Jul 292012

RavagedDo you like to try games before they come out? Do you like betas? and close ones at that. Well Gaming Irresponsibly  has just the thing for you. We have a handful of Ravaged closed beta codes for you guys!!

To get your hands on the codes all you have to do is follow the directions at the bottom!! Once you have the code head over to 2dawn.com and redeem the code, from there you will then get your Steam key for the Ravaged Beta.

For those who haven’t heard of Ravaged it is an adrenaline pumping fps multiplayer with vehicles, from AAA and indie game developers at 2Dawn Games, who have worked on the likes of the BattleField series, Desert Combat and DCON. Set in a post-apocalyptic  world where the war between the “Resistance” and “Scavengers” never stops. It is and will only be for PC. “Ravaged is Shaping Up to be the Multiplayer RAGE Never Had” with multipule objective based modes, classes and as mentioned above vehicles like, cars, trikes, bikes, buggies, gyrocopters and soon to be added buses/trucks.
This is a beta everyone is dying to join because not only is it an awesome game already but you can also play the developers at their own game and give them feed back on TeamSpeak on scheduled playtests. They have listened to everyone that has either reported bugs and or suggested other features. The game has been shaped mainly from suggestions from the Ravaged community.

Ravaged vehicles

Ravaged weapons

So guys and girls keep your eyes on your Twitter feed for the codes, until then setup your account at 2dawn.com so your are ready. Come and let us know if you win and what you think of the game.

The game can be pre-ordered HERE for $24.99 for full game on release day some time late this summer. You can also gain access to the beta this way if you are unlucky enough to not get one of our codes.

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  4 Responses to “Ravaged Closed Beta Codes Giveaway”

  1. This game looks amazing thanks for giving the chance to win eta codes this is awesome!

  2. Game looks sweet, can’t wait to use the helicopter. Or rather, have my friend use it, and I sit in the gunner position.

  3. Oh yeah! This game is cool!

  4. I so want to get a seat on that helicopter… that’s just awesome

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