Nov 282012
Usually, Jonathan White takes the opportunity to address the upcoming League of Legends champions and also add his 2 cents in. Well, boys and girls, what we have here is a support champ and if you have been following any Gaming Irresponsibly commentary, you may know that I main supports. So I am taking the opportunity today to tell you about Riot’s new support champ, Nami.
Nami is a support that rewards aggressive play with a collection of amazing abilities that include 3 different crowd control abilities. Her Q is ‘Aqua Prison’, a full fledged stun that lasts for 1.25 seconds AND can hit a group of enemies. The cooldown on this ability is rather severe at low levels but is makes up for this with that nice stun and a fair amount of damage. When casting her Q, there is a delay as her bubble floats to it’s target, so longer shots will need to be timed efficiently. My favorite thing to do with ‘Aqua Prison’ is to catch the enemy carry after successful poke damage from my carry, leaving them open for a deluge of serious damage with no way to escape.
Nami’s W is called ‘Ebb and Flow’ and is a Miss Fortune-like offensive/defensive spell. This spell is the key to laning and team fights as it heals your teammates yet hurts your enemies. When you cast it on a target, it either hurts or heals the target and then bounces to other champions that are within range of the original champion. The interesting thing here is that it alternates bounces between targets, slightly losing it’s effectiveness after each bounce. Cast W on an enemy, it will bounce to a friendly champ to heal them and then back to an enemy champ that hasn’t been hit yet or vice-versa. While not a super heal, this ability can change the tide of a gank or help your carry secure a kill safely.
The next ability in Nami’s kit is her E, which is “Tidecaller’s Blessing”. This is a target buff that grants bonus magic damage on a champion’s next 3 attacks while also slowing their target. The magic phrase here is “next 3 attacks”, meaning this on-hit ability works with Hurricane and can cause some serious disruption in a team fight as well. Even more so when the enemy team turns tail to try to escape. Carries will love this ability and if, yet it can also be cast on Nami herself, letting her erode her opponents heath as well.
‘Tidal Wave’ is Nami’s ultimate and is one of the more interesting R spells in the entire game. If you haven’t seen this yet, imagine a lane-wide Sona ult that knocks up and slows significantly while doing tons of damage™. This spell causes absolute chaos in a full team fight but also allows you to interfere in escapes and ganks as well with it’s awesome range. The longer the wave goes, the longer the target is slowed, so perfect timing and positioning can help you send the enemy team’s hopes down the drain!
How does all of this work in actual gameplay? Well, Nami is a bit mana hungry so I rush a philosopher’s stone and then build a chalice of harmony. After building my sightstone and basic boots, I build a glacial shroud for tankiness and cooldown reduction that will eventually be turned into an iceborn gauntlet for endgame. I then build my chalice into Mikael’s crucible for super support mode and buy my boots 3. As this is still on the PBE, I do imagine this will change quite a bit when I get to play with my duo queue partner, the Pentakill master Gammarah. As far as abilities go, I have been building based on my opponents. I usually pick E first, then Q, max W first and then E, while taking R whenever it is available. This gives my lane significant sustain while also allowing my lane partner to have the ability to assist in crowd controlling and positioning.
I main Leona, I may be one of the best I have ever seen in game, but Nami is indeed something special. I can assure you that she will likely be the go-to support based on her ability to absolutely dominate a lane. Also, as a bonus, she CAN be played as an AP mid as well… Just saying!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out buddy :D do you know if her bubble reveals on hit? I could see some massive mindgames happening if any super friendly Tarics or Leonas try to ambush us.

  2. Hey, this isn’t a bad write up on Nami. She looks awesome and her koi skin is great! Any idea when she is coming out?

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