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Riot’s been doing an incredible job with their new champions as of late. As each new champion enters the Fields of Justice, they’ve all had a fairly unique feel to them. Their skills or styles might mimic other champions, but they’ve all felt unique and interesting to play. You could argue that Vi’s not so different from Warwick, or that Nami feels a lot like playing Janna, but though they might remind you of someone else they still feel unique when you’re at the helm. Thresh may prove to be one of the most unique champions thus far.

Holy crap, it’s like Karthus and Hecarim had a baby. Thresh is straight up awesome looking (not to mention his awesome skin – Need a skin? Why not zoidberg?). Upon seeing him, I immediately thought of Darksiders 2 (much like Kayle’s new skin reminds me of the angel from Darksiders 1) and how Death had the lantern that held souls which he had reaped. Thresh is a lot like that, actually. Sure, he’s got the tentacle things on his head like Kog’Maw, the spooky face like Hecarim, and he floats around like Karthus, but what else did you expect from the nether regions of the Shadow Isles? Thresh looks like a terrifying bruiser, but he’s actually meant to be played as a support. Wait, did you say a support from the Shadow Isles?! Yes sir, Thresh is your official Shadow Isles support, and now you can complete that 5 man Shadow Isles themed team. This guy is going to be incredibly intimidating along side Soul Reaper Draven.

While Thresh’s skills aren’t currently finalized or fleshed out, I’m going to give you a general overview on what to expect. He’s being updated and changed almost daily on the PBE at this point, so some of this might be a little bit vague.

Thresh’s passive is called Keeper of Lost Souls. His passive allows him to absorb the souls of fallen foes in order to gain power. At the time of this writing, his passive was just recently changed to only grant Thresh added Armor and AP. Thresh starts with pretty low base stats, but because his passive stacks permanently and infinitely, you’ll find that it won’t take long to reap enough souls to be at a “normal” level. I really like this passive on a support because Thresh doesn’t have to kill anything to gain stacks, he just has to be near whatever dies in order to spawn a soul for him to collect. This encourages your ADC to efficiently farm CS, as well as lessens Thresh’s need to take CS as well. From what I’ve seen, Thresh’s passive has a 50% chance to proc off minions and 100% chance to proc of enemy champions and siege minions/super minions.

Thresh’s Q is called Death Sentence, and it’s got the potential to be crazy strong. When you use Thresh’s Q, it throws out one of his scythe chains and hooks an enemy champion. If you let the animation cast, he’ll slowly pull the enemy champion toward himself – or you can press Q again, and Thresh will jump to the enemy champion who’s caught at the end of the line. It’s like Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, only reverseable.

Thresh’s W is the skill that sets him apart from all 109 other champions, because it’s literally game changing. With his W, known as Dark Passage, Thresh can cast his lantern out amidst the fight. The lantern will immediately shield any champions who are within its light for a few seconds, protecting them from incoming (magic) damage. That’s not all that unique, is it? The unique part is that an allied champion can click on Thresh’s lantern and Thresh will pull them out of the fight and to his side as he retrieves his lantern. This is probably one of the best things every for champions like Talon or Akali who thrive on diving in, damaging all the things, and then getting the hell out before it’s too late. This could also reposition an ADC who got caught out, or save someone who’s overextended from an imminent threat. At this time in the PBE, Dark Passage also does not break Eve’s stealth, so you can sneak in the deadly jungler for amazing ganks as well!

Thresh’s E is called Flay, and it’s basically a small target knockback. The real kicker here is that Thresh can either use it to knock enemies away or pull them in (similar to Darius’ E). I’m interested in seeing just how much knockback stays on this ability once it hits the live servers.

The Box is Thresh’s ultimate, and it’s similar to Veigar’s Event Horizon. When casting The Box, Thresh drops a hexagon that slows enemies caught inside the barriers. If an enemy walks through the barrier wall, they take a significant bit of magic damage, but they also break that wall, causing Thresh’s Box to do half the slow/damage for the remaining pieces. It’ll be interesting to see how enemies deal with this new obstacle. Will they send their tank to break any wall that leads to an escape, or will they send multiple people to quickly break multiple walls, causing The Box to be a non-factor as soon as its deployed? Note: Thresh’s ultimate is still using the simplified name “The Box”, while Thresh’s other skills have all been renamed to something more fitting (IE: Death Sentence instead of Shackle).

Gangplank and Thresh really need to have a hidden passive!

Thresh literally has the skillset to change the game, and we’ve not seen a support that’s really on ban or pick status other than Blitzcrank, so it’ll be extremely interesting to see how Thresh turns out once he hits the live servers. I think he’s going to be a high skill champion, like Alistar, meaning those who are good with him are going to be terrifying to deal with, but those who aren’t so good with him are going to be fairly useless. I can’t wait to see what kind of plays happen! I will definitely be buying Thresh day one.

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  1. A hidden passive with gangplank ? Its better a hidden passive with Nautilus with thresh zoidberg skin :) (sorry for my english is so so)

  2. Eiste gia ton poutso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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