May 182011

PS3 fanboys watch out, incoming rant ahead!

As the co-owner of a gaming site, obviously games play a large roll in my life. When the PS3 went down, fortunately, I had other options available to me. On the other hand, it did unfortunately offer some roadblocks to some of the things we could actually offer our readers at the site. Of course we persevered though this troublesome debacle and as the original word came out that Sony would indeed be offering reparations to the community; I kind of just shrugged.

I wasn’t expecting much from Sony, instead I just wanted their services available so the writers on my site could work on review titles and I could finish my Co-op Portal 2 playthrough. Sony, however kept insisting that they wanted to make it up to the gamers. They kept hammering this point home, like it was some big deal and even though I didn’t expect anything from the company, I began to look forward to a few extra freebies.

The PS+ service didn’t seem all that exciting, as I didn’t plan on paying to keep the service. After all I already pay for Xbox Live and with that price I actually get access to an entire social dynamic. As for PS+, I get a discount on a few games, a handful of free stuff and the ability to play demos for a couple games… As long as I keep the subscription active.

The official word broke recently about the titles that Sony would be offering up in their plea for forgiveness. The info can be found here: Source Final Smash

Here is a complete list of freebies that Sony is offering its costumers:

Two PlayStation 3 games from the following list:
Infamous (North America/Non-German Countries)
Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty (Europe only)
Wipeout HD + Fury Expansion
Dead Nation (North America/Non-German Countries)
Super Stardust HD (North America/Germany)

And two PSP games from the following list:
LittleBigPlanet PSP
ModNation Racers PSP
Pursuit Force
Killzone Liberation

On top of that, PSN account holders can expect 30 days of free PlayStation Plus membership if they’re non-subscribers and 60 days of free subscription for those currently enrolled in the program. In North America, Sony will also offer a selection of to-be-announced “On Us” movie rentals “available to PlayStation Network customers over one weekend, where Video Service is available.” PlayStation Home fans will also receive “100 free virtual items” and an “exclusive game,” Ooblag’s Alien Casino, in North America.

It's like a disappointment comparable to when I saw this controller for the first time

Sony, for lack of a better term, is offering us bargain bin crap instead. This is the point at which I start to get angry. We all know the PS+ plan is to give people that first month of service and hope they stick around afterwards to pay for additional months, the free games are nearly just as bad! LBP has had it’s revolutionary sequel out now for about half a year. While, LBP2 is fully compatible with all old LBP content, it isn’t the same way for the original, plus with the many imperative level based addons, LBP can be an expensive free title. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 18 months, you also know that inFAMOUS 2 is gearing up to come out in the near future. Yet we receive the games’ 2 year old predecessor in exchange for the apology plan? The other titles range from 2005 releases to the more recent overlooked titles (from last year). I see what you did there, Sony. Worst part about all of this, I own most of the titles (I crossed out the ones I have) and I am not super interested in the other titles.  Also, PS: Home is lame!

The other situation I have with Playstation’s “restored” service is that everything is the same as they day the system crashed. No improved social chat or demos for current games, just the plain old stale PSN. The least they could have done is add a shiny new feature to the menus or something.  After it is all said and done, really the only thing I think I will really appreciate from Sony after all the BS is the ability to use those identity protection services for a year. I was one of the users with my credit card info stored, regardless of threat it couldn’t hurt to try it out. They kept driving home these reparations now that they are out in the open, “Sony, I am dissappoint!”

/end rant

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  1. I honestly can not beleive people are complaining over the free deuce Sony is giving us. I’m not gonna go into a rant you dont like what they’re giving away too bad suck it up and deal with it.

  2. Anyway sounded a bit like a douche so I’m sorry.

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