Jul 232013

xbox-one-logo-wallpaperXbox One fans have started up a petition to get back the original ‘Xbox One we were promised at E3’. Microsoft reversed the restrictions that they named at E3, such as the DRM, a few weeks after the big conference was held. The petition has hit over 25,000 signatures and is still counting on 7,655 until it hits its maximum.

Microsoft reversed it’s policies for the next-gen Xbox to win their fans back over and when it was announced many people sighed a big sigh of relief. So why are there so many people wanting them to change it back again?

To me, the new console isn’t much of a problem. Sure, it’s just an overpowered Xbox 360 but it takes off all of the restrictions that people moaned about in the first place. I’m not surprised that Microsoft are so confused! It just seems like they can’t win anyone over anymore, and that really is a bit heart breaking.

I feel like no matter what Microsoft does to try to keep people happy, there’s always something that they are missing. In my honest opinion, they need to stop for a few years and focus on something different, then go back to the drawing board and create a console that will blow every other console off the market.

As much as it would please the people who have signed the petition, I don’t think that Microsoft are going to reverse everything again. If they do, they’d be stupid. There was so much hatred for the Xbox One before, so going back on their reversal is the total wrong way of winning the audience back. But, at the same time, they don’t have anything to lose. They are just fighting a losing battle, in my eyes.

I feel like the Xbox One shouldn’t have been changed in the first place, as it does add in new features that can enhance your gameplay experience. The only thing that really bothered me was the used games problem. Used games are a good thing for the industry, not a bad thing. Massive boo-boo there, Microsoft! But regardless, they shouldn’t have changed the whole thing. Maybe just tweaked some of the features.

What are you guys thinking about it? Do you agree with the petition and are going to sign it, or are you staying away from it?

Jul 102013





As some of you may know there is a petition going on at the moment to get Nintendo to make their current devices region free (which has at the time of writing 20,000 signatures). This has also affected me most recently with trying to review an eshop game for this site, which turns out I cannot do because ALL Nintendo related software is region locked. With Sony and Microsoft hardware now being region free it’s hard for them to put up any argument regarding why there should be a need for locking, especially in this day and age. In an interview with IGN Satoru Iwata states that:


“There are many different regions around the world, and each region has its own cultural acceptance and legal restrictions, as well as different age ratings. There are always things that we’re required to do in each different region, which may go counter to the idea that players around the world want the freedom to play whatever they want.” (Though it is to be noted that this interview was conducted before Microsoft announced region free for their console)


To me this is absolutely ridiculous; he must be stuck in the 90s for this kind of thinking. Doesn’t he know about the Internet? People are sharing their own cultures every day, even on their own social application ‘Miiverse’. Individuals from different nations are conversing with each other every second of everyday, as we do not live in such a restrictive world compared to 15 years ago in terms of communication. The Internet has made it possible for me to communicate with YOU even though you may not reside in the UK, even though our cultures and customs may be different. However we have one very important thing in common, we’re interested in games (and understand English, OK two then). Don’t get me wrong there are linguistic issues present, and living in the E.U I understand this greatly, but because the games are going to get released eventually across regions surely it doesn’t matter if a few of the more eager import from abroad, because as we know the majority of releases happen in N.A before the E.U. So if you haven’t noticed Nintendo many on the continent can understand English, so why are you stopping me from getting a game a few (if not more, Shin Megami Tensei IV I’m looking at you) months earlier just because I’m in a different region!  


I really do question Nintendo’s logic sometimes (and since the release of the Wii U even more so) their philosophy is same as twenty years ago, the major difference is that back then they were on top and could dictate what goes where. But now they struggling to get messages across, especially for the Wii U as they relied on the huge Wii base to take note of this console, but they didn’t (they could have eluded a whole lot of trouble if they just called it the Wii 2). 


Maybe this whole region locking business is to with sales, maybe they are afraid that if people just import games, those games won’t sell enough in that region. But my argument is that only a few groups of people will do this, and isn’t it through these ‘hard-core’ gamers that others get the information from, so isn’t this a good thing?  Though not to undermine localisation, it is incredibly important that games make sense in the respective country of release, as what makes sense in Japan may not make sense in France without prior knowledge of culture and customs. However with the recent announcements made by the other big two is it really viable for Nintendo just to carry on?

Your thoughts? (I think that they will carry on, because no one does stubborn like Nintendo)

(on another note) Just as soon as I have put the finishing touches to this article Nintendo seems fit to deny Evo 2013 permission to broadcast Super smash Brothers: Melee (IGN) after these guys have raised $95,000 in aid of breast cancer research foundation for Melee to be included in the tournament. I don’t know about you guys but I think they have lost it. I mean what are Nintendo trying to protect, through them doing this what they have attained is a lot of negative press. Nintendo have gone beyond conservative to ridiculous. (Update: Nintendo have changed their minds, so Melee will be broadcast at Evo 2013)


(so get on Miiverse or twitter and say WTF!)

Mar 052013

As I sit here writing this, 3 major releases sit on my desk; Tomb Raider, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate and SimCity. It’s been 15 years since the last truly good Tomb Raider, 10 years since the last true SimCity game and up until today, I refused to acknowledge the existence of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, making Order of Ecclesia the last Castlevania game back in 2008. That is 30 years of mediocrity and money milking since these series’ last awesome releases.

Tomb Raider RebornI feel the need to point this out because for all 3 of these titles, these are their second chances at relevancy. For example, you cannot convince me that Lords of Shadow was originally written as a Castlevania title. It was far more likely that it was a game that was modified to fit a reboot of the series. It was ok, but it was also far from the series I had come to love. Tomb Raider has had absolutely horrid releases ever since its first sequel and after several lukewarm sequels, the series was rendered irrelevant by the Uncharted series. SimCity? Well outside of Societies, the last SimCity release was SimCity 4, a solid game but also 10 years old. The introduction of the Sims franchise just seemed to make everyone forget about the Maxis title that made this all happen.

While working on reviews for these games, I feel the need to explain why you should be so excited for this release week. Last year at E3, I sat in a small private theatre and watched the first private gameplay demos for the new Tomb Raider. I walked out of that theatre absolutely amped for the reboot, I’ll talk more about it in my review. Castlevania was a little bit of a different experience. I sat at a table with PR for Konami, they asked me why I didn’t like the new Castlevania direction. I told them that the new God of War direction goes directly against what had made the series great since the day I first played the original on my NES. I was then shown gameplay video of the 3DS Mirror of Fate, I wasn’t sold, it still looked hack and slash. Finally, I waited in line to see the first videos and demos of SimCity, a series that I spent numerous hours playing during middle school and early high school. It looked great and seemed to embody everything that had made the original series run great. Well, guess what? Right, wrong and probably wrong.alucard

As I was downloading and installing Tomb Raider and SimCity, I played Castlevania. I had a really good time. SimCity was done first. I couldn’t play it though, there was a queue to enter the server so I could play single player. This was oddly reminiscent on Diablo 3 last year. Finally, this morning, I played the opening act of Tomb Raider and headed out of the house highly satisfied. I know that I need to keep SimCity up in the air as to where we stand, but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

This gives me hope for future series’ reboots. After the release of DMC last month, I am feeling quite confident for reboots in general. You should too, and the best way to say that you support these decisions and creative directions is by getting your hands on these worthwhile titles. We should have the reviews available for these titles throughout this week. Until then play hard and be sure to drop a comment or two once they hit. We love the feedback!

Nov 282012

Okay, it’s been over a week and we have been putting in some significant quality time with our Wii U game consoles. With that being said, I’d like to address a few things and also detail the pros and cons of this new system.

Common Misconceptions

Holy hell! This is the actual console!

First off, the curse of E3 2011 is still leaning heavily on this system. It seems that a ton of people I have met don’t understand that the Wii U is a brand new console, not a new controller. It’s not a new fancy portable system either, the GamePad has roughly the same range as an Xbox 360 controller. The system doesn’t play bluray discs, dvds, Gamecube games or anything other than the Wii U and Wii discs. I feel that I have to clarify this as 4 out of 5 times I describe the Wii U to someone in person, their initial response is “Oh, isn’t that the new Wii controller?”.

What is different?

After downloading the SIZABLE update (about 2.5 hours) that I had to complete before playing any games on the system, I was greeted by Nintendo’s brand new social community. While not exactly Xbox Live but way more than the Playstation Network, it’s easiest to describe the Nintendo Network as a massive visual forum that automatically creates a new community for every single title and app available for the console. Users can discuss games, get advice, post pictures or just chat with each other. I expect that this will evolve and grow as time passes, since every other online service has made significant growth since their inceptions. While this is an improvement to the horrible system used by the Wii, it still has a little bit of a learning curve to get the most out of it. I don’t love the Nintendo Network, yet I certainly do not hate it.

Once I actually jumped into a game (holy crap, MORE UPDATES?!), I got to catch my first glimpse of HD gaming, Nintendo style. This was awesomely beautiful and while up to current par with both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, there was something worthg pointing out. On launch day, this system is up to par with the best offerings of the current generation, that means we can only expect progress from here! I experienced the entire launch day catalog and with the exception of a pair of games, was actually solidly impressed with what I saw. If you want a solid feel for some nice HD graphics, play Rayman Legends and Trine 2. If you want to get creative with the GamePad, play ZombiU or NintendoLand. Either way, there is a little something for everyone on launch day and an impressive library of AAA games to boot.

One thing to point out is that the Wii U GamePad doesn’t have a significant battery life, only lasting about 3.5 hours. This can be frustrating in certain games that can lead to extended periods of play. The charging cable is quite long, which helps alleviate some of this inconvenience but with as much movement that the GamePad requires, my patience wore thin pretty quick.

On the topic of the GamePad, it is a higly innovative controller, some of it’s uses are really unique and creative but a few others are quite lackluster. Understandably, I feel that most of the launch day titles really wanted to create a focus and awareness on the GamePad itself, rather than the ability and power of the new console. My concern with this is that a reliance on the GamePad’s touch screen seems to cheapen the overall experience. I am willing to give the mindset an early honeymoon-period pass, as devs likely wanted to play to the console’s strengths. I am pretty sure that most people will enjoy the ability to watch movies and play games from the GamePad, yet I find it a grand waste when I spend a majority of my time looking down at an 854×480 display, rather than my large HDTV that showcases the beauty of the new system.


I’ve touched quite a bit on the launch day software, I don’t want to hold the system responsible either way for the quality or lack there of so we will be covering the Wii U titles on their own merit. With that being said, the launch titles feature something for everyone and NintendoLand, ZombiU, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Sonic & All‑stars Racing Transformed are all great starter games for the system. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on them previously; Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are all worth getting checking out but get yourself a GamePad Pro asap, trust me!

After Spending A Week With the Wii U

Wii U Graphics…

Are we all caught up? Hopefully! After a week of playing with the console for a week, here are my thoughts:

  • I welcome the change of pace that the Nintendo Network offers. However, I don’t feel like it really brings much to the table for a core gamer.
  • One of the weakest Wii U titles is absolutely New Super Mario Brothers U. If you are considering a Wii U, you may want to reconsider making this a day 1 pickup.
  • The Wii U absolutely has what it takes to appeal to the core gamer. Games look great, play great and don’t require stupid amounts of work to play online with friends.
  • The Wii U GamePad… It’s a cool gimmick; it works well with a majority of games, I’d like to see it used less as a crutch and more as a way to enhance gameplay. As of right now, it’s the same gimmick that the Nunchuck and Wii-mote were.
  • The limited battery on the Wii U GamePad is a bummer, it gives me an opportunity to do other things after a few hours of playing. That isn’t actually a good thing.
  • The Wii U has one of the largest launch day line-ups available. Oddly, it’s the 3rd party games that shine. NintendoLand is absolutely the exception to this.
  • I really liked using my Wii U for Netflix and Hulu. The ability to watch a show on my GamePad while my family watches something on the Xbox 360 was pretty cool. In fact, the ability to control my TV with the GamePad is pretty awesome, but not a selling point.
  • By no means does the Wii U reinvent the wheel, it doesn’t even revolutionize it. My biggest concern is that the Wii U catches a case of the 3DS and takes about a year to get going. We need a flagship title (Smash Bros, Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda etc) as soon as possible. Luigi’s Mansion 2 could be that game, as could Lego City Undercover or Pikmin 3…
  • The gaming experience is equal to Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Since those systems are pushing their limits right now, it’s going to be exciting to see what the Wii U does from here.
  • I hate the fact that the sensor bar is still an integral part of playing with a group of people. There was no other way around this?
  • UPDATES, UPDATES, UPDATES!!! It takes about 5-45 minutes for the Wii U to download updates for every single game the first time I played it!

So, here is the tl;dr – I think the Wii U is a good system at launch, but not great. It doesn’t do anything “better” than the its major competition, although it really doesn’t have to at this point.




Oct 262012

Back at E3, I got a first-hand look at ASTRO’s newest headset – the A50s. While I only spent about 10 minutes actually using them, they were impressive. I knew I’d eventually get to spend more time with them once they were released, and I know that many of Gaming Irresponsibly’s readers have been waiting for our thoughts on them as well. Wait no longer!

With any ASTRO product, the first place to start is presentation. The A50s are ready to go right out of the box. All you’ll need to do is plug in your USB (for PC) or TOSLINK connection (for everything else) and you’re ready to get rocking with the headset. Everything you need is already included, and the mixamp actually sits perfectly on the base of the headphone stand. This headset is not cheap. At $299.99 it is more expensive than a console, so you’d better treat them with the respect they deserve by putting them on that stand. The headset looks amazing as well, utilizing a full black design with a few red accents. With its durable metal chassis, the A50s can take some considerable abuse.

Comfort? You’d like to know if this headset is comfortable? Personally, I’ve reviewed a plethora of headsets (each with their own varying levels of comfort) and the A50 headset takes those levels of comfort and obliterates them! The headset has a soft foam strip above the head, which rests gently across the top of your head while helping to support the weight of the headset evenly, to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. The ear pieces did not put any pressure on my ears or head, while managing to rest snugly in place over my ears. This means that no matter how long I wore the A50s, I never experienced any discomfort while wearing them, even during marathon gaming sessions. To expand upon that, I actually used the headset consistently for over 10 hours. During that stretch, I never even had to take them off – not even for a few minutes. They were so comfortable that I was guilty of wearing them around the house while doing non-gaming tasks as well. I’m pretty sure that my wife now thinks I am crazier than ever before.

Some of you may be saying “But Josh, that headset is wireless! There is no way that it can complete with a wired headset!” Shut your face with that tired argument! Not only was I pleasantly surprised at how well the headset worked, I was also pleased by the strength and ability of the unit. As I pointed out earlier, the ASTRO A50 headset has three audio modes for however you’d like to use it. The first mode is the media mode, with a concentration on bass and mids. I used this when listening to music or watching a movie. Core mode is the second mode, which is balanced for gaming. I spent more time in this mode than anything else. Core mode works best for immersive audio when playing a game like Dishonored or League of Legends. Pro mode is useful for games where audio cues are more important. High-velocity, fast-paced, shooters like Modern Warfare 3 or Medal of Honor: Warfighter were vastly improved using this setting because I could hear my enemies before they ever got close; meanwhile games where sound is used to help flesh out the environment, like Dishonored, spring to life in ways you can’t even imagine until you hear them yourself.

Now, I know that sounds great and all, but does the wireless effect any of this at all? No, not really! I used the headset in many different environments and even walked away from the mixamp, into other rooms, the garage and even the end of the driveway with little to no effect on audio. Face it, this headset is badass.

Even though the headset is limited to one device at a time, it was amazingly simple to hook in into any other device. It’s about as plug and play as it gets, and even though I’ve already needed to perform a firmware update, I have no complaints at all with the performance of the headset. One of the best features that the A50 has definitely has to be the mute function. Need to get up and take care of something without letting everyone listen to what’s going on? Flip that boom mic up and the headset automatically cuts the audio input. No toggles, switches, buttons or anything else you might forget to activate! While I used the ASTRO A50 headset for use on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, I also used it for live streaming and also for recording podcasts. The audio quality sounded great, though obviously not as amazingly awesome as a studio microphone setup, it did the job better than the other headsets I’ve used in the past. This just goes to show that the A50s are as versatile as they are awesome. They may not fit every application, but their flexibility is what makes the A50s so great. That’s keeping it simple.

In the spirit of keeping things simple: The ASTRO A50 headset is very comfortable and can be used for long periods of time with little to no fatigue. The battery lasts 10-12 hours in between charges and only takes a fraction of that time to charge back to full. The audio options work amazingly well for all ranges of use. The A50s are easily capable of going from gaming to music, from recording to pwning. The A50 is an incredibly easy to set up system that’s not overcomplicated by incorporating a ton of buttons on the headset.

I have to say I like the ASTRO A50 headset. A lot. Although a little pricey at $299.99, in this case you get what you pay for. The headset is one of the best that I’ve used and one of the finest pieces of gaming hardware that I have had the opportunity of crossing paths with.

We give the ASTRO A50 headset a 5/5. This is a damn fine headset, and it’s an experience truly worth the price of admission


Oct 042012

Titles rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) have content that may be suitable for ages 10 and older. Titles in this category may contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.


Nintendo 3DS

Contains: Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco

Titles rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) have content that may be suitable for ages 10 and older. Titles in this category may contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.

Every time the Final Fantasy franchise is brought up, I find it needlessly necessary to explain to you, the reader, that I have mostly loved the franchise that is almost as old as I am. I have played through the greatest entries and the absolutely horrible one-offs that tend to roam along on rare occasions. When I was at E3 and was offered a chance to play Theatrhythm Final Fantasy , I was excited yet also partially horrified. A rhythm based Final Fantasy game?! Not only was this something I was quite uncertain of, the idea around it is just so… odd.

After getting the full version of the game home, I threw the game in my 3DS, picked my party and immediately jumped into my favorite Final Fantasy game’s soundtrack. Now each level of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is one of 4 different types:

  • Opening/Closing: This one is a freebie, you tap the screen as light hits the crystal. You can absolutely opt out of it if you choose to. It also gives you a chance to considerably boost you score.
  • Field Music: Remember those ‘Overworld’ themes you used to listen to while poking around a final fantasy world map? Well, you need tap, drag and flick your stylus to keep your character moving right to left on their adventure at a brisk pace. At a certain point, a bonus line will appear, if you hit all the notes you will ride a chocobo briefly to give you an additional boost. If you manage to reach the end of the ‘map’, you will meet a non-playable character that will reward you with an item, but you will only get those in ear perfect runs.
  • Battle Music: This is exactly why many Final Fantasy fans decided to pick this game up. A battle with your hand picked characters against notable characters from the game you selected your soundtrack from duke it out in a simulated battle. Hitting the correct notes will land attacks and the more precise your are, the more damage you will do. You will fight through waves of enemies and be given a chance to summon a monster into battle to do a special attack, ultimately leading up to a fight with the game’s main villain. There is so much nostalgia in this mode that longtime fans will find themselves coming back for more.
  • Event Music: During this mode, you have to follow a line around the screen and hit the targets dropped along the way. While you are going through this generally slower song, familiar scenes play out in the background to the corresponding game you selected. This is unfortunately the most boring mode, often times using amazing songs that were originally used for scenes in their original games that didn’t require much action from the player. This mentality really plays through, it just feels a bit tired.

While all these modes provide amazing music for you to get pulled into, the Battle Music section is always the best throughout. You level your characters as you progress and can equip them with spell and skills that they can utilize mid battle. It’s just so cool to see it play out along with songs that defined an entire genre of game. There is also a Chaos Mode which is more or less an unforgiving Ultra Hard mode that will pit you up against new songs that will actually be kind of hard to enjoy as the game mercilessly kicks your ass. You will be finding yourself continually returning to Chaos Mode after the challenge and nostalgia of the main game wear off, which happens in about 8 hours. You can buy an assortment of new songs from Nintendo’s online store but they are .99 a pop, which was a little too expensive to keep me involved in a full price game I had just purchased.

The gameplay itself was very straight forward, after playing through one cycle of a song set, I had a pretty solid idea of what to expect at almost all times. I liked the fact that during the battle sequences, I could actually impact the flow of combat by leveling characters through use and equipping items and skills to them as well. It brought along a faux-RPG element that ended up being relatively useful as well. As stated above, the Event Music parts of the game were oftentimes the worst. As the usually slower title tracks were chosen for this mode, the background video that plays was usually more entertaining overall.

The art for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is extremely light hearted, which seems like an attempt to appeal to the new player and not the grizzled Final Fantasy veteran. All the characters and enemies in the game appear to be straight out of a child’s playroom and even though it is an extreme deviation from the norm, it isn’t too bad. The game itself could be described as pretty, but also as a horrible use for the 3D technology. As I played this game, I spent most of the time with the 3D off, since it would sometimes make the game a bit more difficult as I was moving the 3DS while using the stylus. With that being said, it’s probably better to avoid the 3D altogether on this one.

The soundtracks used for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are as awesome as they were the first time you heard them. If this is your first time, your eardrums are in for an aural buffet. While this in it’s self is an absolute buying point, there is something else that happens while you play through and reminisce with all these great songs.  Nobuo Uematsu, the creator of many Final Fantasy songs in the game, played Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and and was quoted as saying “As I remembered various things from the past 20 years, I was reduced to tears. FF music fans should definitely play it. Won’t you cry with me?”. While it’s a beautiful sentiment, I too felt tears welling up while I played Theatrhythm. However, this wasn’t from my love of games that have long past, it was more for the direction of these recent Final Fantasy titles and the disregard of what made the series great to begin with.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a game that should most likely be in your 3DS library. While limited in content at the start with only 3 games, what the game does have available is entertaining and certainly worth the time spent on it.
















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  • You will take an amazing walk down memory lane
  • Most sequences are enjoyable
  • Almost everyone’s favorite songs are in the game


  • Event Sequences are boring
  • There are a limited amount of songs and .99 per additional song just seems too expensive
  • Overall, I got S rankings in the normal game mode within 8 hours. After that, there really wasn’t much else to do.


Jul 272012


Back at E3, we had the chance to sit down with Khang Le, the Game Art Director for HAWKEN. By now you know that we absolutely love the game but Khang Le took some time to shed a little more light on the game itself and let us know a little background behind it as well.

So, First question. What inspired the game Hawken?

So Hawken, I basically grew up with a bunch of games like Mechwarrior and Virtual-On from Japan and Steel Batallion. You know, very hardcore but also very arcadey. Always loved the feeling of driving a big mech machine in a game but I never quite had fun with them. They were always way too floaty and arcadey or way too focused on simulation, which made it difficult to play, it felt like work.
So when we were still a small team we were wondering what we should do next and looking at our team, making a sci-fi game made much more sense to us. Since we were small, sci-fi was a bit easier to build than a fantasy game since you can repeat assets and things like that and we only had one animator. We didn’t want to bother with anything that had human characters involved so robots was an easier way to go. It all made sense, it was or passion and at the same time it fit the logistics of the team itself. I did a painting awhile back and with that painting, that was the starting point. We extrapolated from that and the UDK came out for free to the public and everything timed together perfectly.

I noticed that with Hawken, there’s a lot of cool little things that you can do in combat. Hell, I found out that I could heal halfway through a match. With that, there also seems to be a lot of customization with your loadouts. Will there be even more options available from what I got to experience?

The demo you played, we set things up in a preset setup. We wanted people to get to experience the game and not spend their time tinkering with options but once the game is available you will have 3 weight classes that will be fully customizable. We also will have skill trees that will allow you to do things like make your light mechs armored or make your heavy mechs faster. If you wanted, you could push everything to the extreme, make a light mech a speed freak or a heavy mech a tank.

If you liked mechwarrior gameplay, with a lumbering mech, you could take a heavy and upgrade all of it’s armor. It becomes a very different game, it would still be very much more mechwarrior but if you took a light mech and put everything into speed it would feel like Quake. This will allow for a wide range of players to find their style.

Initially, we didn’t know what we wanted to do. Should we go for arcade or or a heavy sort of mech? The more we thought about it, the more we realized that we should let the player choose what they want to be and how they want to play.


Dust and sand can kick up in combat, providing a crippling distraction or saving your butt from other pilots.

Can you tell me a little about how Hawken will operate as a free to play title?

The monetary aspects of the free to play model will mainly be visual and also different weapons. Now, weapons won’t overpower each other, so playing for things may allow you to play with a different style but not necessary any stronger than someone who hasn’t paid for anything. Even though it will be a free to play game, we are going to make sure it isn’t a pay-to-win game.

What about balance? How will Hawken keep a level playing field and what will happen with paying players? Will experiences vary?

The game experience should be very much the same for the paying and non-paying player. Like most free to play games, we don’t want to be the type of game where you are just paying for better things. What you will pay for is a way to just “get there faster”. We want someone who is so busy working and not able to spend time, like a young teenager may to invest 8 hours a day into playing a game, to be able to compete with everyone else by getting stuff quicker. If you can still play though, you can still get almost everything the paying player gets. In fact, there will be things that only the playing player can get and things that only can be purchased as well. Both types of players should be able to keep up with each other, just one will get to spend less time. I like to think of it like valet parking. You either pay for someone to park your car or you park it yourself.

As far as game modes, I saw that there were two, a deathmatch style mode and an objective mode as well. Are there any other modes that will be available at launch?

The 3 modes that we have already announced are the ones that you have played as well as a siege mode as well. It has a slight RTS feel to it and is very team based, you have to work from objective to objective. The whole idea is that you must launch a battleship and destroy the enemy base. You will escort need to escort your battleship across the landscape and will also need to gather resources. You will go to stations to collect energy units but it will take time to collect it, so your teammates will need to defend you. While you bring it back, the enemy can still steal it from you and bring it back to their base, so there will be a lot of teamwork involved. You’ll have really cool moments where you may have a lot of energy but really low health so you’ll be like “Fuck! I am going to lose all this shit I’ve collected!” but then your friend will jump in and protect you. Those are great moments, I really love siege mode.

When will Hawken be released? As soon as people hear more about it, they are going to be ready to get going!

You can find out everything you need to know about the release on playhawken.com, on 12-12-12 the open beta will start. We will have a closed beta for those that sign up and it should hopefully be around October. We hope to have everyone playing right before the apocalypse!

When I played Hawken, I used the standard keyboard and mouse. I know that many mech and vehicle combat style games find themselves getting different peripherals. Do you have any plans to collaborate on a peripheral for the more hardcore player?

As a mech game fan, I loved playing games like Steel Batallion and Virtual On with the dual controller, so the MEK-FU is going to support this. We will also work with any other peripheral company that comes to us and wants to make something that makes sense for the game. We want to have 3 monitor support. If you have deep pockets, we want you to absolutely get that immersion. Imagine having a motion chair, 3 monitors, 3D glasses and a MEK-FU controller! It would be the closest you could get to piloting a real mech!

I know we need to let you get back to making sure Hawken is staying awesome, so let me ask you; what is your favorite game of all time?

Favorite game of all time? Holy shit. That is a hard question! I’m going to cheat, I have to take two. As far as a visual experience and a sense of immersion, I would have to say Shadow of the Colossus. It’s not a game, it’s more of an experience. I find the jumping and riding your horse around to be very relaxing. The game I’ve played a lot though would have to be Sim City. It has to be my favorite, I love watching things grow. You know what, there’s also Duke Nukem. Holograms and trip-wires? We love the old Duke Nukem!

What would you like to say to the fans and readers out there?

Basically, we are happy for everyone’s support! It’s been incredible! We didn’t expect the support when we were garage-style developers and now we are at E3. I hope you check the game out, it’s been a labor of love of we have been enjoying playing it as well as creating it.

Thank you for the time Khang Le, I can’t wait to play Hawken again!

Jul 182012

Ready to return to Moscow yet? Of course you are! while we’re all dissapointed to still be waiting for Metro Last Light, that’s no reason to not get excited over a good chunk of gameplay footage. The 13 minute clip can be found below and is from a pre-Alpha version of the game, showing off post apocalyptic Moscow and it’s inhabitants, from both above and below ground. So sit back, relax and don’t get too scared.

Metro Last Light is set for release in Q1 2013

Jul 122012

Since it was announced, we have had countless snippets of information to feed on, but now it looks as though IO interactive have outdone themselves, releasing 17 minutes of gameplay showing off a never before seen level, Streets of Hope. the video  features voice commentary by game director Tore Blystad and Travis Barbour a member of IO’s community team, for one level there is a lot to take in with five hits and one kidnapping.

*POSSIBLE SPOILERS* The following video contains some relatively minor plot points. While there is nothing massive, some people prefer to go into a game as blind as possible when it comes to story line so I’ll let you make your own choice and let The Streets of Hope do the talking.


Jun 292012

At E3 there was many games on show for all to see, but Dishonored was kept behind closed doors. Now Bethesda have dropped a couple of videos showing off what you can do when the new game finally hits our screens. Each video shows off the same assassination, but in two completely different ways. The first demonstrates the stealthy assassin approach whereas the second shows off a more full on, attacking method, so you can decide how you’re going to play.



So what do you think? Will be sneaky in the first playthrough? Or will you burst in and wipe out half the cities population first time round? Let us know in the comments.



Jun 252012

It seems our summer draught will continue on as the much anticipated Far Cry 3 has been pushed back by three months all the way to December 4th.

“Yes it’s true. To give you more action and insanity, #FarCry3 will now be released November 29th in Europe & December 4 in North America” Said the official Twitter page of the game.

Far Cry looked rather ridiculous at E3 but it continued to be a hotly anticipated game in 2012, a year where there aren’t many “hot” games to anticipate. Thankfully, Far Cry will still be released this year, be it later rather than sooner. This delay definitely makes the month of September less appealing as now the only big titles to expect are Borderlands 2 and… NBA Baller Beats?

Jun 222012

You ever wish you could play an FPS game with roughly 2000 other people? How about competing in a TV game show where you are not judged on the amount of kills you have but how stylish you were when you got them? Well, Sony Online Entertainment has hooked me up with a few invite codes to the closed betas of Bullet Run and the extremely anticipated PlanetSide 2.

Well, 400 of you have visited our Facebook page and have liked our site, we are super grateful so we would like to make those wishes come true with this weekend’s Free Game Friday.

Just in case you haven’t heard, PlanetSide 2 is kind or a big deal, it is our #1 free to play game at E3. That is quite a feat considering that it was up against titles like Hawken, Core Blaze and even Neverwinter, which are all awesomely badass titles.

So to clarify, winners can get 1 of 4 codes (2 – PlanetSide 2 and 2 – Bullet Run) they will be randomly selected and distributed to the winners of this contest, winners will be selected by the same randomized system. Enthusiasm will make it way more interesting but won’t help your chances!

The betas haven’t started yet, but these codes are you foot in the door once they kick off soon!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jun 152012

Ages ago, I used to play Mechwarrior 2 for hours on end. We used to build mechs from the ground up and use them to fight other mechs in the game. Most times, we would end up with a light mech with a big freaking gun that didn’t even work right because we didn’t add ammo. Hawken taps into this nostalgia and never looks back, giving you access to a mech you can build and take out into the futuristic battlefield.

This picture is an actual picture of gameplay. Yeah, the game desn’t look that bad at all.

Now, the sweetest thing about Hawken isn’t the killer mech combat, it’s that sexy price point that comes along with the game. You get access to fully customizable mechs, different combat modes and everything in between for the low price of FREE. Yes, Hawken is a free to play game where grinding out games can earn you better gear but those that don’t enjoy to work for it can also take a shortcut and buy their arsenal with cash. While their monetary system hasn’t actually been revealed yet, in an interview with Creative Director Khang Le, he explained that balance was one of the most important things in Hawken and that paying players wouldn’t have an unfair advantage.

Dust and sand can kick up in combat, providing a crippling distraction or saving your butt from other pilots.

I played several different game modes when I experienced Hawken; Team Deathmatch, Free for All and an objective oriented mode. The maps themselves were deceptively large, initially looking way smaller until I stumbled onto another path that would lead to expanded areas. I started in Team Deathmatch where I got pounded by the other players until I got my barrings together and figured out how all the bells and whistles worked on my light-armored sniper mech. After a few minutes, I got the hang of things and started zipping all over the map, taking potshots at unsuspecting enemy targets. Combat was fierce and the subtle things, like a firm camera sway or HUD effects, really made the game completely immersive in a lan-style setting.

Hover in the air and get the drop on unsuspecting players

The thing that makes Hawken stand out from almost everything else at E3 was simply how polished the game looked. The graphics are awesome, the sound effects are amazing and the controls handled wonderfully. In one of the matches I played (against the legendary Fatal1ty and a few other well known names that escape me now), I found myself catching some heat after sniping a few kills in free for all. After dying a few times, I switched my mech’s armor and picked up a semi auto rifle and a some missiles to change my strategy to run-and-gun. I finished the match in the top 3, simply because I was able to alter my play style in the middle of a game. That is the biggest feature that makes me believe Hawken will be huge!

Hawken will be launching on 12-12-12 for the PC. Expect to see a lot more of this game in the months leading up to the launch date. Before you go, however, check out this combat trailer we put together for the game. It’s only a taste of what the game offers.


Jun 132012

When Gaming Irresponsibly made it over to this year’s E3, we had the pleasure of making our way to the IndieCade booth for some one-on-one time with upcoming indie games. For those who don’t already know, IndieCade is one of the largest independent gaming events in the world. In previous years, IndieCade has played host to many of the industry’s leading indie games such as Limbo and Fez. This year, at E3, IndieCade did not disappoint. Games from all different genres, backgrounds and platforms were on display, and we had the chance to get our hands on some.

Most of us here at Gaming Irresponsibly are huge fans of the survival horror genre, and let us tell you, A Mother’s Inferno will not disappoint. The game is creepy, and when we say creepy we mean, “lose your son on a train, grab a piece of glass, slowly cut the head off a dead mummy looking guy who will then guide you through to a room where you cut off a dancing black chickens head” kind of creepy. The visuals in the game will make you think twice about playing it alone in the dark, and with good reason. The in and out flashes of colored blurs helps the game create a very unsettling atmosphere, which is what you want out of a good horror game. A Mother’s Inferno was developed during the course of one month, from November to December 2011, by students from the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment.

The game plays just as most computer games do, using WSAD controls as you try and pilot your way through the very strange world. While nothing in particular is grabbing from the gameplay, you will feel the tension when you actuall have to grab something by the head, and slowly slice it off using a broken piece of glass. Seriously, it is disturbing, in a good way, well in as good of a way that slowly cutting off a head with a piece of glass can be.

The game really hits its stride with the ambiance and atmosphere, as you are thrust into a situation where you lose your son very quickly and for no apparent reason, while aboard a train. You quickly begin your search for him, knowing nothing and experiencing very sharp movements and questionable images. As you make your way to the front of the first car, you will be greeted by a very, what’s the word, horrifying being, instructing you to cut off its head so that he can help guide you to your son. After that life altering encounter, you find yourself in the next car, where your next decapitation attempt will come in the form of a large, dancing shadow chicken. Sounds funny, not funny. When its lifeless body is still flapping around on the ground, you may begin to feel bad for the big guy, but don’t he was an asshole.

In all seriousness, A Mother’s Inferno looks like a very interesting title, especially to fans of the horror genre. Another good thing about A Mother’s Inferno is that you can play it right now, for free, right here: A Mother’s Inferno. Give it a try, if you dare! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA…………….sorry.

Gaming Irresponsibly will be bringing you more hands on looks at some of the indie games featured at this years IndieCade E3 booth. Stay tuned for more updates on great indie games from developers all over the world, coming directly from the largest event dedicated to indie games, IndieCade. You can learn more about IndieCade at their website, www.indiecade.com!

Jun 132012

When Gaming Irresponsibly made it over to this year’s E3, we had the pleasure of making our way to the IndieCade booth for some one-on-one time with upcoming indie games. For those who don’t already know, IndieCade is one of the largest independent gaming events in the world. In previous years, IndieCade has played host to many of the industry’s leading indie games such as Limbo and Fez. This year, at E3, IndieCade did not disappoint. Games from all different genres, backgrounds and platforms were on display, and we had the chance to get our hands on some.

Dark Dot was developed by Gambit Game Lab, exclusively for the iPad. We got a chance to play Dark Dot, while being instructed on how to play by one of the developers. Dark Dot is a scrolling shooter that features some very familiar mechanics, while incorporating some new and unique ideas. In Dark Dot, the player controls a small army of minions, and escorts them from the beginning of the level to the end. Using the touch screen features on the iPad, players maneuver their way through obstacles and enemies, while trying to reach the end of the level, where you will attempt to destroy a large crystal. Once the crystal is destroyed, you will complete the level and move on to the next.

What really sets Dark Dot apart from most scrolling shooter games is the total control of your small army. You can move them up and down, back and forth, like in most games of the genre, but you can also control their formations and change them on the fly. Want your tiny minions to form in a small circle for a more concentrated assault, simply draw a small circle on the screen. Want a wide rectangle in order to cover more ground, just draw a wide rectangle. You can conform your little warriors in any number of positions, so long as it is in some sort of shape, making sure all the edges connect. You can also expand and contract your current formation, using the pinch mechanic. Is your circle too small and needs to be larger? Don’t draw a larger circle, simple pinch your fingers close together and expand them on the screen. This also works to shrink shapes as well. This is a great use of the touch screen mechanic, and a very challenging way to approach such a unique title.

During you venture through the game, you will stumble across some strange formations on the ground. When you encounter such a formation, you can gain power-ups and score multipliers by reconfiguring your army into the corresponding shape, making sure at least one of your little guys is touching each of the specified rings. Gaining these power-ups are crucial to completing each level, as they give you temporary invincibility as well as increase your attacks by 300 percent for a short time.

The real challenge in Dark Dot is trying to configure your army into shapes that will fit through small hallways, while attempting to dodge incoming fire and trying to defeat attacking enemies. The game will take a while to master, but it is easy to play, and offers a great challenge for those who seek one. Lucky for you, Dark Dot is currently available for download in the Apple App Store, and the best part about it, it’s free!!! That means if you own an iPad, there is no reason why you shouldn’t already be downloading Dark Dot and experiencing the wonders it has to offer.

Gaming Irresponsibly will be bringing you more hands on looks at some of the indie games featured at this years IndieCade E3 booth. Stay tuned for more updates on great indie games from developers all over the world, coming directly from the largest event dedicated to indie games, IndieCade. You can learn more about IndieCade at their website, www.indiecade.com!

Jun 132012

When Gaming Irresponsibly made it over to this year’s E3, we had the pleasure of making our way to the IndieCade booth for some one-on-one time with upcoming indie games. For those who don’t already know, IndieCade is one of the largest independent gaming events in the world. In previous years, IndieCade has played host to many of the industry’s leading indie games such as Limbo and Fez. This year, at E3, IndieCade did not disappoint. Games from all different genres, backgrounds and platforms were on display, and we had the chance to get our hands on some. 

Coalesce is currently still under development from creator Jeremy Gibson, currently a game design faculty member at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. While talking to Jeremy, he showed me some of Coalesce’s mechanics and gameplay. The game utilizes the touch screen mechanics of the iPad letting players touch and drag a line across the screen in an attempt to connect orbs of similar colors together.

While playing through the first few levels, there were only a few colors, and a few orbs. This was a great introduction to someone who has never played the game before, but as the previous levels were completed, the game became more challenging to complete. After the first few levels, Coalesce began adding more orbs, and more colors. The objective of the game is easy, in theory, but as the phrase goes, it is easier said than done. 

The problem you will encounter with Coalesce is that when you mix even one orb of a different color in to an already existing array of orbs, the collection of colored orbs will scatter out, leaving you in an even worse position than you originally started. This makes drawing sharp lines and planning future moves very important as to not cause chaos. The mechanics were spot on, and the games was wildly addictive. Many profanities were echoed as I would place the last blue orb with the rest of its collected family, only to notice as the orbs drew closer together, that a yellow or pink orb had slipped in, scattering my cohesive family of blue orbs across the screen.

The game sounds easy and fun, but there is a catch. What really makes a game such as Coalesce stand out is the multiplayer. The game can support up to 4 players, all touching the same screen, trying to collect similar colored orbs together during the same level. This proves to be more difficult, as Jeremy, myself and another player were all trying to connect the orbs, while at the same time trying not to spoil already collected formations and trying to avoid stepping on each others toes…er fingers. This feature makes Coalesce a game that friends can play together, while interacting on the same screen at the same time, giving you that reminiscent feeling of playing multiplayer games locally with friends.

Coalesce looks like it will be a solid indie game for the iPad when it finally arrives in the app store, connecting friends together to achieve a common goal. Currently, the game is close to being finished, but with Jeremy busy with teaching at such a prestigious school, in a growing and successful department, he assured me that a September to December release date in most likely. Regardless of the release date, Coalesce looks like it will be an amazing game, and for those of you who love indie games, and have an iPad, it is definitely something to watch for. 

Gaming Irresponsibly will be bringing you more hands on looks at some of the indie games featured at this years IndieCade E3 booth. Stay tuned for more updates on great indie games from developers all over the world, coming directly from the largest event dedicated to indie games, IndieCade. You can learn more about IndieCade at their website, www.indiecade.com!

Jun 102012

Movie games are always almost consistently horribad, right? Namco/Bandai’s upcoming Star Trek game looks like it has the wherewithal to pull through and be one of the few gems of the movie-game genre.  The game takes place within J.J. Abrams’ new reimaged Star Trek universe. The game allows 2 players to control both Kirk and Spock in what the developers called “Asymmetrical gameplay”. What they wanted to have players experience was the natural camaraderie of Kirk and Spock by having each player’s action potentially effect the other player. A great example of this was when the duo encounter a Gorn that is intent on smashing both of them to a bloody pulp. While in combat, Kirk and Spock are unable to phase this hulking lizard-alien, that is until Spock takes out his tricorder and scans the enemy, showing his weak spots. After he does this, Kirk can see where he needs to fire at since the week points are now highlighted with a red glow. The game also seems to feature a dialogue wheel while on the Enterprise and also 2 player QTE events. From everything we saw, the game looks to be a badass addition to the movie-game genre.

Check out this gameplay to get a better idea of what we can expect!

Jun 092012

Riot was my first meeting at E3 and it was quite short. After speaking with the team briefly, I learned that there wasn’t much to be discussed at the show this year. They remain very focused on champion #100 and there appears to be a little talk of maybe seeing a Viper skin (a la Dodgeball) for Draven sometime down the road. The crew seems focused on making sure that they maintain the quality the game has become known for while still giving players the things they want, like new chamions, skins, game modes and updated characters.

It seems that we may see the stealth rework AND Pulsefire Ezreal sooner, rather than later.

Jun 052012

While Ubisoft gave it a quick mention yesterday, Nintendo appear to have nailed core gaming on the Wii U by presenting, what looks to be, the greatest, most intuitive use of a controller ever for any zombie game. Seriously, everyone can stop with zombie games now because nothing will equate to how incredible this game looks. With the amount of stuff the Wii U controller is capable of, calling it a one piece survival tool is no lie.

Take for example sniping skills, controlled through the regular pads, it is the screen in the controller that is you scope and allows for deadly precision. Following sniper skills, we see that giving the pad a really good shake is what gets an attacking undead from off you. It isn’t the way you shake him off, it’s the way the image shakes, it looks as if you are genuinely struggling to push him away, depth we haven’t had before from button presses.

Finally, is the way the second screen creates a sense of fear while trying to hack through a door. The touch screen becomes the keypad, while the TV allows you to see over the shoulder as a hoard ambles slowly towards you, bashing the keypad to get the right code becomes a stressful experience. In short, this is the game to end all games and with the mention of one bite and you’re dead, ZombiU looks set to be absolutely fantastic.

Jun 052012

It’s time to get ready for a whole new, open world lego experience with the new Lego City Undercover which will be avaliable for both of Nintendo’s flagship console. Lego games have always offered an incredibly fun experience right across the board and Undercover looks set to be the same. Taking on the role of one of the cities best law enforcer’s, this truly looks like a less serious L.A.Noire but it looks done right.

By branching into the open world environment we get to see some incredible new moves which include free running and being able to tackle your foe to the ground which will give out a hefty payout. One other interesting feature of the game is the ability to go undercover, allowing you infiltrate areas and with some costumes giving you new abilities to boot.

Over all, the blocky game looks better than ever in HD and with the plastic people looking more fluid than ever before, this is certain to be a day one purchase for anyone that enjoy’s the Lego Franchise.

Jun 052012

Despite focusing solely on the Wii U with a 3DS presentation slated for tomorrow evening, we do have a taster of some of the 3DS titles. Opening the show is Super Mario Brothers 2 focusing more on gold collection than ever before, helpful to know that there is still money in plumbing during the economic climate. Seriously the game looks fun, just what you would expect and the more gold the better when it comes to Mario. The game is due in August.

Next up, new Super Paper Mario Sticker Star. We all love Paper Mario, with the ability to flip between 2d and 3d, it has always felt as though you had two games at your disposal. The best part about super paper Mario, is the introduction of stickers which add a whole new gameplay element. Stickers will provide brand new and exciting gameplay elements giving Mario abilities such as stomp and hammer. Paper Mario will be here holiday season.

Finally, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon enhances the series experience by showing off some new and exciting gameplay features. This will include more in depth objective based missions and will introduce multiple new varieties of ghost, making capturing the ghouls even more challenging. The game will also feature multiple mansions. Get ready to be spooked this Holiday.

Jun 052012

One of the Wii’s flagship periphals was the delightfully dull WiiFit Board. While the gimmick wore off for most the games have kept on coming and it’s time for us to accept that motion and fitness gaming is here to stay. Wii Fit U seems to do something that it’s predacessor has failed to do which is be fun at the same time as being a workout. Rather than focusing on how fat I am, the latest tile looks more focused with actually being fun. Most of the excercises seem to be more mini game based.

The advantage of the new controller is that the touchscreen allows for you to track the mini game in progress, select which work out or game you want to try and track the all important stats. With the reinvention of the system, the new WiiFit will certainly be a unit shifter and may even have a bit more staying power than the earlier model.

Jun 052012

One of Nintendos best loved games which has already been optimised for the the touchscreen is coming to the Wii U in it’s scribbley glory. The imaginative series looks very impressive with the Wii U controls and thanks to a gameplay overhaul we have a much deeper game to play.

We are not limited to a preset number of adjectives and nouns anymore, with the new design suite allowing us to build our own bizzare creations, no matter how disturbing a dog on wheels looks, the fact that the option is avaliable is what makes this game fantastic. Using HD as a selling point probably wasn’t the best idea when it comes to Scribblenauts because while the picture is sharp and clear, the crude look of some of the drawings is what makes the series so much more fun and interesting.

In all, the game looks promising and fun, with Nintendo taking the depth further by adding in some story, hinting that we will find out what makes Maxwell’s notebook so magical.

Jun 052012

One of last years biggest and best games looks to be getting bigger and better than ever thanks to the Wii U controller. Thou touch screen controller gives some awesome updates to the way that we can play the game, allowing us to swipe and scroll through menus right in the palms of our hands. The built in accelerometer and gyroscope also allow for increased levels of control, especially when using weapons such as the batarang which can be controlled and tracked using the new controller.

New controls system are the kind of enhancements that the Wii U needs to bring to more games, it is the only way that older third party games can be maximised, by taking an old experience and giving it a complete overhaul when it comes to controls is where the success will lie for the console.

This will more than likely be the biggest selling, third party title on the console, competing for that top spot with Assassin’s Creed III, but in the long run, the new and intuitive controls really will ad to the experience so much more than ever before. I can’t be sure, but I think Nintendo just sold me a Wii U.

Jun 052012

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo launch event without a brand new Mario to delve into and the Wii U outing for our favourite plumber and his friends looks incredibly impressive. The graphical updates are good and bring Mario into an HD world. It’s the 2D scroller that we have all come to love over the years, full of all the characters you would expect to see.

Eggs seem to be far more frequent than before, dishing out Yoshi variants like they’re going out of fashion, and it looks easy enough to pick up 1up’s. The biggest thing going on in the demonstration was the ability for four player coop, making Mario a super social experience like never before.While it is looking like it will be a fun and exciting game, Nintendo aren’t going to be able to survive on fun if they want to move into the realm of the more powerful consoles and do battle with the more “core” gamers.

Jun 052012

Nintendo have opened their E3 presentation with the new and cutesy Pikmin 3. Thanks to the better resolution of the Wii U it is instantly noticeable that the camera angles work a lot better, allowing for a great position where you can see the Pikmin and the world around them. Everything looks fantastic, it’s bright, organic and fluid, with some new and interesting gameplay elements.

Controller wise, it is possible to play using the regular Wii controller with Nunchuck but is also totally playable through the Wii U controller. While there will be some learning curve, it is the games simplicity that will win over the majority, the ability to pick up and play is what has made Nintendo so great to have at home in your living room after all these years

Whilst taking your Pikmin around the map, there will be a whole host of challenges whether this be destroying obstacles, made much easier with the new Rock Pikmin, or collecting fruit. The game just looks fun Pikmin 3 is obviously the kind of game that you could easily lose a day playing just because of how much fun it is.


Gaming Irresponsibly will be bringing you updates as they are made available for the duration of E3. Stay tuned for more news and happenings from the industry’s largest convention here at GamingIrresponsibly.com! You can also follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter


Jun 042012

Kratos is back and he’s blood thirsty and ready to rise his way to the top. Sony have shown some gameplay from the latest entry to the hugely succesful series, God Of War Ascension. In the footage we were once again reunited with the mans godly blades of fury as he hacked his way through a whole host of enemies. On top of all the hack and slash action against some of the more lowly enemies, we got to se some of the games more gory features in the form of simple decapitations on smaller enemies as well as one particuarly bloody execution which required well timed button hits to take the legs of one enmy and crack open the skull of another.

It isn’t just all blood and gore though, with the video showcasing some of Kratos’ other abilities primarily how to open up new areas of the map in order to progress. The obligatory visual update is included, with all the action looking more and more realistic whilst also keeping that magical look, especially when it comes to elephant headed creatures and of course the Kraken.

While we didn’t get to see Kratos dispatch the giant sea creature, we did get to see the man show of some of his agility, leaping from tentacle to tentacle before heading into the depths below to undoubtedly finish the fight with some help from the player when the game finally hits stores on March 12 2013.

Jun 042012

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is one of the most interesting fighting games we have seen, drawing on all of Sony’s most famous characters to create the Sony version of Super Smash Bros. and it doesn’t dissapoint. The game focuses more on score than just a straight out fight to the death, with timed rounds and the highest score wins. The demonstration included both consoles.

The play seems flawless between both consoles, more than likely thanks to the large and familiar size of the Vita which makes it feel more like a PS3 controller with a screen added. During the demonstration there was very little difference between how all the players played, everyone seemed closely matched suggesting that the controls across both platforms are very easy to switch between and well matched.

The environment of the games is constantly changing up, sometimes introducing environmental hazard which can lead to death should you make the wron move or hang around. Some of the special abilities which can be acquired are particularly impressive, particularly Sweet Tooth’s level 3 special attack giving him use of a full size mech with which to wreak havoc on his opponents.

On top of all this beat down goodness, the showcase finished with announcement of two brand new characters in the form of Nathan Drake and Bioshock’s Big Daddy.

Gaming Irresponsibly will be bringing you updates as they are made available for the duration of E3. Stay tuned for more news and happenings from the industry’s largest convention here at GamingIrresponsibly.com! You can also follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter