Jan 162013

Acclaimed mad man Suda 51 has unveiled some new  information regarding his upcoming release, Killer is Dead. Suda’s previous effort, Lollipop Chainsaw, was a bit of a miss but the same can’t be said for his work on Shadows of the Damned and No More Heroes. One of the biggest pluses about Shadows of the Damned was the work of his partner (and the father of Resident Evil) Shinji Mikami who helped tighten up the gameplay elements that Suda has become so famous for, let’s say, not paying enough attention to.

The setting sounds like the typical Suda madness, protagonist Mongo Zappa (yep) is called to work by the Execution Office to do some, you know, executin’. Zappa travels around the world killing folk that desire their death. It will be focused mainly around meeting your boss Brian Roses and dealing with his many odd clients and presumably performing whatever task they need completed.

Gameplay is really the make it or break it part of any Suda game and so far, Killer is Dead is sounding like the type of Suda combat insanity we know and love. As of right now, combat seems focused mainly on sword based attacks. Also at your disposal is an arm that has a drill and gun (again, yep) attached to it which you can upgrade and transform into other death bringing weapons. You can also transform people into dark matter, something that no one can argue with.

As of right now, Killer is Dead is shaping up to be a straight up Suda game, whether you hate it or love it. Maybe some gameplay love will be shown but if not, I think it’s still time for some good old nonsensical and idiotic story beats so it’ll be on my radar either way. Killer is Dead will release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 this Summer.

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