May 092012

Take Two announced this morning that Bioshock Infinite has been delayed and will now be released on February 26, 2013, according to a report from Kotaku. The series’ third entry was originally slated for an October release, but Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine said that the delay was necessary to implement “some specific tweaks and improvements” that “will make Infinite into something even more extraordinary.”

“I won’t kid you: BioShock Infinite is a very big game, and we’re doing things that no one has ever done in a first-person shooter. We had a similar experience with the original BioShock, which was delayed several months as our original ship date drew near,” he said in a statement to the press. “Why? Because the Big Daddies weren’t the Big Daddies you’ve since come to know and love. Because Andrew Ryan’s golf club didn’t have exactly the right swing. Because Rapture needed one more coat of grimy Art Deco.”

The game, set in 1912, focuses on Booker DeWitt, who is tasked with rescuing a woman named Elizabeth from the sky-city of Columbia. Much like the dystopian setting of the original game was heavily influenced by writers such as Ayn Rand and George Orwell, Bioshock Infinite focuses on the idea of American exceptionalism and issues of race. The concept of faction also plays a critical role, drawing from the progressive movement contemporary to the setting of the game to the “Occupy” movement of today.

To paraphrase Shigeru Miyamoto, delays ensure that a game will be good, but a bad game will always be bad. I’m in favor of giving Levine and his team as much time as they need to deliver a stellar experience.

Source: Kotaku