Jun 222011
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Cobalt will hit you over the head with a sledgehammer of awesome.  While still in development and right now in a pre-alpha state, what you will read here today is completely exclusive – Gaming Irresponsibly is the very first media source to reach out to Oxeye Game Studio to speak with Daniel Brynolf, the primary developer for this upcoming title.

Though multiple conversations with him, I will be able to bring you some never-before-seen media, as well as a basic overview of the game.  Before I really get started with the background information and the game premise, be sure to watch the gameplay footage here:

The video above is one of the oldest available pieces.  Daniel (who also goes by “thewreck”) relayed that the game was a unique adaption of an older project he had once worked on called “Blueface”.

Inspirations for the world of Cobalt come from games such as Fallout – that’s right: a platform game with an open world.  As the end of one “level” is reached, it simply flows into the next.  While there are still details that are unclear and what will be available in the Alpha stage is yet to be set in stone, what we can tell you about Cobalt are some of the basics.

Cobalt isn’t gender specific – the character is simply a brain placed into a robot body.  The unit is extremely agile by default, but begins with limited weaponry which keeps the game balanced and encourages upgrading along the way.  As opposed to Capcom’s MegaMan, Cobalt can upgrade on the fly and has a wide array of weapons and equipment to choose from.

Your character is a high-speed bot with rolling action and the ability to use bullet-time.  With everything from lasers to missiles and bombs at your disposal, you will aim to cut a swath through your enemies without becoming scrap metal yourself.

While the original focus was on the single-player mode of the game, Oxeye is now working to get the multiplayer functionality polished.  Below, you can see some of the work:

The description of the video reads:

Recorded this while hanging out with Mojang (creators of Minecraft) and consuming large amounts of beer and wine. Kinten is fighting thewreck in a fierce 1-on-1 in Oxeye’s current game project, Cobalt.

Daniel isn’t completely alone in this project – he actually has a great team of people that work alongside him.  While he himself handles everything but the C++ side of things, Pontus “kinten” Hammarberg does lots of the artwork, sound, and level design.  He’s also the one likely responsible for any videos you might see.  In addition, there is Mattias “anosou” Häggström, who handles the music for the game.  Last but not least is Jens “jeb” Bergensten.  Does that name sound familiar? It should, as he is actually a full-time employee of Mojang, the creators of Minecraft.  Daniel described him as the bedrock master of code, and a guru who is able to help guide things into the right direction.

Together they are all working toward bringing something amazing to your gaming library.  While it may be a while before you can purchase the Alpha to play at home for yourself (which has been confirmed), you can show Oxeye your support here at their very own subreddit.


Gaming Irresponsibly has vowed to keep everyone abreast on new information as it arrives, and you can look forward to seeing my interview with Daniel very soon.  In the meantime, please visit them at the link above and let them know what your impressions are of the game so far.  There is also a picture gallery at the Oxeye official site located here.

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