damn good fun.

If you’re unaware, in the Cave you choose between three of seven very varied characters and then head into a 2D based cave. The cave itself then serves as a narrator providing consistent dialogue throughout your journey. The journey consists of solving puzzles that are somehow directly related to the characters own personal issues. The Cave will fit the Metroidvania style as some areas will not be accessible without certain items that you can find within the environment. Also, it’s being developed by the geniuses over at Double Fine, so high quality is to be expected.

Also releasing:

Painkiller: Hell and Danmation (January 22nd)
Hitman: HD Trilogy (January 29th)

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  1. If Gamestop is to be believed, The Cave will release on January 22nd. I just happened to notice it the other day on their digital preorder list.

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