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With that simple debut trailer at Gamescom 2012, Puppeteer became my most anticipated title of 2013. After a few other similar trailers, it looks like we’re finally getting a better look at the entire experience. A group of videos made their rounds today, further showing off some of the fantastic environments, gameplay elements, and the overall charm that permeates the entire package. Here is the first:

Shove your hand up my ass and call me Kermit! I don’t think I’ve ever been so floored by a game on so many levels. When Socrates theorized a world of Ideal Forms, his video game example would have had to have been Puppeteer. (When he theorized a sentence containing tenses of the word “have,” that last one would have been pretty low on his list.)

Puppeteer amazes on all points. Presentation is whimsically fantastic. The constantly evolving stage setting and the one man show, storybook style narration are an absolute delight. A wide range of characters, bosses, and environments show a lot of variation in both aesthetics and gameplay. Awestruck smiles invade my face almost every second.

Wielding something as intrinsically boring as a set of scissors seems odd on paper. However, upon inspection, the magical Calibrus instantly cuts that paper into a million little shreds. The world is filled with set pieces and materials that allows for some very interesting uses of the wonderful tool. Most notable, platforming and traversal are often aided by cutting though various materials, fabrics, or even a whole host of other environmental objects. Boss battles, which seem to be aplenty, seem to provide some interesting uses too.

On top of that fine mechanic, there are also the swappable heads. With the ability to equip three different heads, each can uniquely aid in gameplay or open up bonus areas. Hero heads, of which there are four of, add entirely new gameplay elements like a grappling hook, bombs, or a shield for blocking attacks. With around one hundred heads, the possibilities seem endless.

All of these elements come together to form what looks to be one of the most imaginative platformers ever created. It’s got a degree of creativity and old-school charm that is all too rare in today’s games. And all this is releasing on the PS3 at the price of $39.99! September 10th just can’t come soon enough!

Now, cut loose the strings that bind you, and prepare for more amazement and Hero Head trailer perfection:

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