Jul 092011

As everyone knows console gaming is huge all around the world. On the market today there are three major consoles: Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Come to think of it they are the only home gaming consoles on the market. I think it’s about time we saw something new, don’t you?

As you have seen on Gaming Irresponsibly that I’ve been writing about mobile gaming recently, top 5 mobile games and the possibility of mobile gaming becoming bigger then console gaming. Well here is information on a new console. A company called Envizions have developed a games console to bring mobile games to your TV. Envizions have named this the EVO 2.

There are a number of questions I hear you all asking so I’ll start with the important question. What does it do? Envizions hope to bring mobile gaming to your living room with the Evo 2. Using a modified version of Androids 2.2 OS the EVO 2 will allow the owner (you) to stream games from your GameBox account and also download apps and games from the Android Market Place and Envizions own Market Place so there will be a wide variety to choose from. Any game saves you have on the PC and/or another Android device can be transferred wirelessly over to the EVO 2 and vice versa. It doesn’t just play games though; it can also stream music, videos and movies stored on your GameBox storage account. EVO 2 will come with a Wireless controller, TV Remote and HDMI cable. Envizions have also said there will be a motion control for the console too later this year. Other features include the social side of gaming like chatting with friends and multiplayer, you will also be able to use Envizions Qquip SMS blogging reward service, not just that but when you play certain games you can earn EVO credits to purchase other games for the console. EVO 2 is said to be 100% open source too, but as we all know Androids open source devices aren’t as open to customization as we are led to believe, but maybe this will be different.*cough*

How does it work? Well the EVO 2 has:

• Samsung 1.2GHz processor
• NVidia Tegra chipset
• It runs on a modified version of Androids 2.2 OS
• HDMI output
• 5 USB Ports
• Supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
• and also supports Bluetooth connectivity

EVO 2 is free and available now, if you are signed up to their developer service which costs $149 a year. If you aren’t silly enough to pay that then the release is yet to be dated but has been confirmed for fall this year in the US and will be priced at $249 there is no sign of European release yet. The images of the EVO 2 floating around the inter webs are just concept art pictures…. So hang on a minute there is information on the console, the content of the box and almost a release date, why can’t we see what it looks like so close to release? That is because Envizions are allowing you to vote for where the console will be launched first, the design of the console and its packaging.

My opinion on this isn’t good, I know I said mobile gaming “could” be the end to other consoles but this just isn’t the way to go about it, yes it’s a start but there is one product I can say that already has this idea and is on the market for $149 cheaper than the EVO 2 and that is Apple TV. I really wish I could say this could go far but then I would be lying and I don’t want to lie to you guys.
What do you think about the EVO 2,are you going to be purchasing one when it is released?

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