Dec 232011

Today, the PlayStation Blog has provided plenty of details on the pricing of accessories as well as launch titles for the upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld console.   In the past Sony has been criticized for the amount of money it costs to purchase one of their proprietary format memory cards.  Fortunately for future PSVita owners, it appears that the memory cards for the soon-to-be released handheld will be pretty accessible.  According to the blog, pricing as follows:

4GB Memory Card        $19.99

8GB Memory Card        $29.99

16GB Memory Card     $59.99

32GB Memory Card     $99.99

These prices are lower than what the video game retail store Gamestop had predicted.  As of this time Gamestop’s online store still shows the price of the 4GB memory card at $29.99 and the price for the 32GB memory card at $119.99.

The blog entry also details first and third party launch titles as well as the prices for other PSVita accessories.  For full details on accessory pricing and a complete list of PSVita launch titles head over to PlayStation Blog.

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