Aug 062012

No one can escape the fact that the gaming industry and community has skyrocketed in popularity right across the board. This influx of new interest over the years has had massive repercussions in the way that we operate too. Like any other community there is a demand for videos and competition which has given birth to e-sports, where millions will tune in across the world to watch some of the best players duke it out against one another.

Riot Games, the guys behind League of Legends, have rolled out a whole new game plan and when Season 3 rolls around, they are ready to inject a whole new level to the competition, levelling it up was not my pun in case you were wondering, but that certainly seems to be the plan.

The stuff you really need to know can be found below in handy bullet point form along with a trailer for the League of Legends championship series.

·         Dedicated “Championship Series” Tournament: Season 3 will be a completely separate, dedicated series of tournaments overseen by Riot Games that happen on a much more frequent, scheduled basis

·         Salaried Teams: The top eight teams from both North America and Europe from Season 2, as well as top teams from Asia, will be offered salaries by Riot Games as they compete for regional and global dominance.

·         Millions of Dollars on the Line: Salaries, prize pools and other compensation for Championship Series teams will ensure League of Legends is a sustainable career choice for professional players.

·         Regular Season and Playoffs: eSports fans will watch teams battling in the traditional format of organized sports – a regular season with several matches per week, culminating in regional playoffs and a World Championship, which will crown the world’s bestLeague of Legends team.

·         Free, HD broadcast events: League of Legends fans will watch Championship Series matches live online with HD broadcast streaming that is always 100% free.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to grab some friends and open League of Legends accounts because for the lucky few who truly are the best of the best, Riot’s revolutionised new e-sports system will give them the chance to actually get paid for doing what we all love so much. Gaming.

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