Mar 262012

One my most anticipated games of this year may not even see the light of day after several sources have confirmed that Prey 2 has been cancelled.

The Dutch gaming site PS Focus was the first to report on the news stating that it had multiple inside sources confirm the bad news.  According to the sources, publisher Bethesda Softworks made the call to can the title.

A representative from Bethesda Softworks told gaming publications that the company has no comment concerning the report.

Interestingly enough, gameplay videos for Prey 2 were suppose to be shown at this year’s Game Developers Conference, but Bethesda pulled the presentations right before the convention.  Also, another bad sign is that the title’s Facebook fan page has not been updated since Dec 2011.

Hopefully, this is not the actual case for Prey 2.  With the next installment being a open world/non-linear futuristic title, Prey 2 definitely seems promising.  Say it ain’t so, Bethesda!

Source: Gamespot


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