Jun 092013

With the revealing at E3 2013, Mad Catz’s new console titled Project M.O.J.O is already receiving speculation about the specifics of the console and the abilities of the controller and its functions. With a report from Scott Lowe and Justin Davis from IGN, the system is said to work with existing digital App stores and Google Play, instead of requiring games to be built based on its hardware capabilities. This will let users access literally thousands of titles. So if you owned any of the titles on your android device, you could simply just port them to the system instead of re-buying them at full price.


The new console will boast an ultra light weight physique with an expected 16GB of internal storage and an additional micro SD slot for extra memory. Also included are two USB ports, Wi-Fi, HDMI, and a headphone port. The Bluetooth controller is said to be large and fully equipped with a dual-analog stick, trigger, and d-pad controls as well as Mad Catz’s Gamesmart mouse for games requiring touch controls. “The Project M.O.J.O. android micro console is being designed to interact seamlessly with our GameSmart controllers, mice, keyboards and headsets”, read a recent statement from Mad Catz.

With Project M.O.J.O.’s new console being based on Android, it will be interesting to see if the console will feature games from other mobile brands such as Apple and Blackberry. If Mad Catz runs with the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor that they are currently investigating, then there is positive speculation that the device could tap into Nvidia’s Tegra Zone App. This would allow the user to pick the games that work best on the Tegra’s processors. If these rumors are true, then the M.O.J.O. may be summing up to become a major player, not only within the realms of mobile gaming but may even be worthy to sit next to the current-gen consoles.

With my temporary experience with Android games, I found quite a few cheesy RTS games, one of which was I enjoyed was a cartoonish military strategy game called Guns ‘n’ Glory. However even with my Sony Ericsson’s “PS Phone” layout, it made games like this and others frustrating to play due to the multiple commands taking place at once. Hopefully this little revolution in gaming can fix this problem, but doesn’t it contradict the entity of mobile gaming as a whole. Can’t we just download these games onto our current consoles from say, the PlaystationStore? Will Mad Catz’s Project M.O.J.O. console prove necessary? Hopefully yes, but the success will largely depend upon its ability to be universal in terms of game downloads and compatibility requirements, as well as the controller scheme.

Some of Mad Catz’s products in the past have been hit and miss, but generally do the job. They are going to have to pull out all the stops on this one to even ask for a $99.99 price point, but it shouldn’t be a big surprise if they get it right the first time if they don’t try for an early release to compete with the next-gen consoles.

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