Nov 012012

Earlier today Riot Games announced League of Legends 107th champion: Zed, the Master of Shadows. At first glance, Zed looks like Super Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles with a cybernetic eye like the Grey Fox ninja from Metal Gear Solid 2. However, look a bit closer and you’ll notice that not only is Zed’s armor resemble the armor of the Crimson Elite, but you’ll notice that his arm blades look very similar to another ninja like champion who’s already a part of the League. Yep, that’s right, he looks a lot like Talon.

What’s known about Zed? Well, for one we know that he trained at the same school as Shen (which was ran by Shen’s father) and he was the Master’s second best pupil just behind Shen. Zed’s anger and frustration led him to search for something to help give him an advantage to beat Shen, and he stumbled upon an ornate box containing a sealed dark magic. The shadows entered his mind, and he embraced the ways looking to finally defeat Shen. While he finally became successful, Shen’s father knew he had embraced this forbidden art and banished him from the school. Humiliated, Zed wandered and began taking on new students to train them in the ways of shadow. Soon after, he realized he had assembled an army and attacked the school, destroying the Master and throwing his head at Shen’s feet. Zed took over the temple and continues to teach those who seek true power.

While he’s got an awesome back story, Zed’s skill set looks both unique and confusing. At first glance, he appears to be a mix between Shaco and Lulu. He uses multiple shadow clones to distract his enemies and those shadows apply utility effects such as a heavy slow (sounding similar to Lulu’s Glitterlance) and the clones mimic Zed’s spells so it’s essentially a 3v1 to get the most out of his damage kit. He’s also got the ability to swap places with his shadow clones by activating abilities again, something that not even the masters of deception Shaco or LeBlanc can accomplish. With a very high skill cap and some careful energy conservation, Zed looks to be yet another interesting addition to the League of Legends. But how will you play him? I’m sure he’s playable both Mid and Top like Talon is, but will he be a viable jungle? Perhaps an overlooked support? I’m guessing Zed may be a hard counter to Shen, which might just break Shen off of the perma-ban list.


This was written by‘s Jonathan White, be sure to leave him some awesome feedback so he gives you all some more awesome stuff to read!

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