Feb 182013

Genius_GILA_HiRes_10We’ve had our share of Gaming Mice reviews here at Gaming Irresponsibly; SteelSeries, Roccat, and Mad Catz have been probably the most recognized, but a new challenger has joined the fray. Genuis’ Gila Mouse, a CES award winner, was sent to us to check out. We did just that over the course of a few weeks and here is what we thought.

Genius_GILA_HiRes_03The GILA features 12 strategically placed buttons all over the mouse. On most mice, these are placed where ever the designers could find free space, sometimes stacked on top of each other. On the Gila, they are all within the vicinity of the traditional finger placement, which was a little sketchy at first. While in optimal positions, I found myself for the first week accidentally hitting the sensitivity and M1 and M2 buttons with my index finger. Fortunately, this was just an adjustment period and after spending a bit more with the mouse, I got into the hang of clicking in the right spots. Now, what makes these buttons super handy is, as I pointed out earlier, they can each be pressed with no effort at all. Smart casting abilities in League of Legends? No sweat. Easily accessing Planetside 2 shortcuts? Absolutely. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3? You get the point! I was initially skeptical about the buttons, I figured they’d be a pain but the Gila software made things quick and easy. It was even pretty dummy-proof to set up complex macros.

Genius_GILA_HiRes_06Probably the biggest challenge I face from going from the Roccat Kone+ to the Genius Gila was the fact that the Gila is considerably smaller. Then I put my hand on the Kone+, it is only my wrist that is touching the surface. When I use the Gila, a good portion of my palm can also touch the surface. While this isn’t really a pro or con, it really did take some getting used to. There are two things that the Gila had that made me immediately more interested in it though, 6 4.5g weights that fit in the mouse for 27 grams (7 more than the Kone+) and the awesomely rubberized and textured surface on the sides of the mouse. As far as the weight goes, I like heavy. It allows for greater precision and movement is much more deliberate, so a heavier mouse is always good in my book. The side surfaces of the mouse? It is much easier to grip and hold the mouse than before, plus a bit softer overall. Yes, form and function, indeed.

Genius_GILA_HiRes_02With the snazzy macro buttons, awesome rubberized grips on the mouse and great crimson and black color scheme what other things could the Gila do to impress? Well, within the Gila driver software is the ability to change LED lighting for 3 separate areas on the mouse. Yeah, it does absolutely nothing to affect gameplay BUT it makes the mouse look freaking awesome when you add your own custom colors to it. I felt it was worth noting, as it’s very easy to do and quite fun to mix and match to find your favorite color combinations.

Is the Genius Gila a good mouse? No, it’s not. It’s actually pretty fantastic. There are actually a few flaws though that will make themselves known rather quickly. As easy as the mouse was to program, it took a few times for everything I set to actually stay programmed after changing the mode. It seemed like after changing the DPI setting, it was dropping the programming. I set and saved the profile and settings and applied it a few times,¬†after which it stopped dropping the programming. The other minor issue was the fact that the mouse is uniquely shaped and a bit smaller that any gaming mouse I’ve used so far, with that in mind I discovered that there was a significant learning curve that I had to go through to get used to the mouse. After I did this though, I am extremely pleased with how it works.

The Genius Gila is deserving of the praise and acclaim it has received. After a significant test drive, I have to say that we give the Genius Gila Gaming Mouse a 4.5/5. It’s really, really, really awesome!


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