Dec 112012

This past week Spike TV once again put on their annual Video Game Award show in Los Angeles, and as per usual the focus of the show was centered squarely on trailers and exclusive reveals rather than awards. I’ve never been a huge fan of the show itself, but I am always interested in the announcements and trailers that come out of it, and this year was no exception, with things like Dark Souls 2 and the possible Metal Gear Solid 5 tease currently known as “The Phantom Pain” being announced. These trailers got me thinking about what my favorite video game trailers of all time would be, and that of course led the creation of this list. Simply because the production quality has gone up along with the increased prominence of trailers over the past several years, this list will consist mostly of newer games. Also, for this list I am going to simply let the trailers speak for themselves, it should be clear why each of these is awesome.

10. DC Universe Online

9. Fallout 3

8. Assassin’s Creed

7. God of War III

6. Halo 3

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