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Normally, you wouldn’t find a movie review on Gaming Irresponsibly, our goal is to let the readers in on the hottest and best gaming reviews out there. With that being said, Wreck-It Ralph is a movie that is a movie about video game characters, that takes place completely in an arcade. Therefor I decree that this shall be our first movie review for the site and honestly, I hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you.

So, the premise behind the world of Wreck-It Ralph is that every arcade game is it’s own world. These worlds are tied together by the Game Central Station, which is in reality is a surge protector. When a game is removed, that world is cut off from Game Central Station and all the characters within the game are then left homeless. Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) is the antagonist from the imaginary game, Fix-It Felix Jr., in which he destroys the apartment building of the Nicelanders while the titular Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer) fixes the damage and saves the tenants from Ralph. Ralph is tired of the way he is treated as a villain and decides to set out to win a medal so the characters in his game treat him with respect. Along the way, he crosses paths with characters from Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat, Q-Bert and many more.

There are so many nods to retro games that I wasn’t surprised to notice that many parents in the theater happened to be in the 27-35 year old golden demographic for video game companies. With all the cameos and jokes about current gen games, I found that the movie was quite enjoyable and something that not only my 4 year old son could enjoy but myself as well. The script was jam packed with tons of jokes that targeted adults yet enough humor that I heard all the kids laughing as well.

Th animation for Wreck-It Ralph is spectacular, coming from a video game journo. The Nicelanders move in a broken, low frame rate style that harkens back to the early days of video games. Each world has it’s own distinct style which is awesome, yet most of the movie is spent in the world of Sugar Rush (although the trailers would make you thing Hero’s Duty is the main location). I couldn’t get over how creative the movie makes the little things that are so common in video games, such as “The First Person Shooter”, which happens to be a robot that mimics the player’s movement but is only a big screen on Wall-E style treads and arms to hold guns. The game also tackles mini-games and even the fabled Konami code, and you know that anything with BA START deserves critical acclaim.

The music in Wreck-It Ralph fit the movie excellently, with songs by Owl City, Rihanna, Kool & the Gang and even Skrillex (he has a cameo as well!). The sound effects from the movie are taken straight out of other games, giving a true to game experience for anyone who has spent time with games from the last 30 years. The voice acting was great and I can’t understand why Sarah Silverman doesn’t do more voice acting because her character was great, yet John C. Reilly and the rest of the cast were nothing to scoff at either. The least recognizable voice had to have been Alan Tudyc (Wash, for Firefly fans out there), whose voice stood out as one of the more memorable ones in the entire movie.

Even the slowest parts of Wreck-It Ralph proved to be entertaining enough to keep the watcher entertained. It’s great to see Disney break away from the norm and create a new animated franchise that doesn’t rely on sequels or old fairy tales. Wreck-It Ralph shows that Disney knows what it is doing and is very aware of the families going to their movies. If you love video games, good Disney movies, or just having a great time at the movie theater, I would highly recommend Wreck-It Ralph to you.

Also, Disney’s opening short, The Paperman is awesome as well. Seriously, get out there and see this movie.

We don’t currently have an official score for movies so our score is a YES/10

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