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Quinn_RenderFlying high in the Demacian winds, Quinn and her partner – an eagle named Valor – bring a whole new exciting champion design to the League of Legends. Unlike other champions who have companions, such as Annie with Tibbers or Swain with Beatrice, Quinn can not only call on Valor to aid her attacks, but she can actually switch places with Valor, turning your gameplay from that of a ranged ADC into a fast moving melee champion.  Quinn’s kit is definitely unique, and she’s going to be extremely challenging to learn as you’re going to have to maintain a perfect sense of balance in order to maximize her efficiency.

Dubbed with the title Demacia’s Wings, Quinn and Valor pride themselves on swift justice quickly removing any threat to Demacia before it ever even knew what hit it. As Quinn, you’ll use a crossbow (similar to Vayne) to do ranged attacks to enemy champions, while Valor’s assistance will come in the form of melee attacks performed in close quarters.

QuinnLoadScreen_1Quinn’s passive is named Harrier, which Valor periodically marks enemies as Vulnerable with. Quinn’s first attack against Vulnerable targets will extra attack damage. Her ultimate is named Tag Team, and during Tag Team her passive is disabled while the ability does two things: Press it once and Quinn switches places with Valor, allowing you to control Valor as a mobile champion. While you control Valor you gain a huge movement speed bonus while not in combat (which decreases gradually once combat begins). Pressing R again will call Quinn back to the field, doing damage to all nearby enemies. This does more damage based on how much health the enemies are missing. If you don’t press R a second time, Quinn will automatically return once Tag Team ends. Normally we save the ultimate for last, but with Quinn, Valor grants a bit of bonus to her abilities so we listed the ultimate before we listed her skills.

Her Q is named Blinding Assault, with which she sends Valor forth in a straight line skillshot. Valor stops when he hits an enemy, and does AOE blind and damage to the target.  If you’re in Tag Team, this ability does damage and blinds all nearby champions. Her W is named Heightened Senses, and it’s got a passive ability that gives Quinn increased attack speed if she hits a Vulnerable marked target. The passive also increases Valor’s attack speed while in Tag Team mode. When pressing W, Valor swoops in to reveal the area around Quinn (think of it as a reverse version of Ashe’s Hawkshot) revealing all units including those in the brush. If used during Tag Team, Valor reveals the area around himself. Finally, Quinn’s E is called Vault, and using it will cause Quinn to dash to an enemy, which does damage and slows them. After she makes contact, she kicks off of them landing just inside her maximum attack range. Valor can also use this as a gap closer but without the kick back when in Tag Team mode.Quinn_Comic

Though it may sound confusing, Quinn’s tandem gameplay is actually quite fun and a refreshing new design element to make ADC’ing a bit more interesting. She’ll take a while to learn but only the patient will master her. While Quinn’s lore makes her sound like someone who’s fought for the respect and reverence of the Demacian people, she seems fiercely loyal to Prince Jarvan Lightbringer the IV, but why does she seem to have a problem with Garen? Is the Might of Demacia not telling us something? Quinn’s lore has the potential for some terrific stories and maybe we’ll see something come of it in the future.


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