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One of the things we all love about action/adventure and FPS games are the opportunities to jump into a large combat vehicle and bring havoc and destruction upon your enemies. Think about the joy you have when picking up the Scorpion tank in Halo or grabbing one of the many tanks and Battlefield 3, the feeling of power and control is unmistakable. set us up with a press account to take their newest 8.1 patch live for their aptly named, World of Tanks. After piloting a collection of different behemoths and blowing up enemies and buildings (while getting junked more times than I’d like), here is what we thought of this wildly popular F2P game.

I spent my first week in World of Tanks driving a little ways up the map and then getting absolutely obliterated by my opponents. In fact, even though we had the full menagerie of tanks at our disposal, fingers and toes could not count the amount that I had wrecked. It wasn’t until I ran into a player that explained to me in a little more detail the process of picking a tank and filling that tanks role, that I was able to effectively start  contributing in battles. Most times, I would join a game, get blown to pieces and then have to immediately join a new game with a fresh tank. Fortunately for me, it seemed that the people I played with were more adept than I was because I won far more matches than I lost.

You see the smaller, faster tanks are meant to zip in and spot enemy units preferably without getting into too much combat themselves, I can almost compare these to support characters in MOBA games as they don’t pack a punch but serve an integral role. Medium tanks tend to supplement the light tanks and pick off opposing light tanks that are scouting the area, while also providing assistance to other units to turn the tide of a firefight. I have witnessed 2 medium tanks and a heavy tank take out an entire team. Heavy tanks are the larger tanks that are build for going toe to toe in combat with just about any other tank, they are also build to take a few solid hits. A good heavy tank seems to push the line while the smaller, faster tanks flank enemies and provide distractions so the heavy tanks can finish the job. The tank destroyers are massive tanks that have huge guns that can hit from crazy ranges. While this is quite fun, their speed and maneuverability make them easily dispatched if a medium tank catches them unaware. Finally, there is the artillery which is more or less the annoying little cousin of the rest of the tanks. These little buggers can cause chaos from almost anywhere yet a glass cannons that can be destroyed with one or two well placed hits. While playing, I spent most time using medium tanks, as the had they control to not get obliterated while actually contributing to a battle.

While there are several different game modes in World of Tanks, but even with these game modes, it was rare that I actually saw an objective completed in the manner it was meant to. Whether it is a capture the flag, territory or king of the hill mode, all the games can be ended by eliminating the opposing force, which  I guess seems easier. While most games ended in a decisive victory by routing your enemies, it was apparent that light tanks also seemed to excel at attempting to capture important objectives as well. I couldn’t help but feel like objectives were an afterthought, although the team would more split into extermination and objective groups at the start of things.

The F2P model behind world of tanks isn’t as revolutionary as it is tried and tested, You can earn in-game currency by completing matches or by buying gold to purchase new tanks, repair destroyed ones or to upgrade equipment. Something I found mildly interesting was the the fact that purchased currency could be converted into in-game currency for specific purchases. This is the first time I’ve seen this in a F2P title.

With a massive collection of many different real-life tanks from a handful of different militarily from around the world, there is always a new tank to take out for a spin. Maps are expansive and feature destructible environments, such as houses that crumble after taking a hit or so and walls that you can drive right over. On a high end machine, the graphics were pretty good and there seems to be a decent enough community to actively have a great time. I do need to clarify that I really am not a tank combat type of person. With that being said, I enjoyed the time I spent in World of Tanks and thought that being able to join multiple battles was an interesting feature. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys tank combat and wants to find themselves in the thick of it. With the 8.1 patch active, there are over 20 new British tanks and even more ways to customize your fleet. Meaning there are many different ways to find exactly what you want to enjoy in this game.

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  • If you like tank combat and have a computer, you’d be crazy not to be playing this
  • F2P model isn’t pay-to-win
  • Awesome support and cool community


  • You are going to junk a bunch of tanks before getting the hang of things
  • Kinda wish that objectives were a higher priority


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