Sep 252011

Most of us are guilty of it, that or we have the beta weapon skins or Thrashball Cole. The problem with this type of content in a trench based, 3rd person shooter is that some of this stuff makes you stand out like a sore thumb. A great example of this is the ‘Garrish’ weapon skin, which resembles some sort of purple and green floral wallpaper. If you have played Gears 3 online, no doubt you have spotted enemies from across the map with their flame skinned weapons but there is something that is alluring to these amazing weapons, they are so damn visually pleasing. Personally, I use the flame skin on my lancer and shotgun and gold skin for my hammerburst because when you are chainsawing another player in half, you know want to do it in style! See you on the battlefield!

Oh yeah, one more thing… FUCK SAWED OFF SHOTGUNS.

That is all.


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