Apr 012011

The internet was full of rumors today, and I wanted to tell people all about Duke Nukem: Forever becoming cancelled or post something about the 3DX causing mass hysteria.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time.  So instead, here’s a few of the best things to pop up today.  As always, Reddit was on top of the action – the users here compiled these links.

WoW Dungeon Helper

WoW Tomb of Immortal Darkness

Horadric Cube smartphone app

Starcraft Motion for Kinect

Razer Talon

IGN: M Rated Harry Potter Video Game Relaunch

1UP: Halo Dance Central

GameFAQs celebrating 40 years serving the gaming community

Guild Wars 2 Commando Class

Guild Wars 2 – iPad exclusive

Minecraft DLC store

ArmchairArcade: Treating Video Game Addiction with Video Games

TF2 Stats (wait for it…)

TF2 wiki: New weapon

PWNED: Katamari the page

BoardgameGeek.com search portal redesign

RPGfan: Square acquires Gust + RPG Reviewer the RPG

GLaDOS hacks a blog

Maple Times rebranding

Quakenet reinstates lightweight channels

Nexon Combat Farms

ThinkGeek: Super 3DBoy iPhone Game System + Minecraft USB Nether Portal + Angry Birds Pork Rinds

League of Legends New Champion Spotlights

EVE Online Mounts

Mass Effect 3 to be set entirely on one planet

SW:TOR new location announcement and video

GameFAQs vaporware poll

GTA5 trailer

HoN 3.02 Patch

Smashboards music video refocus

Guild Wars Patch Notes

Notch discontinues Minecraft

Destructoid has a… font change

Piki Geek’s new layout

Wizard 101 promotional Pet Rock


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