Jan 142013

It’s becoming that time yet again, folks. It’s time for the next gen hardware rumors to start swirling about like a Disney Channel character’s hair. This time around the rumor is being surfaced by a group that seems to know their business, Baird Equity Research. Colin Sebastian, a Baird representative, took his time to gather up all the rumors that have been floating around for the past year and has concluded (somehow) that both Sony and Microsoft will reveal their consoles just prior to E3 in June. Here are some direct quotes from Sebastian:

“Our checks suggest that next-generation console hardware will be largely built from ‘off the shelf’ high-end PC components, along with hybrid physical/digital distribution models, enhanced voice controls and motion sensing (Kinect integration with every Xbox), and broad multi-media capabilities,” he stated.

He also said: “Moreover, a PC-based architecture (Intel chips in the case of Xbox) should have a number of advantages over custom-developed silicon: for one, the learning curve for software developers will be shorter than completely new technology. Second, the cost of production and retail price points should be lower than prior console launches.”

Also predicted was that Sony would release their console in October while Mirosoft would release the new Xbox in November. Perhaps one of the best tidbits was that both consoles are expected to be $350-$400, a price point that is significantly lower than the PS3’s original $600 price tag.

As of right now this is all one groups prediction, with no real facts to back it up, but it does seem likely in the grand scheme of things. We shall see if Mr. Sebastian is correct in just a few more months as E3 begins to slowly creep upon us.


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  1. So, this is a fantastic rumor.

    But consider what else it would mean if they were to cost around the same price as the Wii U.

    It means that their internals would be only a slight bump from what the PS3 and 360 had to offer. If the PS4 is going to have visuals significantly better than the PS3, it will NEED to be expensive- unless Sony plans to lose over $400 per console. (I recently built a custom PC and though it’s a HUGE leap from any console, it cost me over a grand)

    So either the PS4 and Xbox 3 will be only slightly better than their predecessors and be at a comfortable price point, or they will be significantly better than their predecessors and cost an absurd amount of money. Either situation leaves gamers wondering why they need to buy it.

    Nintendo did have one thing going for them with the Wii U, they only had to make it more powerful than the Wii- which was essentially a beefed up GameCube- and the Wii U is about 3 times as powerful as a PS3. I think it’s going to be difficult for Sony and Microsoft to show why people need a new system when theirs work perfectly fine.

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