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Riot Games’ League of Legends is always up for throwing a few surprises out. While we were out trick or treating, they snuck a sneak peek out of their 107th champion, a ninja by the name of Zed. While obviously Ionian, Zed seems far more sinister than the trio of ninjas that are already in the League. His power seems to have something to do with utilizing shadows to attack, I am calling it now, this dude will have a secret passive with Lux, Leona and maybe even Diana… just saying.

Anyways, all we have right now for Zed, the Master of Shadows is a teaser image and a small tidbit of info about him. This is what Riot had to say about this mysterious champ:


Since early antiquity, shadows have long been a subject of fascination. If you’re a scientist, your shadow is probably a simple projection of light. If you’re more spiritual, your shadow might be a reflection of your more shady whims. And if you’re following a forbidden path filled with dark techniques and even darker motives, it’s possible that your shadow is a sinister companion ready to help you pull off a vicious assassination in some dark corner of the Fields of Justice.

While we’re delving into the forbidden ways, allow us to introduce Zed, a relentless ninja master who’ll leave your enemies scared of their own shadows.

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