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Whilst picking up my copy of new leaf I did feel kind of embarrassed at the counter. I mean for starters I’m 21 and therefore in the grand demographic I should not be playing what can only be described as one of most peculiar cult games to come out of the house Mario. After putting quite a few hours into it (few is an understatement) one word come to mind, ADDICTION. No joke this game will consume you not in the sense of playing it for hours on end, but in the habit of having to switch your 3ds on everyday just to see what’s happening in your town.


Living the shogun life

Living the shogun life

To be honest the fact that it is now in 3d doesn’t in my view change much apart from the water. The features that they have added make the game even more addictive, though it does take a while for things to get going such as your position as mayor you’ve got to build up your repute, and the fact you’ve got pay 10k for a tent.  Aside from that I’ve found it very easy to make money so to speak, in wild world I can remember that it was a bit of slog to raise that cash needed for that must have item, or item of clothing without having to resort to setting to clock forward and gaining interest on  money in the bank. New leaf instead tries to put you off this by making your turnips go rotten, or a surge of weeds sprouting in your village, or animals leaving. But why you would want to do this is a mystery, as the hours seem to flow gently by, just like the music.


The role of Mayor opens up a unique feature to the Animal Crossing world, as not only now you had to make money for your mortgage and the things that go in your house, you now have shell out for ordinances and public projects. These public projects (i.e. bridges) are funded with donations (mainly by you) from the villagers, this got me thinking though; why aren’t these animals paying tax? Whether this adds layers to the experience is genuinely up to you as in the grand scheme of the game it doesn’t affect it that much. I personally find that being addressed as Mayor all the time enlightens my ego, so scraping the money together to enhance my village fitted rather well with the enchanting monotony that is animal crossing. Plus the sheer amount you can add to your village will no doubt spur you on to keep making money. The wealth of things to buy and unlock  for your village and for yourself is immense, add in the fact that you have got to spend seven million bells just to max out your home, I can guarantee that you’ll still be playing the game next year.


i_39002In closing those who are familiar with the series will fall in love with this title even more, because now you can change your SHOES AND TROUSERS (or pants for you U.S folk) I am at my 3ds everyday checking what is in store, or who else has moved in (though at the present time it seems that my house has become a magnet for new houses). For those new however it can be a bit hard to get in to the routine of pulling out weeds, fishing, digging and drinking pigeon milk.

This can seem a bit odd (and it is) but get a few friends over to your village and you will see how fun this game really is. I have no doubt though that this game will some how sneak into your hands if you have a 3ds (if you haven’t then why not? 2013 is the year of the 3ds), and once its there its pretty hard to get it out of them.
















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