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Last night, an email hit our inbox that was obviously meant for GamersGate staff that appears to detail the GamersGate Indie Bundle 3, which outlines a new “pay what you want” style indie bundle. While not a Humble Bundle per se, these indie bundles are great opportunities to get your hands on lesser known games that can actually be pretty awesome for really low prices.

The bundle consists of 3 Olympic themed packages that have access to 15 different (yet unannounced) indie games over a 3 week period. The bundle is set up as follows:

  • Bronze package: Choose 3 games from the pool of 15 games for $4.
  • Silver package: Choose 6 games from the pool of 15 games for $7.
  • Gold package: Choose 9 games from the pool of 15 games for $9.
  • There will also be an option to purchase all 15 games for a set price.

Now, it also appears that at the end of the first 2 weeks, there will be a Facebook voting poll where the 3 most voted games will be put into an “Indie Championship Pack” for $3. This bundle seems to obviously include the games, 1000 Blue Coins and a Maximize slot and will only be available during the last week of the promotion.

It also appears that the GamersGate folks are still looking for Publishers to provide games to the bundle, so I imagine they are looking for some pretty big hitters to add to the ranks.

We’ll let you know what additional info we get.


After a little research, it appears that the forums over at Decklin’s Domain shed a little light on games that could be expected in the bundle:

Last major promotion this year …

Postby Decklin » Sat Sep 08, 2012 2:48 pm

IndieFort Championship starts Monday 10th September and will run for 3 weeks. More information to come but it looks like over 20+ Indie games will be in the mix for ‘mix and match’ packaging then there’ll be a vote on 21st September – the 3 games with the highest scores in the voting will be made available for 1 week only in a special package. It will be the last chance to get Devil Whiskey or Ascension from GamersGate at a major discount.

Some of the games that I know will/might be in the mix include:
Dark Scavenger
Survivor of Ragnaroks
Star Prospector
Shepherd Slaughter
Air Buccaneers
Black Market
Cardinal Quest
Blue Libra
Girl with a Heart of
A Sirius Game
Orbitron: Revolution
Three Dead Zed
Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers
Project Black Sun
Will Fight for Food
Zombie Football Carnage
Telepath RPG: Servants of God
Hacker Evolution Franchise

Now, 2 of his games, Devil Whiskey and Demise: Ascension are on this list as well. I asked him for more info and he told me about the #indiegathering irc channel, I’ll be checking it out to see if I can get more info, feel free to jump in yourselves as well!


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  1. No comment yet guys. It WILL launch monday though!

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