May 032011

We are going to start out this feature with an oldie but a goodie in our multi-installment of Villians We Love The Most.

Final Fantasy 6′s Kefka Palazzo is a villain that broke the norm. Now Kefka wasn’t always a homicidal lunatic, apparently he was the first subject for the magitek knight process. The process destroyed his mind and also gave him incredible magical properties. Most games consist of fighting the bad guy and stopping them before they execute their plan to conquer the world. Kefka actually succeeds in his immediate goal. He conquers the world, kills many innocents and changes the face of the entire planet. Kefka wins against the heroes, at least for awhile. What most people like about Kefka though is that he isn’t the typical evil mastermind. In fact, he seems to be much like The Joker, everything in the world is his joke and it is his job to deliver the punchline. Early on, he kills an entire kingdom because, more or less, he is bored. He overthrows an empire and plays god for awhile too! Even throughout all of this, his shrill laugh is still a sound most gamers can identify. In the Dissidia series, he once again comes off as an undermining schemer that cares only for his plans. Well, that and killing people.



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  1. I am a fan of the Bad Guys and what this article is missing are the elements that draws us to the Bad Guys. For example I love Street Fighter Mortal Combat and I enjoy playing with the Bad Guys characters because they are Bad Ass. They make bad seem good ( i.e. Mel Gibson on Payback, The GoodFellas, these movies made you cheer for the Villians. Write about Villians that although you know they are eveil you would hang out and drink a Beer with.

    • I definitely wouldn’t have a drink with Kefka, he’d poison the beer and dance on your corpse!

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