Understanding Our Ratings System


Gaming Irresponsibly uses a ratings system that has been tweaked to become as fair and balanced as we can make it.  In short, we use an average of 6 categories to determine our overall score.  Those categories, and their respective descriptions, are listed below.

  • Graphics – The visual appeal of a game including cutscenes, videos, and of course, raw gameplay.  This quality is rated on the type of system it is designed to play on, meaning that we will not hold a portable game to regular PC gaming standards, or fault a less graphically advanced console for not having the same quality as a competing system with superior hardware.  This score is also examined on a level of what the developers were “going for”, in the respect that a cartoon-like game will not lose points for looking like a cartoon.
  • Audio – The quality of sound within the title, both in music and sound effects.  We also take into consideration the ambiance of a game that might give a title the immersion it needs.  Sound realism, voice acting, and appropriate audio decisions should all fall under this category.
  • Gameplay – A mixture of many things, but some of the major categories include controls, interface, and ease of navigation.  This is also a general indicator for likeability as a whole, learning curve, and over-complication.
  • Creativity – A rating based on the avoidance of cliches, the inclusion of new ideas and innovations, and originality as a whole.  When dealing with a sequel or a series, we will also make consideration as to the direction intended by developers. (If once-unique ideas were changed or dumbed-down, if improvements were made, etc.)
  • Execution – Did the game deliver on what it promised?  Did it meet expectations as flawlessly as possible?  Problems related to storyline, glitches, or boredom will easily be seen reflected here.  Execution also covers how well each of the above categories work together in harmony.
  • Offset – This is a reviewer’s score, which is worked into the system for an ultimate sense of fairness.  If the combination of other scores would give readers a false impression, this rating will give the reviewer an explainable way to correct the issue.  In most cases, this score is an indicator of what the reviewer feels the game deserves overall, and their reasons will be made clear within the review.

*An important note about reviews and coverage: The Gaming Irresponsibly staff does not accept payment or gifts in exchange for favorable press or reviews. We believe that good games and companies will be reflected appropriately by the systems we have in place. If you have any questions regarding this policy, feel free to contact us!