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Sometimes people can get carried away over new and exciting ideas that can be seen on the far horizon. This is very true in the case of Battlefield 3 many gamers are eagerly awaiting this new addition to the award winning online series and I’m sure that some are even spreading the barbed wire around their room to give it more of a Battlefield feel.

It’s an upcoming release that is enjoying a seemingly endless amount of hype at the moment, and if we consider the past Battlefield series entries then it’s hype is rightly deserved. There is always a minimum of one person out that in the gamer-sphere that will see a game as being pointlessly hyped up and that people are just jumping the gun in terms of excitement. Today David Jaffe (Game Designer of the Twisted Metal series, and the first God of War) is one of those people.

About an hour ago David Jaffe tweeted about his vexation at gamers and the journalists out there who have been hyping up Battlefield 3, before any of us have actually had a chance to play it.


.@DougButabiJTV 100% correct. But see, this is what I meant the other day: the issue for you and others like you may very well be a) you are doing too many things at the same time to actually read what I write beyond the headlines or b) your reading comprehension skills are not where they should be. Did I say the press and gamers should applaud and celebrate the amazing visuals (and the folks responsible for them) of the E3 build of BF3? Yes I did. But did I ALSO SAY that we as gamers- and the gaming press- need to be able to tell/appreciate (and report on) that amazing visuals do not equate to amazing gameplay? I did! And I also said that until BF3 shows more of its gameplay, that everyone saying BF3 was AMAZING and was GAME OF THE SHOW was both damaging and juvenile and- on the part of journalists who said such things- damaging. My point was not negative- as you accuse me of being- but more passionate about the idea that IF the game medium really is capable of expressing amazing thoughts and ideas (or even just amazingly fresh entertainment) then we need to push those who make the games (including myself) to deliver on the gameplay front as well as the graphic front. To me, BF3 MAY be GAME OF THE YEAR (and I want to play the beta cause I’ve liked the other BF games and am eager to see what they’ve done to evolve the series) but UNTIL they show that they are an amazing game and MORE than just amazing graphics, that tank scene WAS BATTLEZONE HD. And to NOT agree with that- if you are a gamer or journalist who said BF3 was an amazing GAME and should get GAME OF THE SHOW while at the same time you like to play the ‘games can be art/games are important’ card- well that just means you are either full of shit or not very bright. NOTE: SOME games can be art while other games can be pure fun entertainment, by the way. There CAN and they SHOULD be a mix (and some games- most games?-should strive to be both!!!)…but if people were hyping the gameplay of BF3 then they sure as hell didn’t explain why…and all I saw (from that tank sequence) was- at a mechanics level- BattleZone (aim and fire)…in fact, could you even move the tank’s position in the E3 tank demo from BF3 or were you just controlling a turret? If THAT’S the case, unless the turret mechanics have gotten super amazing, then it’s LESS of a play experience than BF3.”



David Jaffe brings up quite a few good points here no doubt, but as someone who has played Battlefield since its debut I have to say that Battlefield 3′s hype is very well deserved, and the fact is that we’re all just anxious to get our hands on it.

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  1. I’m excited for BF3, but the alpha footage they show is really underwhelming. The trailers look a lot better. So does the footage pre-alpha so something’s not right.

    • Don’t judge over an Alpha release. Alphas always look and play like pure trash. Those trailers they had before had a lot more time put into them. The alpha is currently only for the one metro level so its obvious that the mechanics of the game need a lot of work and so do the graphics for the product as a whole. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a great game. Just look at every battlefield game that has ever been released and you will see nothing but greatness.

  2. I think it’s sad that Twisted Metal is NOT getting the hype it deserves. (P.S. Jaffe- Release a beta or demo before the game releases to get more people on board). But all I know is the one that deserves the least amount of hype, in fact should have negative hype, is Modern Warfare 3. Complete garbage. And everyone knows it.

  3. BF3 hypers are just pc fanboys and ones who got their ass kicked online in MW

    they can hype BF3 all they want but MW3 will outsell it!

    • Yeah MW3 will outsell BF3 but that by no means do sales measure its quality. The Call of Duty series has just been the same recycled drivel game after game its just become a fashion accessory and there are far more COD fanboys complaining about Battlefield than the other way around.

      Hopefully Battlefield 3 will bring something new to the table unlike MW3 because we all know it’ll just be a half-assed, loose story centred around game play which is identical to MW2 which, guess what? Was identical to MW.

      • Even tho you can clearly see, battlefield Never bring anything else, wanna know why motherbuggerer?
        you see Its allways the same, the same gameplay, steal a vehicle , get c4′d then rage , then wait 40000 years for another one, mw3 does bring in Something new, new gameplay new style, Battlefield only brings in some stolen game modes from cod and frostbite, also new vehicles that are hard to drive anyways, aiming in battlefield sucks too it takes ages to aim by that time you’l be dead. also mw3 has a good Singleplayer story, not like bf that has pathetic singleplayer ,bf never did anything new , So cut the deuce , oh and before replying read it cerfully Kiddo

    • 10 dislike?
      why because you fanboys can’t handle the truth?

      listen man I don’t care if BF3 brings new things or not.
      sales will prove who has a better taste!

      if MW3 can sell 8million copies in 2 months and BF3 sells 2million in 2 months.
      Who exactly has the better taste? obviously the buyers of MW3.

      I hate pc gamers, they can go fark themselves multiple times. They are all nothing but graphics triple AAA Whore lovers who only spend their time with Cats.

      get a dog like console gamers do!

      • You must be really dumb son

      • You clearly have no grasp on anything other than popularity. Again having good taste means that you will try new games not just play the same, recycled, horrible idea of a game. It doesn’t have to be about graphics or sales its about the experience but it would appear by playing Modern Warfare too much you have forgotten what a truly good game is about. Sales don’t show class sales show sheep.

        Also I’m a console gamer I dabble on PC occasionally but Xbox ftw and my snake would eat your dog.

        • You say COD was the same for all the years huh?
          WELL QUESS WHAT MORON, battlefield Was the same the whole time, there was nothing new except the frostbite, thats all thats freking all, and maybe pathetic singleplayer that nobody cares about, before saying a game sucks look at th one youre excieted about .battlefield 3 is just bf2 with frostbite and higher graphics, Saying that mw3 has nothing new is stupid, it does have something new, and atleast it has an epic singleplayer, oh and, battlefield well wanna know how its the same one over and over?
          here I l give you an exmaple : *get in a helicopter* *someone got mad beacuse you stole it * *he puts a c4 on you and blows you up and then leaves the server* or maybe this Example : *Rush for every vehicle there is* *be left behind since you didnt get any* *rush in get killed * *wait 1000000 years for a new vehicle to spawn* *rage because you died and leave the server*
          Cave johnson, were done here
          oh and before replying, think for a sec would ya? youre being a total silly goose

  4. I’m sick of this MW3 hate for no reason. Lemme tell ya somethin’ I’m going to play the hell outta both of these games, but MW3 will likely be the most fun due to how EASY it is to sit down and get a game with buds going. No reason anyone could come up with to hate on CoD, unless you just don’t like it and it isn’t fun to you, which you are completely able to do. But bashing it for no reason other than the fact that it’s a hugely popular title ain’t gonna fly.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you.

    • I agree and I won’t slate CoD for its playability as such but, they never seem to bring anything new like I’ve said countless times I just wish they would do something different and original rather than the same game with a loose and pointless story.

      Also there is a hell of a lot of fans now who won’t play anything else and refuse to accept that CoD isn’t the best game ever. CoD fanboys are the worst. (To clarify you are not one of these people imo)

  5. Yeah i agree with you 110% it is unfortunate that a lot of over hyped & under delivering games are over shadowing better quality games that take a back seat by the media & lots of gamers blind to the other games great potential.

  6. It’s just annoying seeing them talk and talk and talk. I know they’re showing it, but bugger shut up already.

  7. Frankly he is just jealous that twisted metal has not been receiving the same amount of hype Battlefield 3 has. Would he be complaining if it was HIS game that has been receiving bucketloads of hype? I would think not.

    • If his game won, no he wouldn’t be complaining, but not because he won. He’d stay reserved about this because his passion of the industry paid off, with no reason to rant about how the hype machine came trucking through with it’s pre-judgmental and biased view.

      He’s definitely gotta have some jealousy towards it, but it doesn’t sound like that jealousy is what’s motivating these rants that he puts out. I could be wrong. But Jaffe’s made a few statements already that are right on with what I think about the current state of the industry.

  8. I’m not going to do an update to this post, but if you all head over to @davidscottjaffe then you will see he has quite a few more things to say within the past few hours.

  9. I am the first to admit when someone has a valid point. David Jaffe indeed is right on the money here. Most people hyping up Battlefield 3 are doing so because it is popular to. The vast majority of people have not even touched the game. What has been shown of the game seems very scripted and cinematic. Yet, somehow people are saying its going to be great and giving it “game of show” and even “game of the year” already. This is the “hype” mentality that “gamers” have now, and its killing gaming. It’s to the point where I refuse to speak to most ‘gamers’.

    I say, let us wait until we see more actualy gameplay. Let us wait till we get to play the game ourselves. Then people can speak on its total value as a game instead of being hyped by how it simply “looks” or going based on what they ignorant friends/acquiantances have said.

  10. you all have your right to be skeptical but fact is ive played all of the battlefields they have never really let the fans down the bad company trilogy wasn’t bad nor was all the other battlefield games so im not to worried that they will let us down hell and i still play bf2 and there are still full servers on there

    p.s. get it for the pc ull avoid annoying little kids and at the same time get the most out of it seeing as how batllefeild is a pc focused game

  11. Gee Jaffe, if you released your games on 360 and PC maybe, just maybe, anybody would listen to you and not hink you were a big dumb prick. Because in this light your comments are pretty much worthless! And BF3 is going to be far superior on PC than it is on PS3.

  12. It has been hyped like crazy but for good reason. It looks like an even better version of previous bf’s which would make it the ultimate. The game currently is amazing but with a new engine it theoretically should be out of this world. I think it deserves the hype, and bear in mind it will help them to beat CoD. Battlefield is the Juggernaut poodle!

  13. Neither BF3 and MW3 looked better than the other to me. This means that BF3 has the same potential and wow factor that MW3 does and I already know what I need to know about MW3 because I have played MW and MW2. Therefore, the only question I need answered to determine a purchase: Does BF3 game play and mechanics feel better than MW3? The hype tells us the answer is “YES”. Being reasonable about it means we “WAIT AND SEE”.

  14. Both games are good in its own respect and I dont care about whether CoD gets destroyed by BF3. All I care about is hoping that TM gets the respect it deserves from gamers and succeeds in satisfying both veteran TM players and new fans. It will be a shame if I buy TM and only see 2000 people online only which I know wont happen.

  15. bunch of fags that never Saw mw3, and never Say any of the other bf’s if you didnt notice bf Never got anything new except Frostbite and new vehicles get over it fags i m not a super cod fanboy so before replying read it Right . Now get over it if you dont like Cod its your opinion, you have no rights To say that it sucks , its your’s and only your’s opinion, maybe someone else thinks the same, but others Not, now cut the deuce you Fucking silly gooses

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