Oct 052012

We grew up with the MechWarrior franchise, when it came to jumping into a bipedal tank and shooting other unfortunate mech pilots, MW was the best. Truthfully, we all probably jut build mechs with too many guns and then couldn’t move due to weight or constantly overheated, but who is keeping track… Right? RIGHT?!

So, MechWarrior Online is currently in closed beta, which means that if you want to get in, you need an inside man! Well, us folk at Gaming Irresponsibly want to share the action with you and what better way than giving 7 of you a chance to get in on the beta? Sounds pretty awesome if I do say so myself… Amirite? Well,  MWOMercs.com seem to think so!

So, follow the rules below, earn your chances and get ready to pilot some mechs… Online!
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