Jun 262011

When it comes to games, there are few things I love more than a good RPG and Mother 3 is among my personal favorites. Now the game was released in Japan in 2006 for the Game Boy Advance and is the sequel to the ever popular Earthbound. Unfortunately due to reasons unknown (some say difficulty in translation, other say content of story and even some say music licensing) Mother 3 has never been given an English release. Now someone was able to provide us with an  English fan-translation on the game, but like it says on their site: “It’s not cool to brazenly pirate stuff! Itoi, Nintendo, HAL, and Brownie Brown worked hard on this game. Assuming you can’t find a retail copy (they’re extremely rare) you should consider buying some official merch

Now, Mother 3 is a very interesting story, unlike other RPGs the game tells it through multiple characters over 3 years. Now for Super Smash Brothers Brawl fans, you may already be familiar with Mother 3′s main character Lucas. While he is the main character, you do not actually use him until you are a few chapters into the game. Instead you get to familiarize yourself with the family first; his dad Flint, mother Hinawa, dog Boney and twin brother Claus. You also get to meet Duster, a friend of the family and also a gimp legged thief, and a few other characters as well. Each brings unique abilities to the team and also have their motivations for standing against the Pigmask Army.

The story in Mother 3 is quite mature in comparison to it’s predecessor. In fact, someone dies near the beginning of the game and causes some characters to change to completely change their personalities. Overall, even in the lighthearted moments, there is a lingering sense of despair. Of course there is no time to sit around feeling sorry for the characters since the bumbling Pigmask Army is on a mission to “fix” the world and they plan to do this my making “improvements” to all living things. Eventually it is revealed that the leader of this army is none other than Pokey Minch, who fled into time after he and Giygas were defeated by Ness and friends in Earthbound.

The combat system is still incredibly unique (as it was in the other Mother titles as well).While the game still uses the rolling HP meter,  a new feature was put into place that revolutionizes the unique combat even further. During an attack, hitting the attack button to the rhythm of your targets heart beat will allow you to link progressivle attacks together. This system allows your party to deal a considerable amount of damage compaired to the typical attack and wait methods and also allows you to occupy yourself as well. Most heart beats go along with the enemies theme music as well, which is awesome since Mother 3 has an amazing soundtrack as well.

All in all, if you have an opportunity to check this one out, do it!


Note: We will not provide a review score for this title until there is an official release stateside.

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