May 252011

The Electronic Consumer Association is currently giving out free memberships. Brett Schenker (the online advocacy manager for the ECA) has recently sent out a slew of emails notifying people about a rare offer – free membership to the ECA. Yes, that’s right, Free.

What exactly is the ECA you ask?

The Electronic Consumer Association (ECA) is an organization that is devoted to the advocacy of a video game consumers rights. The ECA is the collective voice and representation of gaming as a medium and as an industry. More information on what the ECA does exactly and that all the nice stuff that goes with the membership can be found here. (Normally membership is $19.99 per year)

Look for this form on the Red Bull page

The free ECA memberships are all thanks to Red Bull, and all that you need to do to sign up is head on over to the Red Bull website here and fill out a quick and easy form that doesn’t even require a credit card. The form can be found on the bottom-right-hand-corner of the Red Bull page.

The ECA is currently doing it’s best to inform people of the Brown Vs EMA case, as well as doing their best to thwart its passing.

The Brown Vs the EMA (Entertainment Merchants Association) is a current case that is attempting to make it completely illegal to sell violent video games to minors, it also seeks to lay a fine of up to 1,000$ for each violation.

You can read up on the Brown Vs EMA Here and Here

While the case is currently being considered by the Supreme Court of the United States the rest of us just have to sit still and see what happens.

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