Jul 202011

And you thought you knew about the blues.

Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

Fallout: New Vegas

Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contains: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs

Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

Bethesda has finally released their new DLC for Fallout New Vegas. It was delayed from its previous release date back in June because of unknown reasons but is now available! Old World Blues is the third DLC instalment to New Vegas and is centred around “The Big Empty”, a large military research facility hidden deep in the Mojave Wasteland also known as “Big MT Research and Development Centre”. This facility is a home to new creatures and enemies and friends.

The story is that a group of scientists built this facility “to tackle the greatest technological challenges of the era” and create a world powered by technology to benefit mankind. When The Great War started, the Big Empty was safely tucked away from the terror going on around it, but the scientists were determined to help win the war and using the heart of Big MT known as “The Dome” (basically the think tank of Big Empty) where anything is possible using science. Eventually, they started bigger experiments at an “atomic” level. On the night of October 23nd 2077 the answer to how to end the war finally came (BOOM!!). After that the scientists began to die and the Big Empty became untouched by any human hand.


Over 200 years pass until the Courier hears yet another mysterious signal coming from his Pip-Boy, fans of the Fallout series will know all too well that this is how all DLC quests start. He finds that the signal is coming from a downed satellite that projects footage at midnight every night. Once activating the satellite you are then kidnapped-–yes, you are kidnapped once again. Surely if they asked nicely we’d go with them with no drugging needed; I mean, we have paid to play this quest. When your character awakens, the scenario runs in a method similar to Point Lookout in Fallout 3. You are drugged and a section of your brain is removed, but this time it’s not a tiny bit of the mushy stuff it’s the WHOLE DAMN THING! That, and other well needed parts of the human anatomy have been taken from you. So how would you live without a brain? Well that I’m going to leave for you guys to find out…

Now starts the typical but always amusing quests that will force you to travel across the whole of the Big Empty. Fighting off Cyberdogs, Lobotomites and Robo-scorpions (yes as if Rad-scorpions weren’t bad enough), collecting Holotapes and new weapons–all of these will help to prepare you to fight off a “sinister” character that you must face at the end to get your brain back. The Courier has a voice this time round…well, his brain does and boy does it have an attitude problem! You will also make friends with a 2ft tall, coffee mug addicted Securitron called “Muggy”, a sex pest seed cloning machine and a talking toaster that wants world domination–“the world will crumble when they have bread but can’t toast it! Mwahahaha!”

This is the funniest Fallout DLC I have ever played. There’s humor coming from all angles: with robots that think you have penises for fingers and toes, a mad drug addicted robot and the egomaniac toaster. Old World Blues is definitely the most fun and entertaining add-on to any of the Fallout series. There are hours of gameplay in this DLC: Bethesda has added 5 more levels to your level cap making it 40, 5 new perks, an extra 4 unlock-able perks and 5 new achievements/trophies. The only bad point I can think of with this DLC is that some of the side quests are rather tedious. At certain points they have you going to four certain destinations then to four more, then to the same four you previously went to, and so on. There is also a tad too much dialogue at the beginning of the game when you meet Dr. Klein, but apart from that it is totally worth purchasing!

I am going to give Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues 5/5

XBox 360















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Purely because Bethesda always delivers the good, their add-ons are always enjoyable to play and this one is hilarious!


  • The story is put together well
  • It’s funny as F**k
  • All-round awesome DLC
  • MUGGY!!


  • Too much dialogue at the beginning
  • Side missions are a tiny bit tedious

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  1. you forgot about the talking murderous Toaster

  2. It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, not Bethesda.

    • yeah it was, Obsidian refined the game in so many ways Bethesda never could- especially fixing the fake animations and making jumps and whipping out the big iron’ look just like it should!

      by the way, the best DLC published by Bethesda to date… other than the shivering isles for Obliivon, that was awesome (Scottish madman accent FTW!!)

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