May 272011

Could young developers get any more lucky?  The first time Notch posted (which brought our attention to the game), he caused a storm of traffic that invaded the page of the still in-development title.  At that point, there weren’t many people who were aware of the fledgling game, and their Facebook page had a meager amount of followers compared to today’s 17,000+ fans.

Back then, his mention simply regarded a video of the beta version, but nonetheless people were instantly clamoring in hopes of getting their hands on the game.  Unfortunately for them, the developers, now called Re-Logic, weren’t allowing any open beta, and they were unprepared for the sudden popularity.  Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, our theory is that the game was released long before schedule to meet the insane demands of the populace.

Whether for good or ill, the game is now available on Steam, where it is doing extremely well.  One can only guess how this new mention will affect an already impressive amount of sales.

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