May 192011

There’s a growing community need for game mods in Terraria, so Gaming Irresponsibly is doing what they can.  Within our Community Center, we are attempting to keep a list of known mods and download locations… but we need your help!

For the latest listings, you can view/download mods here.  If you know of any mods to be added to the list, or have ties with developers who want their links posted, simply register and let us know!

  19 Responses to “Terraria Mods List for Download”

  1. umm y no mods?

  2. great website

  3. The links don’t work… :*(

    • Just checked them if you’re referring to the links within the article. All is working as described.

  4. hi

  5. Cant download :(

  6. Terraria Mods List for Download
    I can upload real santa, who bugger you a live. But here is NOTHING…
    Boint is! Titel where u write “Terraria Mods List for Download” 3==o “Here is nothing for you”

  7. when i google “terraria mods” this is the third link and in it i go back to the second link

  8. how to download terraria?

  9. hi i need some mods

  10. umm where r the links

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  12. What’s that mod that syndicate has is that the menu mod?

  13. hsd

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